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Well, it is an interesting idea to be certain, but would the point be?

Perhaps the hero is an adventurer out to see the edges of the world, only to find out there’s a whole lot more to the world then he thought, though a cube world really wouldn’t be needed for such a story. I do like the idea of a “dark” and “light” side of the planet, since it would encourage some seriously messed up creatures and architecture. Of course, you could do the same thing with a pancake world too. More important though, Vae, you’ve brought up the important point that worlds in video games don’t need to conform to silly things like gravity or for that matter, sensibility. Hooray for the worlds inside melting ice cream cones!

 Blowing up planets for exp!

Ok, so it's not quite RPG, but I've always wanted to make a game that was hugely expansive. Lately, my ruminations have tended towards writing a game where the AI (typically very low relativeprocessing-time) is the major CPU sucker of the game. But my thought is to make a game that's on the level of, say, Master of Orion, where you are managing star systems. But, if you wanted to, you could bust out with a little Civilization and interact on the planetary scale with the planets, or you could leave it to the AI, and only interact with them, when something important was happening on the planet. Then, even further, if you felt the need, you could interact with cities a laSimCity, or (Again) let the AI handle it. And then, even further, you could have parties of adventurers running all over the land doing stuff to make things happier within their scope of influence (which might involve going to other planets and stuff).

A corollary to this idea, was to have an MMORPG that did the same thing. You signed up to be a player on one (or more, if you had more than one account) of the levels, and you played in relation to all the other players. i.e., all the galactic-level players are competing, and have to parcel out different planets to the planet-level players that are on their team, and their success on the galactic level is dependant on the success of the planet-level players, and again the same sort ofrelationship between the planet and city level players. And then you've got the odd-ball adventurers who could just as easily elevate the city they like to be a huge center for whatever, or they could decimate an opponents city, or they could protect their nation from marauding monsters, making the city/planet/galaxy that much more profitable.

I'm thinking, at the moment, that it'd require way more teamwork and interdependency than people are willing to engage in on a large-scale online game.

Well, I’ve heard of a few games out there that have attempted such an ambitious project, but certainly none that have pulled it off to a satisfactory level. It’d certainly be a huge kick to play, though I can see problems springing up regarding more players attempting to manage star systems, and not enough on the planet’s varied terrains. In short, it is a cool idea, but I doubt we’ll be seeing it in any sort of enjoyable form for a long time.

 Bafflingly bad.

Hey Andrew,

I have an idea which, I believe, will make you go o_0, if not altogether o_O.

The first is an idea for a FFTactics-style game, but with awesome FMV cutscenes. The twist is that it takes place in the present day, with jobs that are real jobs. For example, the "Street Bum" starting class branches out into "Panhandler" and "Street Musician," the latter of which opens up "Rapper" and "Rock Star." All kinds of weirdos would join you on your quest, nuns and mounties and businessmen and professional athletes, and magical creatures like faeries, but with bazookas.As for the actual quest? It all starts when aliens crash-land in your back yard and take out your deck. You try to communicate with the aliens, but it turns out they only speak French. So your first battle is at the library, where you must battle high school students for the last remaining French-to-English dictionary. Then, the next day, you go to the office where you work and are trying to get your friends to believe you about the aliens, so you can get their input on what to do, when ninjas attack! They come down through the air vents, but you get some help from one of the aliens, who secretly followed you to work. Much of the game revolves around keeping the aliens a secret, and for the climax, you must hijack a space shuttle launch so the aliens can return to their home planet and get out of your hair.

One idea for an FMV: you're driving down the highway with a van full of aliens--the little guys look like your stereotypical greys, except neon green. They're getting a little out of control, actually rocking the van back and forth, and a police car behind you notices the van swaying. They give chase and pull you over, and you're trying to keep the aliens under control and out of sight while the officer writes you a ticket. For instance, as he's looking down to write the ticket, an alien pops up to see what he's doing; you push the alien's head down and shove it under the seat just in time. A bunch of French babble erupts from the back of the van, and you try to explain it away as the radio. That kind of thing.

My brother David and I came up with this idea together, back in the day when we aspired to become game designers.

-Jackson Ferrell

Well, it isn’t too awful an idea for a book, but in game form, this would be a complete mess. How the heck would a frantic kid with an alien problem manage to recruit nuns, bazooka toting fairies, or mounties? More importantly, what could they possibly add to a story that basically a slap-stick comedy about aliens and a deranged high schooler who beats up kids at libraries? Sorry Jackson, you get an F. See me after class.

