Die, die, die.
Argh, I wasted my entire Sunday trying to install LinuxPPC on my old computer. What's so hard about installing Linux, you say? Well, when the distribution you download is broken, the installers don't work and it generally decides it doesn't like you, it can be a pain. This is on top of the fact that I ordered it on CD like a a month and a half ago and I never got it. Oh well, now that I'm all grumbly, I guess I should do some letters.
Corporate shiftiness
Why does it take so long to translate certain RPGs? FF8 came out february 8 in Japan. Square claimed it had already began the translation, yet the game has a release date of August 31 (Isn't funny that Dreamcast comes out 9 days later). I sometimes wonder if these gaming companies become so worried about destroying the competition that they forget about the gamer. What do you think? Thanks.
Ryan: Well, FF8 is a mammoth game, so it's no simple task to translate. Also, Japanese to English translation is a tricky business, it doesn't translate directly, so the translators (if they want to do a good job) have to think of a way to say a Japanese saying in English so that it makes sense and has the desired effect. That's why games often take a while to translate (and maybe it means FF8 will actually have a decent translation.. Hah, let me dream, please. ;)
Arr, I am the multi-parter!
Hey Leviathan (Big Fishy could be your nickname.. dammit I still miss Thor!),

1. Any rumors out for FFIX? I know FFX is already out, only Square renamed it FF Movie (Okay, so it takes a while to get, and it's lame, but who cares?)

2. Was Dew Point made to be BFM II or CT II? JD says CT II, but RPGamer says BFM II...

3. How is Lufia 3 going to be on GBC and still be a hit? And how the hell are whatever gaming company is trying this gonna compress a CD into a tiny cart? I hear GBC has 64 Mega Bits.. but an N64 sized pak in a cart no bigger than a soda cracker?

4. Any plans for BoF IV? I loved all three of em. Beat II, curently playing I and III..

Sorry for the long letter Levy, just wanted some Qs cleared up! Bye!

-Role Playin Guy

Ryan: 1) Heh, FF8 isn't even out here and you think we've heard anything about FFIX? Actually, you can bet your pooter it'll be for PSX2, and rumors have it as a launch title, though I really don't see that. Square hasn't said anything other than "it might be in development already."

2) Actually, it's Dew Prism. Anyway, it isn't supposed to be either. The rumors said it was going to be BFM2 and some fans decided that meant CT2, but both were wrong. Dew Prism is its own game. :)

3) Duh. GameBoy is the most successful system of all time. Natsume told us that the game wasn't very far past the planning stages, so it wasn't hard to make the switch. And 64 megabits isn't the size of an N64 cart. N64 carts are more like 256 megabits. PSX CDs are about 660 megabytes each, which is much, much larger than either (to get megabytes from megabits, divide by 8.)

4) Well, it's confirmed. That's all we know about it. :)

A day at the movies
To giggly-girl;

With are the rumors flying around, what is the deal with FFA? I know that ff4 will not be part of it, but what about the movies? I've heard everything from there being a movie for every major event (kinda like FF7), to there being only one or two per game, to there being a massive orgy movie (can't say I take much faith in that one). Could you set me straight? Also, could you give me a massage? I could use one.

Moogle Child, the Lord of the Dance.

PS Don't you agree that Sinfeld is the only existentialist comedy?

Ryan: I'll pretend you didn't say that. Anyway, the only parts of FFA with movies will be the intro and the ending (and the opera scene in FFVI.) Sounds lame, I know, but remember, these are SNES games, they wouldn't look right with rendered FMV everywhere. As for the massage, just go rent a steam roller, drop a brick on the pedal and lay down in front of it.. You'll get a nice massage there. :)
La la la
Good morning/afternoon/evening! I just started wondering about some things, so hopefully you can help me.

1) Why is Lufia 3 coming out on GBC and not PSX? It just makes no sense! (Well, not to me anyway.)

2) How about when some randomly selected writer to the "Ask" columns does a column once a month or something? I know people have probably asked about this before, so feel free to punch me or something.

3) Any speculation on Pokemon 2?

4) Is Disco really dead? Should it be?

5) What exactly is TO? Thanks for your time!



1) It's coming out on GBC because Natsume wanted to focus its efforts on the PSX2, and releasing a PSX game as the PSX2 is coming out would spell disaster. So, they decided to move to GBC, which has a very large customer base (something like 90 million worldwide) and do a game there.

2) Yeah, people have suggested this before, but it's really not very practical. Heck, it takes a lot more time than you'd think to throw together a column (like 2-4 hours.)

