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In fact, both of us have significant others that keep Claire and myself restrained from going at it like dogs in heat. Oh, and sheís on the other side of the world and so cute her army of suitors would quickly force me and my fedora into a scorpion pit. So in short, put your pants back on Stu!

 Fangirls are scary.

Andrew-san, konnichi ha!

Heh. You know I LOVE Tales games, but... gosh, they have annoying names! After I saw "Tales of the World 2" but before I saw your description of it, I was wondering, "Does he mean the one whose subtitle ends in a '2' or the one that came second?"


Well, since you're in Japan now, I guess there's no way for you to kick any fellow staff members in the arse, is there? ^_^; Can't you, like, threaten to forward all your spam mail to them until they start paying more attention to the game that made the GCN's weekly system sales out-number those of the PS2? Really, there's twenty pretty FMV screenshots, nine gosh-darn-beautiful summon spirit pictures, and a pic of a fancy memory card... all IGNORED. ;o;

Cyllya, you crazy Tales fangirl you, weíre doing the best we can! But Iíll tell you what, just for you, Iíll propose an idea to the staff Iíve head kicking around in my head that just might work. If it goes through, youíll be sure to jump for joy. ^_^

Yeah... I want Tales of Symphonia. Badly. But the sucker costs like $60 plus shipping to import. And I don't even have a GameCube yet. ;__;


Good luck in trying to pick up those Japanese alphabets by the way. Katakana is the easiest thing EVER if you have games to aid you. *is working on kanji, grammar, and obscure styles of conjugating verbs*


Thanks. We actually just finished hirigana this week, and next week weíll be learning all of katakana. Frankly, at the speed weíre going and with the full immersion Iím getting from the society, Iím learning the stuff pretty durn well, if I do say so myself.

 Someday? Bah! Nowday!

Ohayou gozaimasu Andrew... I hope thats right anyway, if not I ment to say good morning. My japanese is limited to what I learned from animes and games. Anyway I had a question about martial arts over there. Have you been to any dojos or anything for martial arts especaily any dealing with kendo or iado and what are they like if you have? And how much japanese do you know, are you still learning it or do you have quite abit of experiance with it? Aside from that I don't have any specific questions but any thing useful about how japan works would be great, I some day plan to go there.


My Japanese was, until I got here 3 weeks ago, as good as yours, Rache. I havenít been to any dojos or training halls, but the martial arts clubs at school practice 6 days a week for 4 hours, which is completely out of my time range. ^_^;; Maybe next semester. Specifics, eh? Well, Japanese men donít wear shorts, and Japanese women usually wear longish skirts, which is something to bear in mind while packing, so you donít end up with a bunch of unwearable clothes.

 Donít make me use the bell on you, old woman!

Hi, Andrew! Having fun over in the future? You weren't getting any letters so I thought I'd write, but I don't have anything really relevant to say. But then, who does?

The Bible, Gandhi, and apparently the Terminator thinks he does.

I visited Japan during the hot, horrible weather as well. My sympathies.
I must have missed the "Andrew is going to study in Japan, mwahaha" notice, so where are you staying, exactely? Any particular city I might recognize the name of? Are you near the Sony Building? You can play Playstation for free there.

Iím attending Kansai Gaidai, which is in the lovely city of Hirakata. I havenít seen the Sony Building yet, but Taito, makers of the Lufia series and Bubble Bobble, are literally a 5 minute bike ride from my house. =D

I should ask an RPG question, huh... uh, anything Japan release only that you've bought and was good or you wanted to buy? (I avoided buying such things because I can't read Japanese...) Have you even had time to play anything?

Yeah, I picked up Tales of the World 2, which I canít read and die frequently in. I really donít have much time to play games, which sucks, because one of the Seminar Houses has Crystal Chronicles begging me to play. I love/hate you Japan!

I hope you're kind enough to use the bell on your bicycle. I can't count the number of times I almost got mowed down by some crazy cyclist. Do you think the japanese have some sort of chi power sense that allows them to avoid this?

