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Greetings (Queen of Dorks sings) SHAD-RACK

Now nobody has mentioned at my website at www.angelfire.com/space/imperialmog has a list of RPG cliches and I also accept e-mails stating ones I missed. Have you seen examples of any cliche's applying. I saw the cliche where some guy can just barge into a palace without anyone noticing for some time, and he was dressed as Bin Laden in a tutu.

I noticed on your comics that there is some basis on fact about Goog's appearance. S/he mentioned about having annoyingly large breasts once which does somewhat imply being female, though it could also mean he's a guy with manboobs. Any more people going to be in the comic like Paws or even myself?

Imperial Mog

Imperial Mog, your Q&A is a 100 times better then mine could ever hope to be.

Google is a slime. Google has taken control of a hot female elf with its MIND CONTROL POWERS. Therefore, Google is both a genderless slime and a hot chick. Or something.


Nice people live longer
Is there a reason why you have to be a jerk to people just because of a poorly written question? Sorry to break it to you buddy but were not all as smart as you think you are.


Evan, by your own logic, you should have been blind sided by a truck ten minutes ago.

...and that’s “we’re” not, “were”.

The Final Grumble:

Next week’s topic-

What was the last RPG that really gripped you? I’ve been playing Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and I’ve got it bad. Everything about the game is enjoyable, with the possible exception of the translation, and I can’t help but play it in all of my spare time. When was the last time you were glued to an RPG, and why was it so enjoyable?

Andrew "Annoyed" DuffClaire Belton

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