Star Wars Wednesday
Well, today was the much-heralded opening of Star Wars. I, for one, did not skip school to see it, though a lot of my friends did. I heard it was a disappointment, though that's not gonna stop me from seeing it. :) As we all know, critics don't know jack. Except RPG critics, like myself. As we all know, we're super-knowledgable. *ducks flying chairs* Anyway, enough of the ego trip, cause by George, we've got a letters column to do.
Another multi answer question?
Hey Ryan,

I gots a few questions for ya. *now entering multi-part mode*

1) What does a guy have to do to get into E3? Just curious; I think it would be really REALLY cool to go one day.

2)I remember reading at another site that FF VIII was coming to the PC. As one who doesn't (currently) own a PlayStation, this is a Good Thing (I own VIIpc). Do you know anything about this? The same site also mentioned Parasite Eve being on the PC as well.

3) I'm wanting to import a copy of Final Fantasy Pray. Where's a good site on the Web to buy import music?

4) For the benefit of those who haven't seen you do a column before (and those who don't remember that far back), what kind of music do you listen to?

Well, I suppose that's all for now. Hopefully the column won't disappear like it has in the past when the permanent letters guy leaves. I'm a daily reader, so keep up the good work, all of you!

-- Justin Toon

Ryan: 1) Work for a big web site and get press passes, or you can just shell out a few hundred bucks for passes. You have to be 18 to get in at all (which is why I didn't go.)

2) Yes, FF VIII will make it to PC eventually. I haven't heard about PE, though, and I doubt that it will.

3) Hmm, it's pretty old, so I don't know how much luck you'll have in locating it. Soundtrack Central would be a good place to start. Be aware it'll probably run in the $40-$60 price range, the old soundtracks are quite expensive.

4) Me? Heh, my favorite right now is house and techno.. but I also like rock and just about anything with a good beat.

It won't disappear, I'll make sure it gets done or there's gonna be a rumble at RPGamer. :)

Greetings new Q&A dude! I wish you guys luck in filling in the almighty Thor's shoes. Have a few quick questions for ya!

1. Which is better, FF4(US) or FF6(US)?

2. Got any preferred nicknames or shall we call you sexypants?

3. Got your Star Wars tickets? (Personally, I'm going to wait till the crowd dies down a little)

(Bring back Shadow Zero!)

Ryan: 1. This is the eternal debate... I say FF4, though it's all a matter of taste. To each his own, I say.

2. I dunno. My friends call me "Ruthless Ryan" because I do headspins without a hat, but..

3. Uh, no, maybe this weekend. ;)

Shadow Zero? I kicked his pooter back to Mars. It was quite the battle, he pulled his little backflip and kicked me in the nards but I got him by grabbing those big pants and beating him to kingdom come.

Covert Operations
Ryan Romain Amos,

What are you talking about returning from a recent special forces operation to a secret temple buried deep within a forest? Last time I checked you were handling the reviews people sent in.

P.S. Have you noticed that every time a long running Q&A guy leaves, his replacement usually leaves(actualy they're always terminated) with in a short amount of time?


Ryan: I was rambling and lying out my arse. Actually I haven't been handling the reviews, I've been bad. I hope to remedy that soon. Someone whip me ;D
Dreamcast Dreams
Hey Ry. Wzup?

I have a few burning questions regarding the Dreamcast, please respond or better yet post this letter that hopefully will not be too long.

1.) With the modem thingy, will we have to get an extra phone cord to access the internet or does it work similar to a laptop (Battery I think)?

2.) Will there be a cost to get Internet access aside from the cost of the system?

3.) Also, Is it going to be like going online or is it strictly for videogame use?

4.) Aside from the modem stuff, I understand the Dreamcast is backwards compatible with Saturn games, I also heard that the Dreamcast will in some way enhance the visuals of the Saturn games, Is this true?

And Finally...

5.) Does the Dreamcast enhance the quality and sound of the music and fx of Saturn games or of Audio CD sound? What about Ambient sound, will the Dreamcast support it?

Thank you so much for reading this boring letter, but if you could please answer any of the above questions I would greatly appreciate it.

-Jay (the pimp and incredibly hyper) Hindman

P.S.- You know, Thor never DID post my letters. {Hint, Hint...}


Since you're a pimp and I'm posting your letter.. nah we won't go there. ;)

1) You'll need a phone to connect to, duh. Laptops need phones too. The modem itself may or may not need a power cord (I doubt it will)

2) Yes, definately. Rule #1 of business is to never give away anything you can charge for. :)

3) Well, since the Dreamcast can run Windows CE, I'd assume you can do everything from read your favorite RPGamer personality to e-mail to IRC. Naturally, games supporting online games will be produced (a port of Quake 3 or somesuch game would not surprise me.)

4 and 5) I know nothing about this. I'm not a big fan of Sega. I think they rushed the Dreamcast before seeing what Sony and Nintendo had to offer (the DC was already shipping before PSX2 specs were announced,) and hence Sony's system is in all ways technically superior and developers really aren't giving Sega too much heed. Anyway, as for the Saturn stuff, I have absolutely no idea. Anyone?


