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I thought you might be able to help me out! My name is Chad Seiter, and I’m a composer for film and video games. I currently have no projects on the table composition-wise and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to post this letter. Basically, I’m offering my services as a composer for any video games or films that any of your readers are looking for music for. I primarily compose orchestral music and that’s what I generally stick to, but I can be very versatile. If you or any readers would like more information, you can download my music at http://www.chadseiter.com; I’ve got lots of music to choose from and enjoy. And while you’re there, may I suggest you listen to Part IV of the “Watcher in the Dark” score and “The Duel” if you listen to nothing else! “Ice Cream” is also a nice little score. Thank you for your time.


Chad Seiter


Hey, you’re the guy who did the music for Aegis’ project, right? Wow, that takes me back. Well, there you go folks. If you’re looking for a talented musician to help out your project, Chad is the guy to turn too. Good luck!


Just wondering. How many Star Wars fanboys wrote in raving (or even politely pointing out), that it's "Wookiee", not "Wookie"?

Yeah, I never noticed it either until someone pointed it out.

Just you. Doesn’t that just make you want to slit your wrists?

Hey, didn't Lorelai used to work at RPGamer, or am I insane?

'Cuz now she's on the FFXI website as the example of a Beastmaster:

... Unless it's someone else using that handle. But whatever> >D


Sources from staff cannot confirm or deny this Lorelai is the same one, and according to Paws, she knows quite a few people with the same online nick. So in short, NO?

I pulled out PSO 1&2 for Gamecube, just for nostalgic purposes, and my roommate walked in the living room. He asked me when the next one was coming out, to which I responded: "POS III"? I'm still trying to figure out how much that was just a slip and how much I actually meant it.

What do you think of the trend of "card battle RPGs"?


Heh. I think it’s Pogs gone way out of control We need to teach these young whippersnappers a lesson and put a torch to Sega headquarters!

tried playing Star Wars Galaxies and I made a cool human dancer chick. Then the next day they deleted all the characters and so I never played it again. Wooh the story of my life.


Another good example of why mixing cross-dressing and Star Wars is an awful idea.

The Final Grumble:

Tomorrow, let’s investigate...oh hell, I don’t know. How about theories why stealing, killing, and breaking in to someone’s house is considered acceptable as long as a “good guy is doing it” in video games.

Andrew "Sand everywhere!" DuffClaire Belton

Another party. I hate/love this time of year.

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