Thor Hack Archive
The original unmolested Anime Thor TearDragon
Hey, at least it's not Richard. Vlail
Kind of hard to describe, but pretty. (Not Thor, of course. The rest.) Tait
Call me "Doc". Louis
The Crow! Wooo. Neat movie. Adarok
I wish. I so wish. Lauren the Meanbeast
This one was selected just because of the text. K.I.T.H.
Thor as Sephiro... hey, why do I have cleavage?
Not-So-Ultimate-But-Still-Pretty-Madness. Here's a 'hint': Croft. Kurisaru
Awww. Link. Awwww. Isamu Dyson
A high quality Laguna Thor. He doesn't look like Sandra anymore! Lumnos
What would happen if I ate too many of Lorelai's prozac cookies CX
Dream from The Sandman series Louis
Thor as Bart from Xenogears. (As opposed to from WWF or The Simpsons.) Louis
Trekkies'll like this... Makkuro
Thor missing the second most important part of his body
If you like The Sandman series, you'll dig this as much as Thor did Louis
Thor and Lorelai an item? ...naw. Lorelai
Stone Cold Thor Antrim The Bad Guy
Thor as Cloud. Nice hair!
Thor as a werewolf. He's disgustingly fond of all things "spooky". MasterNyx
Little known fact: Campbell's soup cans and Thor are interchangeable Genso
Thor as a vampire. Kickass. Ryan Amos
Kaitlin does her darndest to turn Thor into a puddle of blushing goo. Kaitlin
Thor is a teletubby, and Tismondo has proof. Tismondo
"Redundancy" doesn't factor in when dealing with Metallica Shadow
Big, bad and buff. Fear Thor the Wrestler! solid_transient
Thor, 80s style. Anyone feel like watching The Breakfest Club? Ken
A hilarious reference to my Xone-induced morph Ranklchick
A cool Xenogears "status screen" James
Metallica Thor. Yeah. Hell yeah. Diabloxiii
Thor sucks! (Heh heh, goth girls'll dig this.) Pel
A "Viking/Fruedian Thor". Cool but weird.
If Thor stole Josh Reid's id schtick... Isamu Dyson
Thor: Old, bald and mutated. Or, uh, something. GenLeo
Thor and Sephiroth combined? Talk about a lady killer. (PUN!) Nakatsu
Thor with Metallica. I think. Ellipsis Knight
Men: Unless you like wrestling... don't look at this. Ladies over 14: Feel free. San Daugherty
Thor Antrim Vs. Mike Tyson -- Round 1. Bah.
If you've ever accidently called me "Crow", you'll love this Arpad Korossy
Anti-christ Superstar Ultimate Naughty Bad-Bad Icky Madness <thunder clash> RydiaX
Bono Vs Thor? I prefer Metallica, anyway.
Aww! How cute! Thor in Pokemon. LunatiC
Sting. The wrestler, not the singer. The Bad Guy
A pony tail. Weee. Clouded
Even the King of Pies got in on the fun
Beware, Ultimate Madness solid_transient
This anonymous RPGamer wanted me dead
The hack that started it all: Mount Rushthor vEGO
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