3) Pokemon 2? You mean Pokemon Gold and Silver? Yeah, supposedly there are like 100 new monsters. It's also fully GBC compatible, though no US release has been set (though no doubt it will be, Nintendo made a killing on the original Pokemon.)

4) Yes, and yes.

5) TO is Tactics Ogre. It was originally released for Super Famicom in Japan, but it never made it to the states until Atlus ported it over for Playstation. It reeks of a 16 bit title, however. It looks VERY much like a 16 bit version of FF Tactics (without a class/magic system) and it should, as Quest developed Tactics Ogre, and then FF Tactics after being bought by Square.

Tales of Phantasia
I can't remember whether it was you or Alex who talked about the Ys series all the time, but it reminded me that I used to like Ys III for the Super NES a lot. I didn't find out until much later on that there had been sequels. I've also read that III is by no means the best of the series and that the others are more Zelda-ish (emphasis on puzzle-solving as opposed to hack and slashing). Unfortunately, I don't have a Turbografx (sp?) and even if I did, there would probably be a better chance of Bill Gates spontaneously combusting than me finding a used copy of Ys I & II. (Well, according to quantum theory there's no such thing as a zero probability; everything has at least some chance of happening, but...) Anyway, you see what I'm getting at, right? My only chance of playing the rest of the series would be finding emulated ROMs. (I'd prefer translated ones over nontranslated ones; I get incredibly frustrated when I know something is going on but I can't understand what it is, which is why I was only able to play Seiken Densetsu 3 for about ten minutes, but anyway...) Does anyone know of a page where I could find them, or a page where they're being translated? Thanks. ~Azusa Kuraino.
Ryan: Ys I & II aren't INCREDIBLY difficult to find, there are a few copies out there. If you find Ys IV: Dawn of Ys, don't bother bidding unless you have about $80 to blow, they're incredibly rare and expensive (and considered by many to be the best game of the Ys series.) Actually, you can buy the Japanese version of Ys Eternal (which is really just Ys book I enhanced) for Windows 95. Actually, Working Designs has expressed interest in porting some Ys games to Playstation were they enhanced, though their President, Victor Ireland, said something to the effect that Ys Eternal was too short to be worth the effort. Maybe if they remake 2 and 4: Dawn of Ys (there were actually 2 Ys IVs, Mask of the Sun for Super Famicom and Dawn of Ys for the TG16.) My personal fave is Ys V, but not many people like it because it's too short (but I don't care, it's like Zelda with really neat graphics. :)
Hey, at least her butt isn't big..
"Oh, that's OK! I have a small butt, so we can both fit together!" Didn't Noa from Legend of Legaia say that at the Usha Research Center to the guy getting a bath? I thought it was funny. I must have been bored..... - Nigel
Ryan: Thanks, this is the first one I recieved, so, um, choose here's your prize of fame and fortune. :)
Say it ain't so!
Dear Ryan,

I was wondering about battery backed up games. I've been reading the column for a while and n ow and then someone will say how their game can't be played cause their battery ran out. What exactly can you do when this happens? I got games like Zelda (snes, gb), BoF 1 and 2, FF4 and 6, and Chrono Trigger. I'm probably missing a couple too. All of those I assume use batteries to save files. So let's say the battery decides to die off, what can the owner do to replace it?

Tristan Adnade

Ryan: Well, the saves are gone forever, but you can replace the battery. I forget exactly which size it is, but it's a standard watch battery size (at least in the NES it was, I bet they use the same battery though.) You'll end up breaking the case unless you can get a wrench the size of the bolts in the case. Don't worry though, the battery usually lasts about 10 years. My Zelda's (original NES version) battery still works. Just be aware, you'll have to solder the contacts to the battery, otherwise it'll fall off.
Mega.. More like Mega Crappy
Concerning Mega Memory Cards: I have one of these and has frozen on me twice (once just this Sunday) I've found that first, try leaving it alone for an hour, that worked once (cried for a few hours since i was REALLY close to finishing Xenogears and it wouldn't let me switch pages) And if that doesn't work i found that if you keep a spare regular card, copying the info to that and then deleting it off the Mega Memory Card it usually work


PS I'm listening to the radio and does anyone else notice how ANNOYING the new Jolly Rancher commercials are???

Ryan: Yeah, I've heard Mega Memory Cards suck more ass than a donkey popsicle. I've stuck to the Sony cards and never had a problem. However, I have some crappy card for my N64 and it's awful. I lose the saves like once every 20 starts or something. Thank god Nintendo finally realized the memory card idea is crappy and all their games have battery saves anymore. Maybe we can credit the rumble pak with something other than weighing the controller down after all... ;)
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