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Sticky lyrics
Ryan the Usurper,

Ha ha! Ye piteous whelp! I got out of school a whole week earlier than you! Bask in shame! Shaming you, am I! Shame! And stuff... *ahem*

Oh well, on to the question. It's a simple one.

You've played the Lunar demo, haven't you? Tell me you didn't have the opening song stuck in your head and the lyrics memorized after only the third playing. I dare ya! Or perhaps I'm just odd...

-Newman "The Devourer of Worlds"

Ryan: Wow, that's a new nickname. Anyway, the lyrics didn't really stick in my head cos I was too busy being puzzled by the speeding up and slowing down of the singing. It was pretty obviously translated from Japanese. Maybe you are just odd.
This is SURE to pick a fight.
Yo person who is currently keeping track of this section...

i got a couple questions to through at you...or maybe its just thought out decide

1) what posses people to praise Final Fantasy Tactics while bitterly hating Tactics Ogre...FFT had its merit...but after the ending the game sorta became a paperweight for me...the only things i can come up with for why they love FFT over tactics ogre are (a) they cant read (B) Never finished FFT (C) think anything made by squaresoft is gawd or (D) cant stand the thought of a game that doesn't use graphics to carry it through everything...

2) Why when squaresoft has amusing games like Front Mission and Front mission 2...both of which rocked (even though i didn't understand the story or what was happening one bit) do they give us crap like FFT and parasite Eve (not to say it wasn't fun for abuot an hour...but certainly not worth $50)

3) why are RPG's that have innovative new ideas or old proven ideas in rare in comparison to the "hit X/O on the fight button and watch the character swing games" the fighting in Xenogears, legend of legaia, arc the lad (series) shining force (series), Suikoden (if thats how you spell it) or the old style lunar and lufia games...???

4) Whose evil idea was it not to have a standard accept the command button for RPG's i hate playing through 3-4 at a time and having minimun 1 that uses a different selection button than the others...

- Kain

Ryan: 1) FFT was very, VERY much improved over Tactics Ogre. For one, you actually got a chance to build your characters (in TO, if they died once they were gone forever.) The class system totally made FF Tactics. FFT was essentially a very souped up-improved version of Tactics Ogre.

2) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. :) I loved FFT, it was one of my favorite games ever, PE was ok, very short but it wasn't awful. I didn't really like Front Mission myself either, so it all depends on the person. I know I'm gonna draw a lot of flames over this letter; FFT is a favorite of a lot of people. :)

3) Well, new ideas tend to confuse people.. FF8 has a lot of new ideas in it (though you can hack and slash your way through it.) I admit, I was baffled by FF8 for a few hours before I figured it out (though I'm sure if I had been able to read the help, I would have gotten it a lot quicker.)

4) I dunno, I agree with this wholeheartedly. Lunar will piss the crap out of most people for a few hours because the buttons are totally scrambled compared to other games.

Sounds like a job for..
Ryan, I am planning on importing Legend of Mana in June when it comes out. It's the first Japanese Playstation Game I will get. My question is how do I play it on an American system? My PSX is dated Oct 1996. Is it ture that a game shark code will work? PLEASE let me know about it. Have a great day and remember MANA RULES!!!!! -Earl of Mana   PS: Sailor Moon Rules too(especially Sailor Neptune)
Ryan: Sounds like you need a mod chip. What is a mod chip? It's basically a computer chip you solder to your PSX motherboard and it lets you play imports. Only problem is, a lot of games are locking them out. That's when you have to use the Game Shark. Your only other option (mod chips are risky, it's best to get someone who is good with a soldering iron to install it) is a caetla flashed Pro Action Replay. A lot of import shops sell them, and they basically facilitate the old "swap" method. Basically, they stop the playstation and allow you to swap discs with ease. All you have to do is keep the button in back pressed down and you can drop the disc in (you'll have to pull the old fashioned swap method on multi-disc games, however.) You don't need a Game Shark code with this method, as it uses a Japanese bootstrap to "fool" the Playstation into thinking it's an American game.
You brafty castard

If a playstation breaks, take it back to the store and say it was a birthday present. My first one broke about a month after I got it. I took it back to Wal Mart and they gave me a new one. That one broke, so I took it back and got another one. It still works.



