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Most RPGs I purchase Iím relatively happy with to, even if they never get beaten. Kingdom Hearts was my crutch in College when I simply couldnít stand studying anymore and needed a mindless breather. However, I never managed to finish the damn thing, and couldnít care less. My RPG purchases are actually usually based on graphics, as silly as that sounds. Iíve found that I tend to enjoy games with a more cartoonish/animeish style then those with more realistic styles. Of course, Diablo 2 is a huge exception to that rule, but I like my RPGs light hearted. This is mainly because itís easier for me swallow a nonsensical plot if the game looks wacky. When my room mate was fighting his way through Summoner 1 and 2, I couldnít help laughing at the absurdity the game, which I realized was based on itís rather boring graphics.

 The Power Of God Almighty Commands You To Go Forth And Kick Ass!


(Perhaps someone already had this idea...it is quitepossible because I just don't see how I came up withit)

I have had the perfect idea for an RPG. A game baseddirectly from the Bible. Ignore the sacreligiousaspect for a moment. Think about it. There could be akiller movie scene of Moses parting the red sea andsome really cool fight scenes between Romans.And you gain levels by spreading the word of God.Until Jesus comes along. Then you follow him aroundand do his work. Revelations could be the final level,fighting with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Hey, /I/ thought it was cool.

Lesley Diane

Haha! Iíve love to play a game like that. Actually reading the Bible is a blast, since thereís so much evil, sin, and general human failure in every story. Iíd love to see the Christian groups struggle deciding whether to support the game or to condemn it hell for making part of the gameplay based on ďSong of SongsĒ. Bwhahaha!

Oh, and using Revelationís literal meaning instead of the garbled crap the popular media depicts it as would be a great way to demystify a very odd book in the Bible. Hmm hmm hmm...

 A blast from the past!

I was playing the second disc of final fantasy 7 and was having a problem while on board Cid's rocket. After getting the materia we then entered the escape pod and took off. The screen shows Cid looking out the window at space and has him making three comments. Then you see the ship go by and from there it seems to freeze and we just the same pattern of empty space, green dots, and the ship passing by over and over. Its a fairly new disc and I've either had it in the case or in the playstation so im not sure whats going on. Did I miss something, or is it just freezing up. Also, is there any way to skip that part completely. I ask that cause supposedly you don't have to have all the huge materia to finish the game. Well I was just wanted to know if there was anything I could do and if not I'll just buy a new one.


Ah, this is what Q&A used to be all about. Helping out a fellow gamer with an unexplainable problem that requires expert knowledge to be fix.

Reliable staff room gossip says you probably have a scratched disk, which if this it the case, means you could either go out and buy a disk polisher to fix it or a new copy of Final Fantasy 7. Ironically, the new copy of Final Fantasy 7 will probably be cheaper, but if youíre the type to rough handle your games, you should probably just pick up the polisher and be done with it.

 Like shooting fish with a space cannon.

What makes me buy an RPG?

I'm ashamed to say it but...hype. If the TV commercials look really cool or the media's previewssound really cool or the FMV is really purty...

Bah! I'm so ashamed. That's how I got sucked into buying Xenosaga!

On the other hand, I bought Wild ARMs on a recommendation and it was great! So actually, otherpeoples' opinions also play an important factor.

I got Xenosaga because I was so sure Iíd dislike it, and a fan of the series set out to change my mind. Ironically enough, he did. I donít loath the series nearly as much as I used to.

Wild Arms was my very first Playstation game, and I loved it. Those bobble headed were the wave of the future!

 The new Thor in town. Bah, I miss the original sexy pants.

Hi, Rabbit.

I can tell you a game, that I was tricked into buying... FFIX ( You all hate me now. ) Those darn previews. Many of them said, it was going to be the greatest FF yet. While I did not believe that, I thought that it had to be good. They would say something like.. " This looks like one of the greatest FF yet"

Or. " It looks like they have taken this game back to the roots, walking away from the sci-fi style of past games, and taking on a more fantasy/medieval look " So, I went out and bought it.Argh! Why? What is with these previews? Acting like they played and beat the game already! The game was pretty much a failed attempt to re-create the games of the early series, or something to that extent... With a mediocre storyline, and a last boss that repeats a line that Yoda says in Star Wars? " Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate." And so on. While you all may disagree, ( and like I said, hate me ) this is something I, myself, was tricked into buying! Damn those previews!

P.S. How can someone say they hated the guest hosts?? I loved 'em! bring em back more often!

-Thor "Kirschwasser anyone?"

The segment of readers who hate Final Fantasy 9 is baffling to me. I happened to enjoy the game immensely, and found the ending heart-wrenchingly good. While Iíll admit it didnít live up to earlier games, it was positively a breath of fresh air compared to the pile of crap that was Final Fantasy 8. As for the guests hosts, hopefully youíll be seeing another odd assortment of them later this month when I leave for Japan myself, only for me, itíll should be a 9 month trip. Hooray!


What's compelling me to buy the next RPG?

Two words: devil penguins.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, September 2003. Be there.


YES. Did I mention they explode when you throw them, have fanny packs with combat knifes inside, and scary pointed teeth?! DID I!? HUH?!

Good sir,

I do believe you need medical assistance, for your swooning has become quite frequent.

I saw our resident staff doctor, and he assured me that there isnít anything wrong with a good swoon now and then, as long as I donít do it at the top of any stairs.

The Final Grumble:

Argh, Iíve got a batch of letters left that are all basically the same thing. ďI bought game A, hereís why.Ē You people need to be more creative, or at least start telling engaging stories about your game purchases. -_-;;

Andrew "Caaaaaaandy!" DuffClaire Belton


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