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Andrew Duff - November 15th '02- 2:00 Central Standard Time

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Duff, currently attending NIU, and living in a tower. Since you obviously don't give a damn about who I am or why Google would ever allow someone so bitter to be your new weekend host, let's just jump in, shall we?

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My very first letter, and it's a correction. OH, CRUEL FATE!

Hey new weekend guy - This is probably a heck of a question to throw at you straight-up, but Thursday I was looking at the main page - specifically the new CGI screens for FF2 (PSX version) - and the intro text terribly confused me. When did Squaresoft confirm that they were bringing FF1+2 to the US? I don't remember ever seeing anything like that, and yet Mr. Brian Hagen wrote - "Our FF2 screens have gotten bigger. It's as if they're growing. Yummy CG and colorful in-game shots go hand and hand as FF2's first US release steps closer and closer." Was this just a leap in judgment or is there something to this? The Ravyn

Well, first off, I'm flattered that you think this question is too much for the new guy, but let's take a look at some simple unproven biases about Square and Final Fantasy games.
1. The company knows that Americans will snap up anything with "Final Fantasy" in the title, or anything with Squaresoft on the packaging, for that matter.

2. Final Fantasy 2 is unreleased here, and while I'm sure some unscrupulous fans have downloaded rom versions, the majority of players have not had the chance to play this rather unremarkable game, and want to.

3. Considering the length of time between the last Final Fantasy game, and the next one, which is online and may not even arrive on the PS2 considering how much it will cost to play, fans have been craving something with a predictable plot and well-used play mechanics.

This is all leads to a rather obvious conclusion.
Brian Hagen screwed up the blurb. Neither Final Fantasy 1 or 2 are confirmed to be released here. He has been severely punished for his actions, and the blurb has been corrected. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Metroid, the Lost Age!

So have you played either of the demos yet? I know this isn't exactly RPG related, but still... It's Metroid for crying out loud. I'm planning on buying a Gamecube b/c Metroid convinced me (with a little help from Resident Evil). An RPG question, WOULD, get this into the column easier... Any plans for the Golden Sun series to go to the Gamecube? It's a really neat game. Can't wait for The Lost Age.

Nintendo spelled backwards is odnetniN: think about it

While I have not played either of the new Metroid games, I've heard nothing but good things about both of them. Well, aside from the occasional pundit telling me that, "Metroid in 3-D? BLASPHEMY! Argharghargh!" Then they mutter about how C:SOTN is just a rip-off of Super Metroid, and that Nintendo should burn. As the proud owner of a GBA and not a Gamecube, I have to say that I'm excited over the prospect of playing the bastard child of the SNES Metroid, and if anyone has objections to a FPS take of Metroid for the Gamecube, well, go play the GBA version in your parent's basement, wishing you were capable of change and not pointless horror over new things. As for the possibility of a Gamecube version of Golden Sun...are you nuts? The series is barely mediocre in terms of story and gameplay as is. Maybe Camelot can pull that kind of crap on GBA with their pretty graphics, but I don't think anyone wants to deal with the heroes retelling the plot every ten minutes for the benefit of the retarded gamers out there IN BRILLANT 3-D! So yeah, I'm looking forward to Lost Age too, but only as something to do during my lecture classes.

Poorly thought out whining

Just a couple questions, first off the list: Why is it I've heard an ass-load of Gundam TRPG's exist yet I've never seen them? WHERE ARE THEY? Also, I would like to hear your personal pro's and con's for the Lunar series, I like it, but it gets old to me. And finally.....WHY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!! They massacred poor Sephiroth's voice! Who do you think would be the best or at least an acceptible voice for him? Thanks. "I always thought you weren't human Vash, but I never thought you were a cat......"--Wolfwood's qoute

Well, thanks King of the albino monkeys, for mashing your questions all together like that. Makes my job much easier.
1. The Gundam games are all in Japan, laughing and mocking your power over monkeys, but inability to read kanji. Sorry.

2. Lunar series Pros- Entertaining old school games with well done, if predictable plotlines, gorgeous 2-D graphics, and a grippingly difficult battle system.
Lunar series Cons- Working Designs idea that making pop-culture references is somehow redeemable when their jokes, now a mere two years later, no longer make any sense.
3. It's hard to "massacre" the voice of someone who has never been voice acted before. I'm sorry the voice didn't match the one in you head, nitpicker of an otherwise well done game. As for the best person to do his voice, I would have suggested Urkel from Family Matters.


this has nothing to do with any rpg really... but whats up with Metroid Prime, turning Metroid into a first person shooter is the greatest crime in video game history

YES, GOD FORBID COMPANIES BE ALLOWED TO TRY SOMETHING NEW! LET US JUDGE ALL GAMES BEFORE WE ACTUALLY PLAY THEM! ...and if turning Metroid into a FPS is the greatest crime in history, then someone hasn't played Lufia 3, Wild Arms 2, or hell, any game whose title contains the word "Chocobo".

The final grumble:

I'd like to thank everyone who sent into letters today, especially considering how you know nothing about me or why I got this position over hundreds of other far more qualified applicants. I'd also like to thank all the bulk email providers who have started sending me high quality porn right to my email. Thanks guys! For tomorrow, let's see if we can get a focus on the column. With all the MMORPGs out there, and with plenty on the horizon, what's your favorite, why, and what would you like to see in future MMORPGs?

Andrew "Sometimes I cry for humanity" Duff

And sometimes I cry over a lack of letters

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