New month, new.. aw heck
Yay, it's finally June. You can officially start sending me your most valuable possessions as birthday gifts. If you're a poor bum living on the street, a few hundred bucks will do. In return, I give you letters!
Bromides, yes, bromides
hey ryan(i'm not very imaginative),

i have a semi-pluasible question(gasp!!, questions, in a question cloumn nonetheless!) Anyway, playing Lunar:SSSC i came across this item that was equipped to Nash, called MiasBromide1. All my friends that i have talked to have given me really weird answers. I have gotten answers from undergarments to elements. Now i ask you, oh great Ryan, what is a bromide? Also, when i was reading through the instruction manual(very nice might i add) they seemed to place quite a big importance on them. even listed on the cover of the hint guide it says "Find all the Bromides!!" Anyway, Lunar is a great game although I am going to fail all my final because of it. ~xelement5x

Ryan: There are a ton of different bromides. I don't know what happens when you get them all, but they actually serve a semi-purpose. If you use them as items, you get to look at a picture of the person who is depicted in the bromide. They're all rather revealing.. but hey, you don't see ME complaining. :) Other than that and collecting them all, I don't think there is a purpose.
We have a winner!
"That croc stole my coin" is from Super Mario RPG, in Toadstool kingdom. It's one of the first things Mallow, the fluffy guy, says.

BTW, is there any official information on the PSX2 running PSX games?


Ryan: Ok, you win! Here's your fame and fortune, enjoy. :)

The PSX2 WILL run regular Playstation games, this was announced when Sony took the wraps off its new system. However, the titles will probably not be enhanced at all, so I wouldn't hope for that.

Secrets and.. just secrets
Hey Ryan! ( It's feels weird writing to a columnist younger than me for a change...)

Anyway, I was playing Secret of Mana for the 15th time or so and I just realized something. I've beaten the game and everything, but I don't exactly know what the "secret" of mana is. I guess it was just intended as a cool name for the game but... Do you know what the title could be referring to?

P.S. My mom got upset when she saw me kill a Rabite. Sheesh.


Ryan: Heh, I'm a youngin, aren't I? And if I told you what the secret of mana was, it wouldn't be a secret anymore, now would it? Actually, I believe it refers to the Mana Sword. I know I'm probably wrong and this is gonna start some huge debate, but hey, it's not like I have anything better to do. :)
Interact... yeah
Hey there,

With all this discussion about crappy memory cards, I have one suggestion to make. The Interact DexDrive. this is the ABSOLUTELY BEST PSX add-on there is. You will never have another hose job again, cause all you have to do is buy a new card and restore last night's backup. For only $30-40 this is one tool no serious RPGamer should be without.

-- Micro (No I don't work for InterAct marketing) Todd


Actually, I've heard the DexDrives rock too. I'd get one if I had a PC, but they're not Mac-compatible to my knowledge, so they do me no good. Another alternative is a GameShark Pro (oddly enough, also made by InterAct.) It stores up to 8 memory CARDS full of save data, which should be more than enough. It also has the added functionality of movie viewing, audio playing and of course, a buttload of codes. They're both about the same price, so either one works. :)

Maybe NOT so legendary..

Have you played Legend of Legaia? It got great magazine reviews, but I just can't seem to get into it. I don't listen to magazine reviews of RPG's anyway. (I mean GamePro gave Xenogears crappy ratings) My question is, do you like Legend of Legaia, and think it's as great as people say? (I mean it's decent, just not a classic.) And also, do you think magazines just play the first hour of an RPG, then rate it? (That would go along with Xenogears, because it had a bad start, and Legend of Legaia because it had a promising start)


Ryan: I haven't played it either, but several other RPGamer staff members have, and they share the same sentiment. Just that they can't seem to get into the game. Myself, I play through an entire game, or very close to it, before I post a review of a game. That way, a game with a slow start which blossoms into a masterpiece (Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc) doesn't get overlooked.
They don't?
Okay, Ryesmack, I've got but 3 things to say/ask.

1) Back to the future like a DeLorean? Listen, REAL DeLoreans DON'T FLY! It's only in BttF that they fly. How stereotypical!

2) Do you think that the "GunBlade" is cool? I haven't played FF8, so I don't know. I just think that a GunBlade doesn't sound very cool. But then again, coolness isn't meant to be judged by me.

3) You need some cool anime-style art of yourself to put in the gray column on the right.

Like, peace out groove master Ryan.

Ryan: 1) If you give me one I can test it out. :)

2) It's alright. Some of his better gunblades look pretty cool (I really like the last one, looks kinda like a lightsaber or something.) The trigger attack is really easy to nail, so Squall will usually do more damage than anyone else.

3) Make you all a deal: Someone draw me one, and I'll put it on the side. Course, a picture would help, maybe once I'm back from vacation. :)

Chocobo in my pocket!
Hey Ry, the RPG guy!,

1.) Okay, the reports say that the pocketstation won't be released here because the demand is too high and they can't make enough, am I right? Well, don't you think that if you have a product that is doing so well, the logical thing to do would be to increase production and make more money, not cancel shipment to the U.S.?

2.) What are some of the minigames in FF8, other than the card battle, and how do they work?

3.) When, where, and for how much will FF8 and the FF Anthology be available? (Other than buying over the net)

4.) What RPG(s) are you most excited about?

5.) Since the pocketstation won't be released here, how will they put the secret GF in FF8? Are they just going to leave it out? And do you think they'll add things, like they did with the WEAPONS in FF7?

-Chocobo Master

Ryan: 1) As far as I know, it's still coming here. Demand is insane, I found a store that had an entire case full but they were gone by the time I got out there a few hours later. I'd bet they're gonna be released here, I don't know if it'll be before FF8 though.

2) As I understand it, the "Chocobo RPG" is kind of a tamogatchi type thing. I never got a chance to play it, so I don't know, though. 3) In English, August 31 for FF8, some time this fall for FFA, anywhere you buy games, and for about $50-60. If you want the Japanese versions, you can get 'em now at an import store for about $70 each.

4) Me? Probably Suikoden 2, I loved the original and I can't wait to play the sequel.

5) The "hidden GF" (it's not even a true GF, just an item summon) is pretty useless and doesn't even look very cool, so they may just dump it. Who knows, the Pocketstation may make it here this summer, but it may not.

Only two
hey big fishy,

just to clear up some confusion, there are only TWO FMVs in ff6 psx. The "opera" movie is a special separate movie accesed from the main menu. It's name comes from the ff6 opera music playing in the background. The reason for the lack of videos is because of the original programming. Every programmer has their own style of programming. It's incredibly difficult to rewrite the code to put in a movie.


Ryan: Thanks for clearing that up. :)
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It's said "ease." Say it with ease, all together, "ease." Very good.
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Okay, I'll start with you.

Ryan sez:

Yay, I can finally play Elemental Gearbolt now that I fixed my light gun. It's a wonder what you can do with a soldering iron and some electrical tape. :) So now I'm back to my old 250 combo self. Too bad I didn't have it in time for that $10,000 contest, I coulda won that (I rock at light gun games.) My fave one is Metal Combat for the SNES (gotta dig that light bazooka.) I wanna see an RPG where you walk around like normal, only battles are done with a light gun. That would be even better than the Legend of Thor Gets Some. It's too weird to ever happen though.. I'm rambling, someone shoot me.

Till tomorrow.

Ryan "Rukes" Amos
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