 In a world of chaos, only the hairstylist ninjas can save us!

Hey Andrew,

I have an idea for a job system that allows you to get money and scrap the old 'get money from dead monsters' concept. It goes like this...It has realistic jobs of a modern society (i.e. doctor, lawyer, construction worker, chef, etc.) Doing the jobs earns you money between your perilous adventures/duking it out with evil villains and the like. Different jobs pay different and pay depending on how well you do them. Jobs also help you by improving stats. If your doing physical labor your strength and constitution go up a doctor would have improved intelligence and dexterity, a chef could have dexterity and get invites to cater parties in places where other jobs never go to (for various stuff). There could even be a line of criminal jobs (thieve, hitman, crime lord, etc.) You could even go between two job lines, like a criminal that uses a cover as a cook to steal from mansions where their catering.

Of course you can't just have any job you want. Some jobs have to be earned by going to college, passing tests, being strong enough or evil enough, or working other jobs. And if you do a bad job, you can even be fired and never able to work that job line again or killed in an accident or an 'accident' if you know what i mean.

Some jobs have different work schedules, some you have to be there at certain times, some your on call for, some you make your own hours, and some you have optional hours. But all of that can affect how fast you progress to a better job and how much money your make and how much stat benefits you get.

Each job would have it's own side quests and you could find yourself in rather interesting situations. Say you're a veteranarian and your called to the farm to deliver an animal or maybe you'll find yourself having to stick your arm up a bull's...you get the picture, but at least it isn't real right? Or you could be a lawyer going to court against a major company with the potential to earn enough money to last the entire game in one fell swoop.

Just think of the replay value a game could have with this kind of system. You could even have different stories for your character depending on what job they decide to go into. Well, that's about the jist of it. I don't want to get too detailed since that would take forever and just get boring as hell. I hope it wasn't boring though. So what do you think? Does it sound like the basis of a good job system?

Later Duff


It’s certainly an interesting concept, but, and I’m sure you already know this, impossible. A game that offered so many job options would take far too long to create, or wouldn’t do all the job positions justice. Even your example of a caterer thief could be a game in and of itself. Now, if you chose to create a modern day tactical RPG akin to Final Fantasy Tactics with this variety of character classes while still focusing on the main story instead of the inherent story possibilities, a game with this job system could be done. Granted, such a game would be ludicrously weird, but that only means I’d be the first in line to buy it.

 Run for it, the evil warlord has fanboys!

Greetings,Yess...I've heard of this thing called...opinions...somewhere.

Seriously though, for someone who seems to hate it enough, you seem awfully vague as to your reason why. And it just clashs so much with my own personal experience, so to me its pretty difficult to understand. I've played Skies, and beat the game three times, and each time I've played it, I've loved it. The only thing I could possibly ask for out of it is maybe a small decrease in encounters, and maybe an increase in xp per encounter given, but I don't think you mentioned that.


Actually, I recently had a chat about the game in the staff channel, where Google and former staff member Rico went to great lengths to prove to me that Skies of Arcadia doesn’t have many random encounters. However, the random encounters it does have blowth majorly. Too many weak enemies, too little exp and money gained from each battle and let’s face it, Andrew; games that focus on exploration shouldn’t have random battles on the world map in the first place.

I disliked the scope of Arcadia’s world, limiting me to a certain section of the sky instead of giving me more to explore. I grew to hate the characters, who I found boring and mildly depressing in their optimism. I could go deeper, but I’m trying to block the game from my memory. If you like the game, good for you. Google loves it, so you two can hang out and talk about how wonderful it was and cuddle or whatever.


To the +8 Rabbit of Sarcasm:

Ever played the card game Munchkin? It's an interesting parody of D&D, and can get out of hand quickly... but that's what makes it fun.

Anyhow, wouldn't a video game parody of pencil and paper games be hilarious? Imagine: you design ridiculous min/maxed characters, then head into a dungeon. This is where it gets fun: a cutscene occurs, and your DM starts arguing with you (as do other players) regarding the "fairness" of your character.

Even better, other players may spontaneously change your character, even in the midst of battle, while making asinine comments about "attacking the darkness", and the like. However, you can do the same to them, causing arcane chaos! All in the name of great gaming...

While such a game isn't exactly feasible, it's still funny to imagine. Sigh.


Magic missles are fun....

