The title of the column pretty much sums my day up. I doubt you care so it's down at the bottom. Anyway, tomorrow the column is being taken over by Jeff Davis for 3 days, then Alex Kimbel for 3, then me again and so on. So don't send mail to me, send it to Jeff.
The eternal question
Hey, RPGreat One:

I was thinking of getting an RPG and I can't decide between Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics. Which would you choose?

~Lance_/\/\arkus, not a dragon trainer

PS:Please mention the word "crabbit"!!!

Ryan: Bah, I love both those games a ton. It depends what you like, as the games are almost total opposites. FFT focuses on the gameplay, and while the plot is good, it doesn't go too in depth. Xenogears, on the other hand, focuses on story and characters, and while the gameplay is ok, it gets old. Hell, just get both. ;)
Just to let that guy who wrote in about Final Fantasy Pray yesterday: it's available for 16 dollars from Game Music Online (I almost ordered it yesterday, but I went for FFV Dear Friends and FFIV Celtic Moon instead). The address is

-Martin Bergesen

Ryan: Thanks, a ton of people wrote in about local anime shops/conventions, but this was one of the only internet addresses I got. Pillage away. :)
You love me, you really love me!
Ryan Amos? As soon as I saw "Ask Ryan" the word "Amos" popped in my mind... did you ever do the "Ask ***" column before? Oh, wait, it was RPGuru? Why would I know your name if I never saw it before? Psychic? Or just misbalanced memory?
Ryan: I've only been working at RPGamer for like, longer than anyone else ;) You probably saw my name in newmedia updates or RPGuru, or Circle of Sages. I did 'em all. In fact, the only thing at RPGamer I've never done is fan fiction. Amber better watch her job... O:)
Revenge of the multi-part question
Hey Ryan (CRAP! I can't think of any cool names for you! Oh, wait. Ryan IS a cool name!)

Here are a couple of questions for you, king of the questions:

1.) Have you or anyone else every played FF5? Is it any good? I heard it's debatably the best FF game.

2.) Would you recommend that I buy FF Tactics? It looks good, but some people say it's good and some say it's crap.

3.) What's all going to be included in Lunar, and how much will it cost? Is it any good?

4.) Finally, do you think the FF Movie will have things like chocobos, moogles, cid, bahamut, holy, meteor, etc. . . that have been in most all of the games?

-Chocobo Master


Bah, my name isn't cool as something like "The Fonz" or anything.

1) Yes, I've played and gotten to the last dungeon of FF5. As far as plot goes, it's nothing spectacular, the main draw of the game is the class system. It actually gets kind of boring once you've mastered all the classes.

2) Yes, yes, yes. Get it, it rocks. I love it (I even wrote a players guide for it. It totally kicks pooter.)

3) Lunar will include the game, a soundtrack CD, a "Making of" CD, a cloth map of the Lunar world (Mike saw it at E3; he said it was small but well done.) It also includes a hardbound instruction manual and a full color artbook. EBworld says it's $59.95, more than a normal PSX game, but you get a lot more for your money.

4) Probably. Square will try to market the movie to the masses, but they'd be crazy not to include inside references to the people who have played the games. I don't think they'd leave their die hard fans out in the cold.

..and another..
1) I just beat Xenogears last night (technically this morning), and I have to say that I was kinda dissapointed by the ending. Don't get me wrong, I loved the game (all 70 hours that I put into it).It was just a little uh... anticlimactic, and by the end of the game I had had my fill of existentialism (it makes me feel dirty;}). Am I the only one who feels this way? You said this was your favorite game, so what's your input?

2) Is there any way that I can physically reach into the television and beat the living crap out of chu chu?

3) Are there any tech/house djs out there that I absolutely must hear? (besides the obvious, Carl Cox, etc.)

4) Headspins without a hat?! Are you nuts?! You are definitely one ruthless bastard and a half.

Ryan: 1) Well, it was kind of designed to be anti-climactic. The climax of the game was the fight with Deus, everything after that was letting the game down softly.

