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Awright! School's out for the next three months. What does this mean? Uh, it means.. I dunno, but I got a lot of letters today, so I better start crackin'.
Calamity shmamity
Hey ryan, First of all, why does EVERYBODY think Calamity is soooo hard? I went through that part of the game THREE times, and he's NEVER killed me. It's simple, get upgraded from Bal, make sure you get to Calamity with most HP and fuel. Cast wild smile about a half dozen times (it DOES help, LOT'S), then go full out with the attacks! Easy! Second, no offence to you or the other two Q&A guys, but don't you think it was better with one main Q&A guy? It makes it a lot easier to follow (especially, if you start a debate on your last day of the rotation, the other guys get bombarded with the stuff for 6 days!) Third, where's a cheap place to get Lunar? I'm low on money and need help... (up here in Canada, I gotta dish out almost $115 canadian to get it!!!)
Ryan: Calamity is hard if you don't grab the upgrades from Bal. If you do, he's easy as pie. I should know, it took me about 15 tries before I realized I could get upgrades from Bal. As for Lunar, I dunno, you'll have to check around, stuff in Canada always is more expensive (even when the currency difference is accounted for,) so if you can, get an American friend to pick you up a copy and send it to you. Otherwise, get ready to shell out the cash.
But mom! All the other kids are doing it!
Hey Ryan,

Until today I was really hyped about Lunar, which is due out tomorrow. Then I thought, where is all this coming from? I don't remember Lunar as a child. Tell me, when did Lunar become popular? Is it from an old series of RPGs? Or is it because it's an RPG that it's getting so much hype ($59.99 everywhere I checked)?

Mista Tea

Ryan: I think Lunar is getting all the hype because it's "oldschool." All of the RPGs nowadays seem to be polygonal, and they lose the charm of old sprite based RPGs. Personally, I prefer a game that has well done sprites to one that looks like Tomb Raider. The price, however, is actually a steal considering what you get: a 2 disc RPG, a soundtrack CD, a "making of" CD, a hard bound instruction book, a full color art book, and to round out the package, a cloth map of Lunar (pronounced: loo-NAR, at least that's how the characters said it.) All this for a measley ten bucks more than about any other Playstation game.
Luk at me, I cin kount!
Dear Guy-without-a-funny-nickname-who-is-boringly-called-Ryan,

I have a few questions that require your attention. If you fail to answer them I shall sic a band of rabid vampiric chinchillas on you, and they shall bite off your digits and proceed to run around you in circles singing MMMbop.

3 (why does everyone start with 1? are they prejudiced or something?). Do you own any videogame soundtracks? If so, which website should I search for them on and which CDs do you recommend?

4. How did you manage to land a job at RPGamer? I've got far too much time on my hands, nothing worthwhile to put on my own web page, and I need to improve my writing skills. (Though I'm pretty sure there's no position open. Am I right?)

6 (5 offended me). Why is it that poor losers send questions totally unrelated to RPGs that serve no useful purpose other than to congest the column and irritate us all...wait, don't answer that. Nevermind.

I don't know how long I can hold these chinchillas back. They're getting angry....


Ryan: 3) Yes, one. Normally I don't like video game music, but I loved Final Fantasy Tactics so much I had to get the soundtrack. I'm not much of a video game music person (which is weird, I'm an other-kinds-of-music person big time) so I don't know where to get any soundtracks. Mark has been pushing soundtracks lately in the Music section of the page, so you might want to check with him.

4) Um, I got the job by knowing Mike for a long time (several years before RPGamer even existed. ;) Though seriously, the thing that probably helps the most is to contribute to the page. We're always looking for new people, but before you send in the resume, it's more of a "don't call us, we'll call you" sort of thing. Sorry.

6) Okay, I won't. :)

I can't think of a witty title
Hola Ryan,

Is there a chance Namco will bring the updated PSX version of Tales of Phantasia to North America. I thought Tales of Destiny was a fun, quirky little romp, and I'd really like to play the game that inspired it.