1. Haven’t played Munchkin, though I have heard good things about. I’m afraid my time for pen and paper RPGs is somewhat limited, unfortunately because my friends are mysteriously suspicious of D&D style games in general. *sigh*

2. That’s an excellent idea for an RPG. ^_^

Too bad you’re right, and such a game would be impossible. Well, it could be done, but the market of people buying it would be too small even if was a fantastic game, and the chances of it being a miserable screw up are high. *sob*

 Hey big hero man, need a massage? *wink*


In a modern style game, there are usually doctor-style characters who patch up other characters' knife cuts and bullet holes. However, when a person suffers some sort of physical trauma of such a violent nature, it is almost expected that their bodies need to be given special attention to recuperateto full strength again. Ergo, I think that these games need a new character class to fulfill such a need: Physical Therapist. Their skill set would be called "Holistic Magic." Shattered hip bone? The Physical Therapist can help you to walk again. Painful scar tissue? The Physical Therapist canmassage you back to physical and mental relaxation and wellness. It's been proven that when we are relaxed, we function better as a whole. And who doesn't get tense and worked up after slaughtering thousands upon thousands of insignificant lackeys? I know I always need a good back rub every three thousand kills. So there is my idea for a new character archetype; maybe someone with a better sense of commitment will do something with it and put it in their game, possibly using the resources at the Hamster Republic.


That’s pretty up there on the messed up scale, Walo. Still, I have to give you props for openingly admitting you slaughter people by the thousands but also like the occasional pampering session. Tell you what, me and you, we’re going to a spa. We can discuss your character class idea between our mud baths and manicures. My cuticles are our of control, frankly, and I’m sure you have some tips on wiping out the populations of small countries without anyone catching on, yes?

 Another funny story about DEATH. (Final Fantasy 7 spoilers?!)


"I have heard from a friend that in FFVII that you could actually save Aeris from Sepiroth...his reason being that the programers never put in the code to allow you to do that when she was killed...or...COULD have been killed. I highly doubt this is true...but I was just wondering. Thanks.. "
"You can't save Aeris, obviously, but I don't know for sure if this was the original intention of the designers. Who knows? Maybe one day, while FF7 was still in the works, Sakaguchi called up one of his lackeys, and said, "Hey, let's kill off Aeris for good."

That last bit is pretty close to what actually happened, but with the wrong name. From Gek Siong Low:
In a book “Final Fantasy VII Kaitai Shinsho”, Nomura was quoted, “Actually, we only had Aerith at the beginning, and Tifa did not exist. But on a Sunday evening, I phoned the director Mr. Kitase and suggested 'Let's kill Aerith and put in Tifa' (laughs). So now we have two heroines, and we have an event where one of them dies."

Yes, the truth can sometimes be cruel. There was obviously no intention on the part of Nomura to resurrect Aeris later. It was definitely not something that was left out of the game due to time and space constraints.

--Seán Peters

*sob* I hate you Square!

Seriously though. If Aeris had come back, it would have completely ruined the game. I like a happy ending as much as the next guy, but Aeries died, we all cried, and it brought about a new era in video game storytelling. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

No one loves this kid, not even Jesus. ;_;

Okay, this is my idea for a great game that I know everyone will want to play. The entire idea of the game is to...get this...EAT CAKE! Yeah, a game about eating cake! Only, it's not just any old cake. It's rabid cake! See, in this world, desserts are wild creatures. So, while you're searching for the elusive and deadly rabid cake...lets make it a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting...yeah. While searching for it you have to watch out for packs of vicious doughnuts. And the world...it's like...Candyland! So, the deadly desserts would show up in appropriate areas. If you went into the taffy swamp, you'd have to watch out for candy apples. The candy cane forest would be full of...of...Altoids! Yeah, this is a great idea! Unfortunately, I'm just a story guy, I could never create something like this. So, we're stuck with our non cake eating heroes who are out to simply save the world. Bah! Give me cake over the world any day.

Jamie "Take half-conscious thoughts, add visiting family for a week in a different state, plus being forced to watch nothing but those stupid court shows like Judge Judy and Divorce Court, stir in no cartoons...at all! and you get this idea that just goes to show that my brain is starting to rebel..." Harper >8^()

Ugh. You’re not a story guy, you’re an idiot. A game where you hunt down a cake? I mean, yeech. Just by printing this letter I’m going to get dozens of letters of people mocking you and making snide comments about your mental abilities. Besides, why would someone hunt down a cake with rabies? Eating it would kill you! Besides, if all deserts had teeth, eyes, and all the other vital organs needed to live, I wouldn’t want to eat them anyway. *barf*

 Because Square hates us.

Hey there, rabbit. I got some questions for you.

