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I think that the contest would be GREAT! My friend and I are working on a particularly zany RPG with the OHRRPGCE. It is about a school mascot who comes alive to save his middle school and goes through this maze while freeing teachers ... but enough about that. I think that a game contest could really draw some quality entries. So you have another reader who gives the contest a thumbs-up.

On to the point of my letter (Point? What point?): This is sort of in response to Otterland's letter. The other day, when I said I had no interest in FFX-2 at all besides maybe the gameplay, I meant it. Sure, it may turn out to be interesting and fun. If everybody seems to love it and I am just looking at the game the wrong way, then I might change my mind. But right now, I thought the ending to FFX tied up the plot nicely. Sure, there are some things left open to contemplation, like what Yuna will do next, but it's okay to leave some things to the imagination. So, Otterland, the gameplay may be fun, but there are a lot of other fun games that I would rather play than FFX-2, and the story of what Yuna finds in the end really doesn't interest me.--Ewcoolio

Hehe. Sounds like an awful idea for a game, Ewcoolio. Your commitment is duly noted, and hopefully when the dust settles around the column I’ll see about setting up the contest, or at least the full fledged idea for it.

Your views on sequels seems pretty silly. It’d be like playing Suikoden 1 and not buying the second game because you’re happy with how the first one ended and don’t want to ruin it with another war. Yeah, FFX-2 might not end as satisfactorily as the first game, but that really isn’t the point. Still, it’s your choice, just know I won’t be surprised if you write in telling us how you caved and bought the game.

The Final Grumble:

Most of the topics I’ve chosen for the column are completely at random, but I’ve decided that since I have several thousand clever minds at my disposable, we should tackle the problems faced in RPGs today, and see if we can’t find solutions to them. So for next week, the topic is:

Monsters. Whether you love to level bust or find it the most annoying part of the game, every reader has faced countless hordes of vicious monsters. There are plenty of questions revolving around these terrors of the wilds. Here’s a few problems to puzzle over, but feel free to think of your own, and how you’d solve the insensibility.

1. Lame monsters- Holy crap. The heroes, destined to save the world, are fighting rats, bees, and other pathetic woodland creatures. How sick is this? Why would game developers think it would be a good idea to have the heroes degrade themselves like this?

2. Impossible drops- So you’ve just defeated your 580th monkey, and it drops...a “Sword of Ultimate Power”. Great. Not only did the monkey spew money of its carcass, but it was hiding a sword up its butt. Come on guys, there has GOT to be better ways to do this.

3. Human life- Going through a typical RPG means slaughtering hundreds of humans. Thieves, soldiers, the occasional disgruntled peasant...in many cases, with the “heroes” being able to murder these stupid people with one slice of their blade. Now, call me nuts, but if I was a holy warrior on quest to save the world, I’d be a whole lot more caring about human life, and while a few guards and such might have to go, it seems game designers just aren’t trying when humans are randomly appearing enemies.

4. Random encounters- Imp sees four well-armed warriors of light. Imp fights them?! Come on people, I can think of very few weak creatures that would ever willingly throw themselves to their certain deaths. Another great example of laziness on the creator’s part.

Have fun. And now, bring on the slime!

Andrew "Defense!" DuffClaire Belton

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