So THATíS what the bell is for! I thought it was purely for show, like politicians. And are you nuts? Iíve seen people plowed down by cyclists every day since I got here, bell or no bell!


Greetings once more, sojourning bunny!

I'm rather enjoying your description of Japan. It sounds like a haven of dorkness and cheap tentacle hentei- which is why I'll probably never go there.

Anyhow, I should ask a question, right?

Despite the fact that I am enjoying two RPGs at the moment (Xenosaga and MMBN3), my idiot brother bought himself Metroid Prime- ANOTHER game I want to play!

Ahh, to be swamped with too many good games and not enough time... you probably feel the same over there...

Every waking second, yes. ;_;

Anyhow, which should I finish first? I'm midway through MMBN3, and I've just got chaos in my party in Xenosaga, while I have yet to try Prime. Any thoughts?


Mentioning okonomiyaki makes me want to read Ranma...

Stop asking me to make stupid choices, Carbuncle. >_<

Just play the one you feel like, itíll all work out in the end. And I hate okonomiyaki. Damn you almost pancake of evil!


Well what's worse..getting a metric ton of the sobig virus, or a metric ton of typical/almost standard "AOL-speakers" going "OMG U SAYD KLOUD WOLDN'T B IN DW8!!! U SUK!!!11" and other equal doses of crap

Well, since I get the daily doses of crap letters regardless of any virus emails currently being spread, Iíd have to say Iíd like to stop getting ďIím going to be out of the officeĒ letters addressed to someone who isnít me. ;_;

Don't know if anyone's done it yet but that immortal quote on the top of RPGamer, "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" is from the itty-bitty-****ty game called Zero Wing. A side scrolling game that reminds me of Galaxian, but better graphics. The music score is pretty much the best thing about that game. Oh yeah, it's tough as hell to beat.

Very good! You get nothing of course, since even my brother knows the quote, but still, thanks for playing, and be sure to try again next time! Ya freak! ^_^

dude, i'm wondering if there is a way to stop a cinema in ff8. my cinemas lag, so I really don't like watching them. is there a way to skip them?

Possibly by fixing your Playstation, dude. Or maybe you should stop playing really old Final Fantasy games and move onto something new. Like Final Fantasy Tactics Advan...oh. Bah!

Is hair able to stand straight up and at disjointed angles in Japan without massive use of hair gel? Like in the anime?

- Feep "I've always wondered"

The answer is yes, Feep. This is because all Japanese ride bikes everywhere they go, and the wind sweeps their hair into impossible shapes. However, when I try it, I usually end up with a birdís nest of locks that has yet to come untangled since I got my bike. ;_;


Someone mentioned in this Q&A column that they'd like to see Metal Gear Solid for the GCN. Good news; both MGS and MGS2 are being remade and repackaged as Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for the aforementioned system. It's due out in November or some such, if memory serves.

Sabin Marcus.

Thanks Marcus, Iím sure this is important to everyone whoís interested in replaying essentially the same games over again on a new system. ^_^

hiiiiii! I'm insane today. and mad that I have to spend all my days in satanic school with my evil, mandatory latin class while you get to spend a year playing video games in Japan!!! *still needs venus and braves*

anyway, I was wondering, are you related to Hillary Duff? cause I keep hearing her INFERNAL song and the radio and couldn't help but wonder. ^^ plus, you have the same last name and all. :P


Venus and Braves is a beautiful looking game, and being able to hold it in my hands in enough to bring tears to my eyes. And yes, Hillary and I married for a brief period of time and she never got rid of the last name. She said sheíd get me back by overthrowing my dreams of column domination, but I showed her! Her and her tv shows, movie, and music!

...I need to be alone for awhile. *sob*

The Final Grumble:

Eep! Just checked my mailbox, and thereís another dozen letters! Looks like tomorrowís column is going to be a bigíun!

Andrew "Japan!" DuffClaire Belton

"ee" is also another way to say "Yes" in Japanese.

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