1) I know this is a really late subject to comment on, but back on those topics of monsters in RPGs, and how they conventionally get harder as the hero advances into the game. There is a game that never saw the light of a non-Japanese release yet had that problem explained in game terms, at least for some time: Seiken Densetsu 3. There is a moment halfway through the game where you must fight 7 God Beasts (powerful creatures that rule over different elements), and you can select the order in which you fight them. However, the faerie that guides your party through the game warns you that you must defeat them quickly because they get more and more powerful as time passes by. And that reflects on the monsters that spawn on the areas which you go to fight those God Beasts: if you decide to defeat the fire God Beast first, for example, the volcano that he defends will have average level monsters. After you defeat him, the faerie warns you to hurry once again. Then, after you move to the next area (say, the Water God Beast), the water enemies that spawn there will be two levels higher than the fire ones you fought previously. And that keeps happening until you beat all of the Beasts. Sorry if this was long, late, and not even a question, but I just though I should comment on that since it's a smart solution in my view, and actually explains why the monsters start easy and get harder.

2) Still on Seiken Densetsu 3, and still on the monsters topic, another point that you mentioned was how monsters can drop strange stuff (slimes dropping Gothic Full Plate Armors and such). Well, this brilliant game also has a solution to this: most of the item drops that you get from monsters are actual part of those monsters. You defeat a Grell, you get some Grell Oil. You defeat a Sahagin, you get a Sahagin Scale. You defeat a Kerberos, you get a Kerberos Claw. Those items are all items that you can use in battle to cast different spells (attack spells, max HP lowering effects, stat ups/downs, put elemental attributes on your weapons, etc). Sometimes the monsters also drop illogical stuff like healing items (chocolate and herbs) and some spell-casting statues, but nothing is perfect (although this game gets close to it in this aspect).

3) To finish that topic, WHY OH WHY CAN'T SQUARE ENIX BE SMART AN REALIZE THAT SEIKEN DENSETSU 3 WOULD BE AN EXCELLENT GAME TO LOCALIZE AND PORT TO THE GBA??? I'm 99% sure that it would be profitable. This game has a huge fanbase that plays the translated SNES ROM. Imagine if they released it in the GBA correcting all of the bugs (those are a lot) and doing a legit translation? Maybe even adding one or two new features? Damn.

4) Duff, you're one of the best Q&A hosts on this site. But I also loved Kamikaze, Alethea and Heath. Are they returning anytime soon?

5) Does the RPGamer staff consist entirely of people who live in North America? If yes, do you plan to change that? Won't someone who doesn't live in the US or in Canada ever be able to work on this site?

Thanks for your time.

- Moriya

1-2-3. Yes, Seiken Densetsu 3 was a most excellent game that everyone who has played enjoyed, and it brought a number of great ideas to the table, also blah blah blahditty blah blah. Square hates you, your dog, and my lava lamp. It will only port SD3 over when it has no other choice financially, or we storm their headquarters and firmly tell them they have to stop making games like Unlimited Saga. *sigh*

4. Well, I’m surprised you didn’t enjoy Tadrith and Viper’s column, but yes, hopefully they’ll be making appearances sometime soon. Kami will be guest hosting Monday, and we’ve got a whole slew of staff members clamoring for the other days, so look forward to it! BANZAI!

5. As for right now, the staff seems to be all Canadian and United Statesian. However, I’ve been informed that we have in the past had staff from Europe, Australia, and Brad Lohr’s monkey army’s case, Antarctica.

 Honestly officer, I couldn’t even find Vietnam on a map!

Duff comma Andrew colon

During the week, several letters were posted in the column regarding Squall's gunblade, what it does, how it works, how cool it is, etc.

But nobody seems to realize (and correct me if Im wrong) that Squall NEVER uses his sword as a firearm in any way! It never shoots bullets, magic, or anything, thus suggesting that the "gun" part of the sword is purely for show.

I played through all of FF8, but did I just miss the "Squall shoots stuff with his gunblade" minigame?

Just wanted to get that off my chest


ASV sezs- When you press the l-1 trigger to inflict an actual amount of damage he uses the gun portion. And in all his limit breaks, for all practicality. About the only time he doesn't use the gun part of it is during 'story' sequences. Then we have Irvine to do it.

Andrew says- Yes, Irvine does it. Badly. >_<

So in other words; you’re stupid VB. Thanks for playing! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

 Tasty ideas!

I had a couple ideas for games, so I'll tell about them quickly. I wish I knew how to program...

