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Blah, more Elemental Gearbolt. I've got 6 chalices and about 8 million points as my top score, so I'm getting back to where I used to be.. Oh well, I bet you guys wish I could post about 8 million letters.. Or maybe not, that would take about a year to download.
Is it shocking?
Ryan Ryan Bo Byan Banana Fana Fo Fyan Me My Mo Myan Ryan-

A few questions for you:

1) Is FF8 Analog controller compatible? Does it use duel shock? I would assume it would, but I have not actually seen anything saying one way or the other.

2) For that matter, what about SaGa Frontier 2? Or Legend of Mana? Dew Prism? Do you know? Is there any way whatsoever of finding out?

3) Am I hallucinating, or is Shadow Zero breakdancing?

4) Is Elemental Gearbolt worth getting a Light Gun over? Are there any other PSX Light gun games? My only experience with light guns is Duck Hunt and arcades... While this isn't really an RPG question, I can try, yes? No? Aww, now little Timmy has nothing to live for. I hope you're happy, young man!

Too Much Nyquil is never a good thing,


Ryan: 1) Yeah, it uses Dual Shock/Analog. Pretty much every PSX game anymore does. I mean, why not? Personally, I don't like the analog sticks (except in FF8, they're nice when flying around.. very nice. :) It's just too hard to get menus and stuff done right with sticks.

2) I would assume so, yes. Again, why not? :)

3) I dunno, he's doing his little ninja kick-flip-kerpow thingie, so unless it's capoiera or something, probably not.

4) I think it is. Light guns are fairly cheap (about $30, unless you buy a Namco Guncon; it only comes bundled with Time Crisis for about $60,) and you can usually find a used copy of Elemental Gearbolt for around $30, so it's not terribly expensive. There really aren't many PSX light gun games, though, because the Guncon method doesn't allow you much distance (I can extend it to about 8 feet if I close all the blinds and turn the brightness on the TV up all the way.)

Wild about Wild ARMs
Ryan "Hi, I'll be your RPGuru this evening, may I suggest the house special?" Amos,

I have a few questions concerning the upcoming Wild ARMs 2. Why, why, WHY, didn't they reuse Rudy, Jack and Cecilia? :P As a matter of fact, why don't any games with sequels use the same characters as before? Wild ARMs was one of my very favorite RPGs, and I was incredibly elated to find out there was to be a sequel. But they don't have Rudy or Cecilia or Jack in it. On another note, if Filgaia was saved by the previously named trio, why does it need to be saved again? :P

Well, that was a load of wasted space ;) Thank ya kindly sir.

Celine "Hey, gimme back my shoes before I break your toes one by one!" Taillefer

Ryan: Well, first off, I don't think it's in Filgaia. What I read said it was some other "alternate dimension" called Fargaia. Actually, if you look at them, the characters kinda (faintly) resemble Rudy, Jack and Cecilia. I guess games don't use the same characters as before in sequels because the developer wants it to feel like a new game. Maybe that or Contrail just decided that they hated Jack, Rudy and Cecilia and decided not to use them (hey, it could happen...)
Hey Ryan
I have a few questions and I was wondering if you could answer them for me.

1. I noticed you're playing Castlevania: SotN. How far are you in it? It's an awesome game but I'm not sure how many ending there are. I know of 2 but I've heard of more. Can you clarify?

2. Bahamut Lagoon and Treasure Hunter G are 2 of the best RPGs I've ever played. I don't understand why Square won't translate these games. In my opinion Treasure Hunter G is as good as (if not better than) FFV. It's not too late, Square!!

3. When is Suikoden II coming to the US? How about Jade Cocoon?

4. When do you suppose Square will take over the video game industry? I'm thinking sometime around 2004.



Ryan: 1) I've beaten it (I only have 185% though.) There are actually 4 endings, one if you kill Richter without the green glasses, one if you kill him with them, one if you kill Dracula and one if you kill Dracula with over um, 194% I believe. I could be wrong, I'll find out as soon as I post this column, I'm sure. :)

2) I dunno, FFV is getting translated because it's FF. I'm not complaining, I love class systems, so I'll definately buy it.

