It's Thursday, but not Thorsday.
Nope. It could be Ryansday, but that doesn't exactly work right and would give me way too big an ego (as if it isn't big enough already.) It is Thursday (the day before Friday, for those of you who haven't been to first grade,) so I guess that means there are letters to do today. :)
No more Ted?
You said in the column that we should buy FFA to get a better translated copy of the game. Since FFV was never translated (legally), does that mean they actually re-translated FFVI? All Relm's lost swears, and Edgar's passes on her? Maybe we'll understand what the hell is up with Siegfried/Ziegfried and Ultros and Chupon.


Ryan: Yup. That's the truth. Rumor was that they already had the scripts retranslated for the nixed port of FFV and FFVI to PC. Now that Square is not with Nintendo (much of the censorship was their fault, actually) we can have a better, more true translation. Too bad we didn't get FF4, I wanted to see the porno mag ;)
Holy fudge!

Like the frickload of others out there (except that one dude yesterday), I too got my Lunar: SSS Complete. Now I heard of all the stuff you get and never thought of it much, but when I got home and opened it up... holy fart, this is friggin rad. The best manual I've seen with a Playstation game, come's with the soundtrack and making of cd. My question is, why doesn't anybody else do this? When I see all of it, it shows me that Working Designs actually cares. I don't care about wait time (prolly cuz its over, but still). THIS is how it should be. I hope FF Anthology comes out sooner.


Ryan: Heh, just so you people know, I didn't write this letter (I also go by Ragnarok sometimes, but this isn't me ;) Yeah, it's quite cool. I never got the full packaging, I just heard it was cool. Well, now you have it confirmed, it rocks, go buy it. :)
Hey Ryan,

You mentioned "Run awaaaaay" from Monty Python and The Quest For The Holy Grail. Therefore you are now the aptly named Sir Not Appearing in This Film. And I will address you as such. Waitaminute, the Q in Q&A stand for QUESTION? Oh ok. Ummm, how long (on average) would it take to beat Lunar:SSSC, cuz it looks awesome.

--The Cabbit

Ryan: Jeez, you guys don't miss a reference I throw down, do you? I love that movie, it's one of the most pointless, stupid yet utterly hilarious movies ever. Anyway, L:SSSC is a little short, on average I'd say it will take about 20-30 hours to beat. Probably in the higher end of that if you decide to build levels and stuff (I didn't so I was on the lower end.)
Xenogears the Champ
I am a N64 owner, as well as a RPGfanatic, which isn't a good combo. I'm planning on getting a few PSX RPG's and playing them on my cousin's playstation til playstaton2 comes out <evil cackle>. I've seen a lot of Xenogears hype and plan on getting it, but then all my friends tell me there are a lot of better RPGs out there for the PSX (Star Ocean, Legend of Legaia) Would you recommend Xenogears over other PSX rpg's? (Sorry, tough question)


Ryan: Yay! Another convert! I mean, I love my N64 as much as the next guy, but let's face the music, there are almost no RPGs on N64. Well, Star Ocean isn't even out, though I heard it was pretty short. Most of the people I've talked to about Legaia either love it or aren't terribly interested in it (it's about a 50/50 split.) Everyone I've talked to who's played Xenogears absolutely loved it. The game is mammoth, it's like 60 hours. Sure, people bash it, but some people will bash anything they can. Other games I would reccomend would be Final Fantasy Tactics, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (if you're up for a great side scroller/RPG hybrid,) and Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. Heck, the only games I really WOULDN'T reccomend would be Beyond the Beyond and Master of Monsters. Those games purely suck, but most other RPGs will give you a decent experience.
Shen huh?
Hi Ryan i have few questions for u (what a unordinary and original beginning !)

1) What is exactly Shen Mue?I mean that game is so meaningless and pointless. U walk around and do nothing just kick someone else. I think it has just good graphics thats all......

It seems to have good gameplay too. Basically it's an action RPG from Sega with great graphics. It's for Dreamcast, and is supposed to hit Japan later this year. It's supposed to be huge, with tons of characters and a gigantic world to explore.
2)Namco is making games for sega (dreamcast) but when psx 2 comes out what will namco do? I guess they will be traitor...
Well, they're not exactly going to be a traitor.. They're just going to develop for both systems. They've already confirmed they're developing for PSX2, so.. :)
thats all for now
by the way i am from istanbul Turkey!! c-ya :)
Ryan: Wow, RPGamer spans the globe. :)
Count yerself lucky
You know, for all you people who were crying about Lunar being delayed, it is nowhere near the delays for the 3d shooter Daikatana from Ion Storm. It was originally scheduled for december 97, and has yet to come out (except for a really crummy demo).
Ryan: Heh, well, that's because Working Designs isn't bursting apart at the seams. Ion Storm would have gone bankrupt were it not bought by Eidos. Though I agree, the delays are nowhere near as bad. :)
Har har har
Big fishy,

Bromides are also a chunk of elements on the periodic table. Also, how the heck do people decide how video game stuff is pronounced? I mean, no one ever says them out loud -- just read 'em, so how do you know?

-Hoenir Aesir

Ryan: Somehow, I don't think that's what they had in mind... In some games, there are voice sections, so I guess that's how they figure it out.
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i bought lunar today, no more mail about when its coming out for you staffers now! arent you just excited?!


"I wanna see an RPG where you walk around like normal, only battles are done with a light gun." Point Blank has an adventure mode kinda like that which even has a story... sorta. Cool, I can even buy that with a Namco Guncon (which, by the way, is absolutely the best light gun you can buy, but it only comes bundled with Time Crisis or Point Blank.)

Ryan sez:

Wow, an early update today. Go me. Don't you long for insomniac nocturnal Thor who updated every day at 8 am? Well, unless someone buys me a caffeine IV and some tape to keep my eyes open, I doubt it'll happen (I'll usually conk out around 2:30 am and sleep til 1.)

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