1) I thought it would be interesting to have an MMORPG with no NPCs at all. Normal players could get a job such as shopkeeper or blacksmith where they could leave the game but their character would still be working. The player would not be able to take the items he or she sells, but would make money from the job.As the player became more well-known and richer, their Social Status rating would increase. As they fought monsters and other players their Combat Experience rating would increase. Certain jobs would require different amounts of experience in order for the player to apply. When a player got powerful enough they could become a Nobleman, and maybe even start their own kingdom. Then players could build new towns and swear allegience to the new king.More of the action element of the game would be wars between kingdoms as opposed to players just roaming the world killing stuff. However, if the company wanted to introduce a major plot event (i.e. a demonic invasion) they would have some of their employees create special demon characters, then they would load the demon's cities into the game world, and the demon characters could do their job and run the plot events, almost like a DM in a pen and paper game.Ideally, the only NPCs would be monsters that weren't directly attached to plot events.

2) I am working on a PnP system called Dreamscape. The main premise of this system is that when people dream, they aren't simply seeing a mix of memories and thoughts from the day. Instead their spirit has travelled to a strange, constantly-morphing labyrinth of twisted dimensions known as the Dreamscape. This world, instead of being subject to the laws of physics, is created and affected be the collective subconcious of all the people dreaming.In this system, a player would control two PCs. One character would be a human of the modern age. They might be a student, a white-collar worker, a kid, or maybe the President. Half the action of the game would take place in the real world, and the other half in the dreamscape. The dream character might change every time the player enters the dreamscape. As the player gains experience, he or she will learn how to better control dreams, and be able to influence the dreamscape, almost like magic. A powerful dreamer could create their own separate dimension and control the laws that govern it.

Lastly, events in the real world might have repercussions in the dreamscape. If a lot of people are having nightmares, the dreamscape would twist into a hellish world. Powerful players could even locate individual people through the dreamscape, then later go their in the real world.

Anyway, those are my ideas. I hope you enjoy them.


1. It’s a very good idea, but it would require a large sensible player base, and constant supervision to run smoothly. I’d love to part of such a world though, ruling over my peasants with an iron fist. Teehee!

Actually, a game like that is coming out, Lineage II. I had a chance to sit down with the creators at E3, and while it won’t be completely player run, it does have a lot of the stuff you asked for, like player’s being able to take over cities, and levy taxes! Hahaha! Evil!

2. I find dream topics fascinating myself, and your idea does sound decently interesting. Good luck!

 There are no words. 0_o;;

Hey, it's the Bunny-boy again.

I need to vent my current frustrations about the view everyone has about Xenosaga and Xenogears, and I feel that the best place to do so is in YOUR Q&A column. Besides, this way, I can glare at Heath as well. *glares at Heath*

Heath has foolishly claimed the preconceived notion that many people have about Xenosaga: it is the prequel to Xenogears, and therefore Episode 5 will be a remake. HE also claimed the characters would not change in Xenosaga until after Episode 4. I would like to point out all the problems with this so-called theory.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

1.) Xenogears Perfect Works described Episodes 1 and 2 of the Xenogears saga as Abel's story. Therefore, by that logic, unless Abel, who only briely appeared in Xenosaga Episode 1, becomes the hero of Episode 2, this arguement is faulty.

2.) Based on the amount of territory covered in Episode 1 (a little bit of space and not a single planet), it seems unlikely that we will finish the story involving KOS-MOS until much later, namely Episode 6. Not only do we need to explain a great deal more about the URTVs, MOMO, and the Gnosis, but the storyline involving the Zophar, Old Miltia and U-DO could take ages to complete. Episode 2 could very easily take place entirely on Second Miltia.

3.) Tetsuya Takahashi SAYS it's a different, only SLIGHTLY related story arc, so GET OVER IT, PEOPLE!!!!!!

Phew, I feel better now. thanks for giving me a place to rant.

*Glares at Heath some more.*

~Himizujin Eternia

Hey Mister, has anyone told you you’re scary?


Hail, almighty Duff -

Just to comment on Alethea's remark, "One really cool weapon I'd like to see is firecrackers. Not those pansy Black Cats. I'm talking powerful stuff. That would certainly be interesting."

Hmm....the only thing I can think of is the scientist-kid in Earthbound. Getting to launch bottle-rockets at grizzly bears and U.F.O.'s was pure bliss....

