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Dear Andrew,
What do think the future of Games will be. My friends and I have argued over this from time to time, and I wanted another opinion on the matter. To clarify, I'm talking about the battle system, the musical score and how it's preformed, inovativations of the story, How easy it will be to make a decent game for the average person with the advance of technology.

Hope that's not too much,

Games in the future will have real time battle systems, with monsters that attack during school and when youíre on a hot date. The musical scores will consist of nothing but songs from Prozakk and other popular bands from outside the United States, except for boss battles, they would groove to Frogger theme song. As for anyone being able to make a video game, well, anyone can do that now.

 Hey look, itís a fanboy! Ready yer bricks!

first i'd like to thank god and my parents.. oh.. er.. hi

hey super wire gnawer.

just wanted to ask you and google.... did konami say ANYTHING on a possible Genso Suikoden 4 ?

I know that if they did we'd have a lot on it right now.. but just wanted to ask..

do you think they'll make a sequel based on the sales of the 3 previous games ?

(observe how Iuse "previous" as if the fourth installment was on it's way..... aaaah hopes & dreams)

i mean... there is just so much potential for sequels..... it whips Final Fantasy's ass so hard. (and i know millions of gamer would disagree... poor confused souls....) hehe.

for any suiko fan: suikosource.com (it's big... but their server was brought down a bit as they've lost quite a bit of traffic over there).

anyhow thx for your time


oh and jesus had a beard.

1. Suikoden 4 will eventually come out. No, Konami didnít mention anything about it, Iím just not a dumbass. Theyíre not going to abandon a series with so many whiny fans.

2. Yes, the Suikoden series does take Final Fantasy behind the school and give it a wedgie. Everyone who ever wanted an actual ďgame seriesĒ instead of a bunch of unconnected games knows this. Moving on...

 Do not question my authority, commie mutant!

The person was roleplaying THE COMPUTER, from the long lived Pencil and Paper RPG Paranoia, a game so fatal to its player characters, everyone gets 5 clones of themselves.

Its a post nuke sci fi comedy RPG that takes place ina computer controlled underground city known as Alpha Complex. The Computer is very confused, yet well meaning. It takes the threat of traitors, mutants, secret societies, and commies seriously.

Player characters are mutants and members of secret societies, out to get one over on everyone else while covering their own arses.

Picture Alpha Complex like the current Bush/Ashcroft administration in the US taken to its fullest course.

(The Computer is ALWAYS right. The Computer is your friend. People who question the Computer are clearly not friends of the Computer and are obviously Commie Mutant Traitors. So go jump in that vat of acid and get the widget from the bottom of it. Its safe because the Computer says it is safe and the Computer is never wrong. Other friends of the Computer? Shoot him if he fails to comply.)

Needless to say, it rules.

PS: You ignored Scorponok's threat. But Scorponok was feeling "nice" that week, so he only gave poor Stampy to Quickstrike, who wanted Stampy to help reenact selected scenes from Deliverance with him. And Stampy gets to be Ned Beatty. I never knew bunnies could scream that loud... *Shudder*

A few readers introduced me to Paranoia a while back, and though I never played it, it does make an interesting read. Oh, and your knowledge of The Computer has caused you to be killed before ever being able to read my response so, uh...sorry.


I'd send this to Google but... meh

1. Clearly Google has never played Morrowind for Xbox as it is rife with dirty disc error and other annoying things, though it is still playable

2. I would like to direct Eggman and all fellow readers to http://www.actsofgord.com as I believe the Gord knows how to appropriately deal with video game pirates as well as other petty thieves and general stupidity.

- Galvatron

1. Thatís nice.

2. Marvelous link!

In the game I am stuck in a room in wich there in a plaque of a lizzard.

Can You help me!!!

Well, I can help you, but then Iíd be charged with murder.

The Final Grumble:

Hopefully tomorrow will include lots of letters about Star Wars Galaxies and how cool it is to be a wookie chef. Or at least, hopefully some letters from wookie chefs.

Andrew "Look! Listen!" DuffClaire Belton

Alright, so I've been helping set up a party all day. Sorry.

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