Seeing as they stiffed us on the Super Famicom version, and the fact that Tales of Destiny was mildly successful, Phantasia probably will eventually come over here. I hope it does, I heard many good things about it. It kinda came towards the end of the SNES though, so it never made it to the US.

It broke!
Dear Ryan,

Okay, Here's the problem. My playstation is busted, and I'll have to send it in to Sony, which cost like 60 or 80 bucks.So, my question is, should I shell out that much cash to get my old PSX fixed, or just get a new one with a dual shock analog controller(Which probably is worth about 30 bucks, anyway) for $130?

Ryan: I print this because I've had two Playstations break on me in the past 6 months. Fixed stuff is never as good as new, though if you can fix it cheaply, more power to you. Both times my Playstation has broken, it's been the controller port dying. This is usually due to rapid fire controllers (including light guns, that's what did it for mine, too much Elemental Gearbolt.) The first time it was under warranty, but the second I was able to acquire a kit to fix the problem for about $30. With a little elbow grease and a soldering iron, it was good as new. Though if you have a really old Playstation, the investment in the new ones might be worth it (newer Playstations access memory cards about 10 times faster than older ones, older ones lock up occaisionally, etc)
Would you like to, um, maybe, say, uh, go to a uh, movie? Like Star Wars?

Um, yeah.

Anyway, I had a few questions. My friends keep telling me there is a ton of dating in Thousand Arms. Is there? (I want my friends to be WRONG) Are any RPG gamers not geeks, dorks, or socially inept? (cept me =)) Is Parasite Eve any good? It sounds cool, if short. I suck, so its enough for me. ^_^

AND last of all, oh mighty one, answer me this, what should I do when I get stuck in an RPG in some battle, and I keep dying, dying dying? should I stop playing for a while? Help me!

P.S. Whats Grandia?

Ryan: I dunno about the dating in Thousand Arms, the copy we have hasn't made its way around to me. I know some RPGamers are not geeks, dorks or socially inept, myself included. Heck, there are probably a lot. As for Parasite Eve, it's pretty cool, it has great graphics (on par with FF8, but with more FMV.) The weapons are kinda cool, and it's a little difficult.

My suggestion? Level up 2 or 3 levels. It's amazing how that stupifyingly-impossible boss becomes a grade A brownpants after only a few levels.

Eat your veggies! It builds character!
Hola Senor Amos,

1. If practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect then why practice at all?

2. What is the square root of pi?

3. Did you know Star War backwards is raw rats?

$.,darn! I hate that shift key. I mean 4. Who would win in an electrified cage match between Tifa, Aeris, and Yuffie to the death? No cheap unconsciousness here.

Ryan: 1) Because it builds character.

2) 1.778245385091

3) No, I didn't. Maybe this means something about George Lucas' diet?

$) Don't know, don't care. :)

Inquiring minds want to know
Dear Holy Mother of Nisan Ryan

I've been hearing a lot of crud about final fantasy anthology, mostly that it isn't going to come with Final Fantasy 4 (bummer). I was doubting if I should get the game but I recently heard that Final Fantasy Anthology will come with a third C.D., replacing FF4. This C.D. would be selected soundtracks of FF5 and FF6. If this is true I'll reserve my copy today (okay I wouldn't). Can you tell me if it's true? Also could you find out what songs would be on this C.D if it even exists? If you would answer me you would achieve god like status in my eyes, of course I'd have to dip you in gold paint but hey fun is fun.

-Magus223 a.k.a. BSmachine

p.s. Darth Maul was cool but Kefka could kick his ass

Ryan: I'm not sure if the soundtrack thing is real or not but if it is, that would be a nice extra. The exclusion of FF4 actually isn't that bad, Square would have had to retranslate the script, which would have taken forever and a half. Square supposedly already had retranslated scripts for FF5 and 6 for nixed PC ports (in fact, Square listed FFV PC as a game on their page, but it has since disappeared.) As for the Kefka/Darth Maul thing, I wasn't overly impressed with Darth Maul as a villain, but the one thing he could do was fight. He'd kick Kefka's butt and slice him into Kefka-kebabs.
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