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Youíre sick mister. 0_o;;

 Yeah, anal retentive people are creepy.

Hey Andrew,

I am curious, what is the criteria that RPGamer uses to determine what games to cover on the site? This letter was prompted by a headline on the site for Ballerium where it clearly calls the game an MMORTS. So if it is an RTS, then why is it covered here? Does it possess RPG elements. I have often wondered why games like Castlevania, Deus Ex and Chaos Legion get covered (Since they seem more like action games or shooters for Deus EX than RPGs) yet a game like The Bouncer does not. For all intents and purposes, The Bouncer possesses many qualities of an Action RPG. Personally, I would still call it an Action game, but if the lines are blurred by games like Chaos Legion, then maybe The Bouncer should be included as well. For that matter, if Chaos Legion is included, then why not Devil May Cry? It would seem that the deciding factor is not a particular quality of the game, but rather a popularity factor. I don't really think that is a good way of determining what should go on the site. Anyway, just curious what your take on it was, and if you know why some games are included while others are not.



Uh. Okay, you want us to stop covering new games that you might enjoy, like Ballerium, and get more coverage for a really old, barely decent, Square game that was toted as most definitely NOT an RPG. Hmm. Well...tell you what. If in the future, you see any games weíre covering that you disagree should be covered, and bear with me on this, donít read that article. Crazy I know, but you seem like the kind of guy who can handle it. Anyway, Iím glad I could help you with this highly pressing issue.


Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?


Both. Yee God, man! One for home, one for class!

Final Fantasy X-2 won't use a save file from Final Fantasy X, now will it?


Possibly in your fan fiction it will, but in the game itself, no.

Please bring back VHS Inuyasha movie 2. And Strawberry Pocky. Thanks.

P.S. I promise to bring you back a souvenir from Mars when I go there.


Inuyasha...? Oh! That show thatís on TV every night! And the movie? Oh look, there it is! For less then 10 bucks!

Chris, if you ever go to Mars, it will surely be to destroy the world, and all I hold dear. So no deal, you megalomaniac!

The Final Grumble:

Itís good to be back. And from the letters Iíve received, I can see you all enjoyed Ale filling in for me. Iím looking forward to tomorrow, since Iím sure theyíll be tons of anime/video game related questions which I can now answer with first hand experience!

Oh, and of course, questions about Daily Japanese life will be happily answered unless you want to ask about how cheap dirty girlís panties are in vending machines. (700 yen)

Andrew "Gaijin" DuffClaire Belton

Today's Japanese word- "Iie" (E-yay). Means "No" in English.

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