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Eheh. Iíve made a ton of friends already, including one guy who actually read my columns, which was a pretty surreal experience. Heeeeeeello Cleveland!

 Living the dream!

Mmm...pocky is SOOOO good...and no one sells it in my area..CURSES...

Speaking of the Tales series, what's what? Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Desiny, Tales of Destiny 2 (which, I've been told, is only one of two Tales of Destiny 2's), and soon, Tales of Symphonia. Are these games of the same name in Japan? I doubt ToD2 is. What are all the other Tales games that haven't made it over, since this Tales of the World thingy you mentioned?

Er...most of the games have the same names, but I canít read half the titles because theyíre in kanji. Even then, the title changes arenít that big of a deal, since I can recognize most games by their cover art. Like Rhapsody 2. ;_;

What's the Japanese opinion of America? I understand that due to the X-box and the fact that it's actually doing WELL here may make them hate us, and God knows I don't blame them, but I enjoy being reassured that Japan and the U.S. are at best of terms...if we ever get into another war, half of America's teenagers are going to their side.

Actually, the X-Box here has quite a few games Iíve never heard of, though mostly dating sims. Most Japanese are very polite and would never be mean to a foreigner like me, but the other day, an old woman got up and moved because a friend of mine sat next to her. In a country thatís almost entirely Japanese, the days that I donít attend school mean I donít see another non-Japanese person all day. Itís very odd, especially coming from America, where diversity is so normal.

I envy you. Japan is definitely number 4 on my life goals list. Also included are to run up the steps of the National Art Museum in Philadelphia like Rocky (check!) and get my book published (no check yet! feeponline.com)

- Feep "It's pronounced Mar-SHAY"

You know, there are a couple of self publishing dealies online that you could use to get your book published. Why not give those a try? Just look it up in Google.



I was recently given a copy of ff8 and found the time to play it, while checking out one of the magazines found (Occult Fan III ) It talks about a ring )which I'm guessing is the one Squall has) is there some way to use said ring? or is this just something thats been made up to give you that 'joy of reading' feeling?


I could tell you how to use the ring, JB. Or I could make up some stuff about it blowing up your Playstation. Heck, I could even direct you to RPGamerís FAQ section for Final Fantasy 8. But instead Iím going to leave the choice of what to do up to you, for that ďjoy of choosingĒ feeling. ^_^

Visit a Pokemon Center and give us a detailed account of your experience, please!

-Harold the Wonder Dog

Oh Harold the Wonder Dog, how could I ever refuse a request from you? *swoon*

Entering the Pokemon Center near my school, I noticed some serious tentacle action going on between two pokemon, Nurse Joy and Police Officer Jenny making out, and some unexplainably strange stuff some trainers were doing to each other with pokeballs. Then I realized I wasnít in a Pokemon Center, but the Adult section of a Japanese video store. Realizing this, my face promptly melted off. ;_;

The Final Grumble:

Iíve been getting a metric ton of sobig virus emails every day. Itís kinda creeping me out, but not so much as the lack of letters. Come on everyone! Write in!

Andrew "Ryoko?" DuffClaire Belton

Kawaii, as everyone knows, means "Cute". However, Kowaii means "Scary". DO NOT MIX THESE TWO WHEN TAKING TO ATTRACTIVE SCHOOL GIRLS!

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