2) Nope, if there was, I'd sure tell you. I've heard Jar Jar Binks from Episode 1 is annoying, but there's no way it can be more annoying than Chu Chu (unless he laughs like "JAR JAR JAR!" but maybe not even then...)

3) If you like kinda trippy techno, DJ Shadow is big here, DJ Screw if you like slow/funny stuff. I'm not really into it like that, I borrow lots of unmarked burned CDs from friends who are like "man this stuff is tight, listen to it!" and I'm like "uh, ok"

4) Yeah, I'm totally crazy. I can only do about 5 before I lose my balance and fall, but that's almost 1/5 to the "official" world record (28, though I've seen people do around 70.. Heck, Storm can do like 150... but he's like a cripple now, so I guess it's not good for you.)

Yes, I have good tactics.
Hail Ruthless Ryan (We need to get you a new nickname)

For the kid who was looking for Tactics Ogre I found my copy at Electronics Boutique so you may want to try there. Anyway my question is if you aren't bringing back Shadow Zero then who is going to replace him? A tap-dancing rabite, moonwalking Gau, break dancing Zelda, what? Oh and kudos to your on your so far good job as new Q&A dude.

-Bucky the Weasel

Ryan: Cool dude, thanks. It shouldn't be hard to find, though you may want to try FuncoLand or used game stores, because you'll probably get a better deal. Be aware Tactics Ogre lacks FFTs charm and good plot. It's also hard as a mutha, you'll have a difficult time with it, no doubt. As for Shadow Zero.. A break dancing Zelda sounds good; b-girls are sexy, much like RPGirls. Maybe a break dancing RPGirl? I phear the entries I will get.
Separated at birth? I phear
Sacre bleu! My birthday is June 8th too! Let's conspire!

Actually, the funny thing is, a friend of mine turns out to have the same birthday as well, and she's Chinese, like myself. My friends made jokes about our being separated at birth until I whipped out my trusty guitar and beat them over the head with it. Now they just talk about strawberries.

The invisible text - stick with it, mah brudda!


Ryan: Be afraid. That's cool, like 4 or 5 people wrote in to tell me they had the same birthday as me. Actually, I won't even be home for my birthday, I'll be in San Diego/Tiajuana (one during the day and one at night, I'll let you all guess which is which.) Actually I'm getting a car, so I won't get any other cool presents, but hey, I'm not complaining. I'm the most spoiled person on earth, I have all the cool computer gadgets everyone else dreams about. Now watch everyone find out where I live and come break in and steal it all. Oh well, it's probably insured.
Inquiring minds want to know
I'm not complaining or anything, you do a decent job. (If that statement made no sense, start reading subject bars)

Is there any confirmation yet on that thing about the Dreamcast being backwards compatable with the Saturn? Because, well, if it is than there might just be enough decent games between the two of them to make it worth having.

Also, must the ad banner use Java? Ever since RPGamer switched advertising I've had to deal with memory and modem time consumption. Quite Annoying.

Ryan: Heh, thanks. I think. Anyway, I recieved a zillion letters saying that the Dreamcast won't support Saturn games. Though really, it doesn't matter. You can pick up a used Saturn for less than $50, and the games are about $20, and there are a lot of good ones (Panzer Dragoon Saga is reason enough to buy a Saturn, and there are a ton of great 2D fighters if you like those.)

Ryan sez:

Well, doing the column has cheered me up some, but I still feel bad. Remember that auditon I talked about? I flubbed it bad. I was the worst one there. Blah. I guess all I can do is practice during the summer, though I have a knack for hurting myself. I guess it would help if I didn't do hard physical activity like inline skating or halfcourt basketball 8 hours a day. I did some good stuff, so I'll see if I can capture some of the tape of the audition because a lot of people wanted to see what I can do, but my ankle is still swollen from busting my arse on flairs. Oh well.

-Ryan "bad b-boy" Amos
Okay, I give in.

Hey Punk, are you TUFF E NUFF?!
Ask Jeff
He might be, we don't know.
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