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This would have made a great book.

My fondest RPG moments, interesting.
The year is 1994 a bloody, beat up, under-leveled Chaz stands alone against the Profound Darkness. His teamates, incinerated by a double Megido combo swirled upon them none other than said darkness' final form. The last seven or eight rounds have been spent pumping all the trimate Chaz can get his hands on into his system most likely only postponing the inevitable. The last trimate in his inventory has been injested. With this new found strength Chaz stumbles to his feet only to be pounded back to the ground by the most intense heat known throughout the universe, Megido. Sommoning all his gritty intensity Chaz rises, less than ten hit points remain, he will die in this round and he knows it. With just enough magic left he decides to give this bitch a taste of her own medicine. He summons the power of the hidden frozen planet and releases Megido. Before he passes out all his eyes can see is a blast of red heat from his own spell, all his ears can hear is his own heart beat, all his mouth can taste is his own liquified flesh, and all his nose can smell is the remnents of his friend's charred bodies. It was then, when all hope and thought had faded, that his hands holding the sword that made the promise came alive and felt the life that had lingered in the sword for the last two millenium before him. Elysdeon, the sword was named and before death grasped Chaz' soul it guided him through the light and brought him back. It saved Chaz and ended its life at the same time.
That's my account of the first time I won Phantasy Star 4 and it is the best moment I have ever experienced in my personal RPG history.
In the real world however I'd have to say finding Koudelka and Castlevania SotN both for $9.99 (Canadian, so about $5 in your terms) and when I acquired the rights to both Suikoden 2 and the last new Suikoden that made it's way to Canada (I can only assume, it was the last at EB Oshawa at least) and ended up getting them for Christmas the year Suikoden 2 was released.
There are quite a few others, if I remember some better ones before next weekend I will send another e-mail.
Good Day Andrew
Douglas Dunlop AF11
-Sheridan student that will one day make the first non-shitty North American developed RPG

A rousing tale indeed, Douglas. You wouldn’t have happened to submit anything to fan fiction, would you?
Those are some dirt cheap prices. Of course, even better was when a friend moved away and never bothered to reclaim all his games. Haha, ExciteBike, NOW I ownz you!

“Very dead she was.”

Best RPG experience? Well, I’ve had the “everyone in your party is dead but 1 and he has less than 100 HP” happen to me so many times it’s not even funny. FF was very famous for that in my experiences.
But my favorite out of the bunch was during FF8.

Fighting Omega weapon and getting my ass kicked wasn’t funny. So I went after it one last time. I didn’t have Squall’s Lionheart, but I went for it. This time I decided to use the phoenix semi-summon. I used it when my health was low, and next thing Omega did was wipe the floor with my party. But to his surprise, I was resurrected. On with the battle. After quite abit of time, he decided to wipe the floor with my party. AGAIN. Well, here comes the phoenix to my rescue again. Well, after more battling, Omega decided to do it again. But this time, only squall and Rinoa survived. I was completely out of phoenix downs, healing spells, and everything. Well, Rinoa got her Limit Break, and to my total amazement, out pops Invincible Moon. So for the next 5 rounds, Omega can’t touch me. Well, it wears off, and I guess he was mad at Rinoa. So he killed her. Very dead she was. After abit more battling, he knocks Squall to about 15 HPs. I got 1 limit break in, and the next and very final slash killed Omega. The last 30 minutes of that battle I was just sitting there waiting for Omega to finally kill me, so I could go and break things in frustration. But, Omega went down. And went down hard.

One of the things that drove me insane in Final Fantasy 8 was how you were practically guaranteed a limit break when your hit points got painfully low. The game rewarded you for not using strategy, or bothering to level, buying decent equipment, etc. Stupid sell out Square.

Poorly worded letter of doom.

All hail the softened sarcasm bunny !
Just wanted to say that the Final Fantasy christmas theme the guy wanted last weekend is quite easy to find...just get on kazaa ;)
Quite a nice remix.. god i loved FF4.. can't get enough Cecil & Kain embark on one of the most epic adventures known to the videogame industry... now if they could only remake the whole game with FFX's graphics ;) i'd love to send against a skeleton a fully rendered platinum haired Cecil with his trusty Legend in hand...
while old man Tellah would finish it off with a fire 3.. oh god I miss old spells name... please... please tell me you hate Fire, Fira and Firaga... pleeeeeeeeease ! Now.. since i'm "here".. well.. whatever. on with the most frustrating video game moments ever..
I once had the FF2/FF4 cartridge and guess we all had our little problems with it... mine wasn't with the Calbrenas however.. but still.. to keep up with the erased file syndrome... i had played so many hours on this game... just.. so many hours... countless. just so you know about how many..
I had everyone at level 99.. with best equipment. and i mean with Glass Helms, Protect Rings and Adamant armors... all 5 of them.. and so it would happen that I didn't play for a few days... then weeks.. than months would pass before i'd played. and then came christmas.. the family party was well underway when I realised I had not seen my brother for a few hours now..