Heh, that works too. :)

Tales of Phantasia
I was scrolling down your column of the Wacko's. And I happened to notice a lost soul in need Tales of Phantasia info! Here goes nothin'

1. First of all Tales of Phantasia is the best Super Famicon game ever created!, I own it so I have permission to download the rom a site and it was a whopping 8megs even all the squaresoft games only went up to 4megs max!!

2. It is comin here when I talked to NCSX they said they would have it in the domestic section around the end of the year, which means They will have the american version in!

3. Tales of Destiny was a piece of $@#$ it aint @$@$ compare it to Tales of Phantasia and even the #@$#@$ graphics and this was on the Super Famicon mind you!

4.Ryan play this @#$#$! game in my opponion it is one of the very best rpg's. I mean imagine a super famicon game with voices and an intro that has someone singing! 5. Namco makes good games BUT T.O.F is the best game they have ever made!!!

And remember skies are always blue on E-world!!!!!!!!


Ryan: Yeah, I heard it was really good but I didn't want to shell out $80 to get it. I dunno about the NCSX thing (we would have heard about it by now if it were true) The screen shots I saw looked really good.
Multi-part wholesomeness
Dear Famous Amos (Ha! I actually thought of a decent nickname!),

I actually DO remember the last time before recently that you did a column, but anywise, I have some things I need you to answer (If you don't I will call upon the powers of my Yeti Army to maim you while you sleep, burn your house down, and destroy your copy of Rogue Squadron with a hammer).

1. Is the Lunar soundtrack being packaged with SSSC a full soundtrack or does it just have special selections on it?

2. What did you think of The Phantom Menace?

3. Boxers, briefs, or scary banana leaf loincloth?

4. Did you freak out and start crying after seeing Elly run down that same hallway the 37th time during that one flashback?

Sorry this letter ran so long,
Losengroth, the Prasenithog

Ryan: 1) I believe it's the full thing. Three of the tracks are OSV (the intro, the ending and the Sega CD intro; the music was "dumbed down" from the Sega CD version because of memory restrictions) The rest of the tracks are arranged, so they're not *exactly* the same as the ones in the game, but close.

2) I liked it. Not my favorite movie ever, but it was pretty good.

3) Boxers. :)

4) Nope, I'm a real man! *flexes and pulls a muscle*

Say it ain't so!
Hey Ryan-   Please say it's not true- Lufia 3 is coming out for Game Boy Color and not Playstation? (Or any other system that can handle good sound, a long game, a good story, a kickass battle system, and good graphics, where on GBC all but story and _possibly_ battle system would be shot to hell) Oh please say it isn't true! Please please please please please!   It's really times like this that I wish I wasn't the biggest Lufia fan in the USA. I mean, thinking that the game that I'm practically drooling over (Moreso than FF8, may I add) might be coming on not a CD format, but a little tiny 1 MB Gameboy Cart. It's depressing. So even if you have to lie, please tell me it's not true.   Signed, Oddbrain   P.S. If you are morally opposed to lying - which I understand - just let me down easy, for the sake of sanity.
Ryan: Sorry bro, it's true. Lufia 3 (well, it's not officially called Lufia 3, just Lufia: Ruins Chaser) will be released on Game Boy Color. It should be interesting, actually. Expect a Lufia game on PSX2, that's what Mike said the president of Natsume said in his interview with him.
Is anybody at RPGamer as mad as I am about Lunar: SSSC and think that it is just a bunch of BS and Working Designs is just too lazy to meet a deadline?

Just wondering.

Ryan: Well, the current delays are due to the place that actually makes the discs not having enough ready. Remember, "good things come to those who wait."
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