Hey new ArpyGooroo!

Blarg!! How DARE you steal Thor's tradmark invisible text! That belongs to Thor, and only HE may use it. Greenhut respected that, and you had better too!


Ryan: You spoony bard! *hears boos from listeners* What's wrong with it? People seem to like it (I got a lot of mails saying "Yay! Ryan is cool because he uses the invisible text!".. well, maybe not in those words, but you get the point.)
Do you have good tactics?

What is the deal with Tactics Ogre ? Was it only manufactured in (extremely) limited supply or something ? Im asking this because I cant find it _anywhere_, though I can easily find older games such as Wild Arms and Suikoden (brand new). This site has it's release date of 5-98, so it isnt that old for it to become obsolete, or is it ?

Another question. Is Saga Frontier II coming to the States, or have they not decided yet ? Another question. Is Seiken Densetsu 4 coming to the States, or have they not decided yet ? Another question. Are we going to see the same mass-hysteria when FF8 comes out as we are seeing with the new Star Wars movie ? God I hope not, some people are kinda pathetic IMNSHO.

Oh well, thanks for listening.

Ryan: Really? You can't find it? I had no trouble. Even Blockbuster had it (and I would suggest renting it before buying, it's not for everyone.) As for SaGa Frontier 2, it was shown at E3, so I'd assume it's coming here. And as for Legend of Mana, Square would have to be taken over by Bernie Stolar (yes, I hate the dude too) to not release it here after the freakout job people did with SD3. I highly doubt FF8 will get the hype of Star Wars; Star Wars is kind of a tradition, while average Joe doesn't even know what Final Fantasy is unless he heard of FF7.
Oh, here's Lunar!
Working Designs put up on their site today that the new release date is May 28, which is the first concrete date they've had so far. Vic said that the game got delayed a bit again due to the fact that WD decided to go with full color labels rather than 2 color labels, which slowed down the printing process.


Ryan: Thanks for clarifying this. Aaah, good old Vic the perfectionist (note: perfectionism in the gaming industry is something we could use a lot more of.) Lunar is a very clean game, and I suspect he had a lot to do with this, having heard stories about him.
Inquiring minds want to know
Well...uh....Hi Ryan. So work a RPGamer? Well....lemme ask you a few non-RPG relayed Qs so we can all get to know you:
1. What is your favorite game?
2. Do you have any imaginary friends?
3. Is there an Anime-Ryan pic we can see?
4. What is your most embarassing moment?
5. Are you ugly?
6. Do you have a significant other?
7. Is she ugly?
8. Is it even a she?
9. How old are you?
10. Are you obsessed with any celebrities?
11. Have you seen Episode 1 yet?
12. What non-RPG games do you like?
13. Can we call you 'Thor Jr' or 'Thor II'?
14.  Why is your email address 'leviatan' and not 'leviathan'?
15.  Since you said something about dancing, why don't you put the dancing ninja on the Q&A page like Thor did?

These are all things to help us fans find quick and easy ways to annoy and make fun of you.  It is required by the RPGuru Code of Honor that you answer these to make our lives easier.  We'll probably find out these things eventually anyways, so just tell us now so there won't be a long 'getting to know you' period.  I'm sure I'll be emailing about 100 more Qs like this, but I'm off to throw rocks at old ladies at the park.   And I hate Michael...The moron printed my letter about how all the Q&A guys are always leaving (not just RPGamer, but several other sites as well), but he himself is gone.  It doesn't matter how or why, just that he is gone.  The bastard.   Yodle

Ryan: Heck, why not, I know you all want to get to know me (and the column is a little short again. ;) So, here are the answers, and if you don't care, just scroll on down..

1. Xenogears
2. Only the voices in my head.
3. Nope, can't draw.
4. You *really* don't want to know. Really.
5. Yeah. I have 3 eyes, am 15 inches tall and a really big.... nose.
6. Yes.
7. No.
8. I think so.
9. 15 (My birthday is June 8th. Buy me many expensive things.)
10. Only Thor, you sexypants ;D
11. Nope. It only came out today, and I don't feel like skipping school.
12. Um, any well done 2D games work for me. Games like Einhänder, Actraiser and Bust a Move.
13. Please, please no. I'm not the bastard child of Thor, only his long lost cousin.
14. Because "Leviathan" was taken on DALnet when I chose the nickname.
15. Becuase he doesn't break dance, and that's what I dance. ;)

Now that you know me a little better, feel free to make as much fun of me as you want. Just try not to hurt my feelings. ;_;

Hey Punk, are you TUFF E NUFF?!
Ask Ryan
He sure is.
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Wow, I'm actually enjoying this more than I thought. I had to rush tonight because I had a party tonight I totally forgot about and didn't get home till late, but it's all good. Sorry bout the archives, they'll get updated soon (like tomorrow or tonight :) Catch ya on the flip side.

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