so i went up into the attic.. where my bedroom was (and still is).. only to find my bro and my little cousin playin I just went: hey cool.. where are you guys by now ? and all went well.. i enjoyed watching for a few minutes.. until my cousin's father decided it was now time to go.. and so my cousin asked to save.... "well but of course ! save away !" i said... and he did. but on what file ??? mmm... countless hours.
I didn't touch the game for years.... until recently.. when I got FF4 on cd for playstation...... AND heard about the gunslinger code..
Anyway I realise this was a long letter... have a nice day guys !


Yeah, I’ll agree that the new names for Final Fantasy spells are no more idiotic then the former names. At least Fire 3 has a certain ring to it.
Black Mage- “Don’t make me FIRE 3 your ass!”
White Mage- “Oh yeah?! HOLY!, I mean, WHITE!”
Black Mage- “Oh no! You can’t say Holy when American kids are around! Their brains will explode!”
Anyways...yeah, that’s why I love the holidays. It finally got to the point in my house where I unplug my systems, lock the door, and make sure that no one sneaks up the stairs. Otherwise I’ll end up with my room on fire and underwear in my sheets.


There are two parts in Kingdom Hearts that I've been wondering about. My brother says I'm thinking too much, though. In Halloween Town right where you enter, there are three statues that light up when you hit them. After you complete Halloween Town, Zero is right besides one of the statues. In Atlantica by Ariel's grotto, there's a big treasure chest and it says that it's stuck. It sort of implies that you can move it somehow. Are these two actually worth adding ten minutes to my game or am I just thinking too much?
thnx - CH

I have no idea about what you’re talking about. Readers, little help for CH and his piddly problem?

Help for a monkey.

can help Schmengie, the Monkey Boy. I have a large memory card that would sometimes not let me change the page. It turns out that some game saves corrupt the compression of the high-capacity cards. To clear up this issue, copy the entire page to an uncompressed card, erase the data from the compressed page, and it most likely will let you change the page again!

"Experience is the best teacher, but it need not necessarily be your own experience."

Thanks Wesley. This probably comes too late for the poor guy though, but it should help the rest of you suckers with huge, easily corruptible memory cards.


Yah. I wanted to know if .hack//sighn is a game,an anime,or both?
Thank U.

It’s an anime, an RPG, and a manga. Not that it matters, considering how you won’t be seeing the anime or manga in America.

Crystalis was made by a company called SNK (most people know them for King of Fighter's, or Samurai Showdown). They won't be making sequels to anything since they went bankrupt about a year ago, and were bought by Capcom. So, a sequel is fairly unlikely at this point. I hope this helps the gentleman who seems to have fallen in love with what was a fairly average game

Thanks for that insightful answer. However, just because the team broke up doesn’t exactly kill the chance of a sequel being made. Heck, look at the new Final Fantasy Tactics game. The problem in my opinion stems from how the original game’s mechanics today would simply translate into another Zelda clone.

where is the blue dragon i keep seeing screenshots for and how do i get there


I am a PC-gamer that plays presominantly sports titles on-line with a high speed cable modem. I was thinking of getting PS2 to play brother in-law on-line. How do the modems work? Are they fast enough or will the games be choppy and unbearably slow? Would like advice before making decision.

Modems work by how well you care for them. Give them three squares a day, plenty of walks, and you’re content modem will be happy to give you great service. But mistreat it, and your modem will keep you up all night with barking and leave puddles of unhappiness all over the carpet. I hope that answers your questions.

I'm soooooooo excited!!! Final Fantasy XII is going to be set in NEW YORK CITY!!! WOO HOO!!!
Well, that's my sure looks like something like that. I've been waiting FOREVER to get an epic FF or even FF-like RPG to take place on, of all places, Earth.

So how is being an anal-retentive loser who jumps to impossible conclusions working out? Really, the promo shot looks NOTHING like New York. Have you ever actually seen the Big Apple, or do you live in some sort of fairy land where New York has hanging gardens, airships, and no cars? Not to mention the UGLIEST CHOCOBOS EVER. Really. Check out the lower left corner of the ad.

The Final Grumble:

Contest ends tomorrow. Hoorah.
As for what I got for Christmas, well...
I’ll rant tomorrow. Promise.

Andrew "Hang up the phone!" Duff

Fedor, with a feather!

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