As far as my question, I wanted to know your honest opinion on Disgaea (sp?) coming up for PS2. I started to get really psyched up about it, but then I remembered hyping up Hoshigami and subsequently getting kicked in the face by it's god-awfulness. I'm wondering if my excitement is justified or not, because I really want that damn game to be good! Thanks a lot


Yes, Earthbound was an amazing experience. A game that well designed and entertaining doesn’t come along often enough. Damn it! Now I’ve got a craving for a certain monkey created flavor of yogurt...

Disgaea- I loved what I played. The dialogue was sharp and witty, the characters interesting and quirky, and the battle set up interesting and fun to play. I am most definitely picking up Disgaea when it comes out. Oh, and Etna is a babe muffin. Mmm...babe muffin!

 Oh God, it hurts! >_<

Well I am mailing in for the third time, though now with a new host. Hi, Ihave heard good things about your rule. Well, I wanted to ask something. Yousee, I am constantly hearing people saying how they've played the FifthEpisode of Xenosaga. They know what will happen because they've playedXenogears. But I was under the impression that it was officially announced,many, many times, that Xenosaga is not related to Xenogears. They are of adifferent series. Please clear this up. Do some research if you have to,tell the people the truth cause this is really starting to annoy the heckout of me. Besides that, I wish you a happy return, and I hope your just asgood as the last group, though I could probably just look in the archives tosee how good you are, I am to lazy.

From WingcommanderIV

Oy. Look Wingy, Xenosaga is Episode one, Xenogears is Episode 5 in the same series, though it will eventually be remade. You are mistaken, under the wrong impression, and also should have done this “research” yourself. They are not from different series, and there are connections between the two, as hundreds of fan boys have pointed out on their dorky little fan sites. Consider this your one and only warning for sending in blindingly stupid questions. ^_^

 I don’t have a nice?!

1.What do you think of the new models for Xenosaga? Personally, I wish they would've just stuck with the same ones, or just made them not as polygonal. Shion changed so much its very unrealistic, Kos-mos on the other hand looks like some lady in her mid-of-life crisis. I personally loved the anime like graphics of the first Xenosaga, since the plots much along the lines of an anime. You would have thought that Namco would've taken a look at the multiple complaints of the character changes in Final Fantasy X2 , which are even more unrealistic then Xenosaga's changes I might add. Even if all the fanboys are probably still drooling in front of Rikku and Yuna, it's not exactly the same for the ladies...

2. What is the absolute worst thing you've ever done to your games/gaming supplies? I've had quite a few... "accidents" the worst probably in being throwing my gamecube into my pool. Mario Sunshine is haunted I tell you haunted! Oh and...I guess another one as bad was playing frisbee with Wild Arms 2...but that’s neither here nor there.

MitsunesHatz~ One grope equals one month of helping me with homework

1. Mweh. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the graphics in Episode 1 either. If you’ve got such a problem with them, fight the power and boycott the game. Though I somehow doubt you’ll have the will power to do that.

2. Well, I had quite the throwing problem with my old SNES controllers, until I finally learned my lesson when one of them bounced back and nearly took out an eye. Recently, I’ve been going through DDR pads like nobodies business, which is very annoying, though luckily my little brother is usually stuck with the bill. Mwhahaha.


Elf Only Inn

'Tis a great comic...I think I've mentioned it before...Heh..


This comic brings back so many horrible memories of my early days roleplaying in AOL chat rooms. 0_o;;

*squeals* aww Andrew you were so cute wen u were a kid! ;-)

anyways, I was just wondering, who is the ugliest person you ever saw in an RPG? they dont even have to be a main character, just some guy/girl/thing that was so ugly it makes that lovely picture of Michael Jackson that Buttercup posted yesterday look good.

Tess ^^

I wondered why Ale signed offline right after posting her column. Now I know why. >_<

As for handing out the uglies, Rico from Xenogears got most of them.

If you only had enough financial resources to afford one RPG for the PS2 that came/is coming out this year, which one would it be?


If you're asking for my advice, it doesn't matter.

The Final Grumble:

Well, so far there have been a few decently bizarrely great ideas. Come on ladies, I know you can get wackier then this!

EDIT- Oh poopinheimer. I’m being dragged off for a weekend at my families summer house. Talk about last minute craziness. >_<

Lord Brian and TRC have both jumped in to guest host for me tomorrow, and because they’re both overcompensating megalomaniacs, they asked for to give them separate email links so they can see which ones of them is more popular. So go on readers! Send’em letters that nickpick about old games and complain about the arbitrary!

Andrew "Too sexy!" DuffClaire Belton

Google isn't going to be happy when he sees how well the guest hosts are going over...

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