3) Suikoden II comes in August (it'll be a nice game to warm you up for FF8) and Jade Cocoon comes out in July (nice to warm you up for Suikoden II, I guess. ;)

4) Oh, they already have. In fact, I'm secretly being controlled by Square as well. But you didn't hear that from me.

Dreaming about Dreamcast
Hey Rye Bread,

Hey your not the youngin I'm turnin 14 August 25 (send lotsa presents)

1. Do you have a Dreamcast? since it seems you import i thought I'd ask (I do it kicks arse) I think Sega has a winner here.

2. Do you have an icq #?

3. Who do you think is the best FF character?(Edgar is IMHO)

-mog007 mourning the loss of the King of Harts


1) Nope, I plan on getting one as soon as I can scrape together $250, though. Sega is already losing too many large developers to Sony, however, though it'll probably do much better than the Saturn did in the US.

2) Yeah, but I never use ICQ so you'd never catch me on ;)

3) Yet another debate to start, oh well. My personal fave is Zell, cause he's so much like me. Well, everything cept that big tattoo on the side of his face..

Bosses too?
Hey Ryan, god of waters (so I couldn't resist),

I keep on getting mixed answers about this question. I know that enemies gain levels in Final Fantasy 8. The question is, do Bosses gain levels as well? This would help a lot. If they don't, then I would just go ahead and gain levels. If they do then what's the point? Thanks in advance! -Natsus

Ryan: I think they do. It still doesn't matter, the game is so easy you can just whack 'em with a lot of GFs and kill them anyway. :)
Where are they now?
Heya Ryan.

Me had a question about the Final Fantasy Collection movies RPGamer had links to earlier. RPGamer had links to if I remember correctly...the FF6 ending and the FF opera scene. I think earlier you guys had the FF5 opening. Anyway, if possible, could you direct me to where they might be?

Also, this may sound dumb but if you didn't reserve LUNAR and you buy it somehow later on would you still get all the extra stuff or just the game?

Tristan Adnade

Ryan: Yeah, we have them. They're gigantic though, so they'll take you a while to download (they're in their respective games' sections.) They're also not very good quality, so buying the game to see 'em full screen (and play better translated versions of the games) is reccomended.

And yup, if you buy a retail copy of Lunar off the shelf at a store you still get the same goodies as everyone who preordered. It doesn't seem fair, but those who preordered got a demo, so it evens out.

You MIGHT be a good RPG when..
Ryan(cuz I suck at thinking up stuff)

I couldn't wait for the 2nd. I've been waiting for the stupid game to come out FOREVER!!!! I finally get a call from EB telling me that Lunar is in, so I hurry down to the local mall, and then....disaster strikes. The friggin' power went out!!!!!!! I couldn't get Lunar!!!!!!!!! @$%@$#^*(&*()*&()&*!!!!! I was about ready to hideously maul someone when I found out I couldn't get it today....AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT LUNAR!!!!!!!!

Ryan: You know you have a hit when you have rabid fans like this waiting on your game. :)
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Will the PSX2 games run on the regular PSX or have copies made for PSX? I just bought the darn thing last Christmas and I don't think I can really afford a new machine already.

Ly ~_~

No, PSX2 games won't run on PSX. But don't worry, the PSX2 is easily 2 years from seeing America (even Sony admitted their plant wouldn't be online till Spring 2000.)
I got Lunar and the cloth map smells funny......... Duh. It doesn't say "Charmin" on it, you really should re-evaluate how you use it..
How can you call on the spell ???. I mean you can't say ??? can you? If so how is it pronouced? I say it with a raise of the eyebrows and a confused look.

Ryan sez:

Another day, another dollar. Well, I wish the another dollar part was true, but they don't pay me much for this gig. I do it because I love you all so much! :) Anyway, it's late, I should go to bed now. Farewell and goodnight!

Ryan "Run Awaaaaaaaaaay!" Amos
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