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Now this is the kind of letter that makes my day. While I have already read most of the comics on your list, a few of the new ones have had their archives abused and ďThe TenKay CommotionĒ has gained a place on my favorites list. Hey, I know this is an odd question, but in my search for webcomics, Iím usually reduced to searching through Top 100 lists and the Links page from other webcomics. Are there any Webcomic review sites out there? You know, a full listing of great comics, with multiple reviews, pictures, and constantly updated story synopsis? Maybe even extra ratings like how reliable the updates are? Perhaps organizing things is a pipe dream in this day and age, though. *sigh*

 Must resist urge to gun down the innocent!

You know what I wanna see?

That reputation meter idea got me thinking, I want to see a light gun game with one. What I mean is that you can shoot a random pedestrian in a light gun game, and it makes no difference, you lose an extra life, but so what? I'd like to see one where your ethics as a gunfighter affect the story and the gameplay. A dead civillian would be like a stain on your career.

So let's say you're in a crowded restaurant and the badguys start shooting, do you just shoot wildly, risking hitting innocent bystanders, or wait for the perfect shot? Or if a badguy takes a hostage, you can either shoot him through the hostage, or risk the guy getting away. Or let's say you're undercover, suddenly a firefight breaks out, other cops who don't know you're undercover are shooting at you. Do you return fire, or maybe just shoot out some kneecaps?

Maybe a better setting for a game with morality gameplay would be Vietnam. I was pretty disapointed that the first Vietnam war game was an action game. I'd like to see, or make, a Vietnam game that has you trying to survive a VC POW camp. Then again, that's kinda what the mini games in the Kirby games are. All the games Kirby plays are so fatalistic, such as hot potato with a live bomb, or samurai quick draw, and my favorite, Kirby's Russian Roulette Funtime.


I think itíd be pretty cool to play a relatively deep light gun in the first place. Donít get me wrong, nothing beats blasting your way through zombies, but itíd be pretty cool if there was a light gun that was aimed at the console, instead of the arcade, so it could actually have some substance. Iím talking multiple weapons, exploration, and, dare I say it, shops.

Morality games would work best if they were quick-action, Gilbert. When people have too long to think over their choices, theyíll usually pick the morally correct one, which wouldnít be the point. The point would be to see if the player would attempt to shoot the hostage to get the bad guy or blow his chance in an attempt to protect the innocent.

 Weíre watching you...

Last time I wrote I intended to send you a link to a study someone did on where spammers get their email addresses from. I think I sent you the wrong link. Here's the right one:


Also, judging from what I've read in your columns on where you would like to see RPGs go, I think you would REALLY like Planescape: Torment. It does lots of the things you want; you actually have to _role play_ your character. Want something? The game gives you the dialog option "(truth) If you don't give me that ring, I'll kill you." And then you can actually kill them. If you're looking for a long, involved story then I can't recommend Planescape: Torment enough...it probably gets my vote for best RPG ever.

A very interesting link. Makes me wish I had become a psychology major just to spend my work hours on stuff like that. However, as easy as spam is supposed to get if your email is very public, I still get more spam for my home address then my @rpgamer one, which seems to undermine a lot of the articleís claims.

And youíre but one of the many readers who have suggested a slew of PC RPG games for me to try. Canít...decide...

 Depends on your definitions. Your definitions of love!


I just picked up Xenosaga and have been poking around the web about it. I knew before that there were supposed to be 6 games in the series but after playing a little through Xenosaga it made me wonder: How in the hell will they ever do that? So I ask this:

Has there ever been a successful episodal RPG game series? Not the Final Fantasies where the game are totally different but like Xenosaga or Shenmue where you have a continuing metaplot designed not to be finished until the last game? And does anyone really think we're going to see all 6 Xenosaga episodes? Especially in North America?

The biggest hurdle other than selling enough copies of Xenosaga 1 and 2 to justify making #3 is platform change. Obviously even if it takes only 1 year to make each Xenosaga game they're going to outlive the PS2. If they DO finish it up, will it be on a PS3? Or a PS4?

So, do you have any insider insight? Or, at least, what's your opinion? Are we really going to see all 6 Xenosaga games?

Iím sure they have been a few series that have managed to go the distance, but nothing springs to the top of my head, with the possible exception of the Lufia series, but thatís not really episodic. Iíd say Xenosaga has a pretty good chance of getting all 6 games out, though I canít say how popular or well done the last game will be, considering how they already want to redo Xenogears. Besides, with the recent trend of including cramming old games on new games extra space, maybe weíll end up with a cheap collectors edition of the series in a decade or so. Still, it should be interesting to watch, no?

 Keep poking me, really I donít mind.

One series of RPGs where you can get towns pissed off at you are the Exile/Avernum games, originally for the Macintosh only, but now to an extent for Windows and Linux as well. Basically, if somebody sees you taking gold are items from somebody's home, like you do most RPGs, or you attack a townsperson, then the town will get angry at you and all of the townspeople will attack you until so many days/months/years have gone by. Also, if you kill a person who's important to your quest, you're screwed.

You guys should really cover the Exile/Avernum games. They have both the gameplay of a PC RPG and the story of a console RPG.

Have you ever noticed that the Final Fantasy series is vastly overrated by some and vastly underrated by others? Isn't that kind of weird? I guess it evens out, though.

-The Nameless Translation Dude

Iíve heard quite a bit about Avernum, and Iíve downloaded the demo. Looks like after I get the column, Iíd better give it a spin.

As for coverage, weíre generally just trying to get the newest stuff up. However, Iím sure Mikel wouldnít be adverse to hiring someone who did nothing but add info on old PC games. SO DID I SEE ANY VOLUNTEERS? HUH? NO, I DIDNíT THINK SO. ;_;

Not really. For some, the Final Fantasy series was their first real RPG, for otherís it was a pitiful downward spiral from the golden age of RPGs till today.


I know, I know, you need advirtisements to keep the site free, but.... This is THE most "O_O;;;;;;;"-worthy pop-up EVER.


I got it twice in a row too. Is it supposed to work that way?~Cyllya

Argh! Why wonít my eyes stop bleeding?! DAMN YOU CARL'S JUNIOR! *sob*

What kind of computer do you use? Apple or IBM
I prefer my Apple

Not that it matters, but I do all my computering from a Toshiba laptop. Weirdo.

The Final Grumble:

Alright, I need some suggestions for the best PC RPG out there, and why I should I pick it up. Oh, and no, I already have Diablo 2, and yes, it rules. Iím talking about the kind of RPG that fulfill most of my questions over the last few weeks regarding stupid crap in the genre in general. Please try to make the letters short. I donít need ten pages on why I should allow Avernum to get me pregnant.

Andrew "Look, Listen!" DuffClaire Belton

If someone suggests Deus Ex, they're going to get right in the face.

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