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Do you know the story behind the original Ogre Battle? It was pulled of shelves but I never understood why. Something about the name infringing a copyright or something...

-Justin, selling this with tears

Where did you hear Ogre Battle was pulled off the shelves? A check through Google and the Staff channel reveals nothing of the sort.

Hiya Andrew!

Really enjoy reading your column, and was wondering, when you head over to Japan coming up soon, will you still be doing the Weekend Q&A? Could give us weekly updates on you exploits too ^_^

For the tenth, yes, I’ll still be doing Q&A in Japan, and a weekly update of my exploits wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, it would need tons of pictures. Hrm...

You wrote: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which was an old NES game had a freaking impossible “disarming bombs while underwater as a timer quickly counts down” level.

Hmm, freaking impossible? I was ten at the time, and I could get all the way PAST that level without having a single turtle dead yet, and having not even -touched- Michaelangelo yet. Sick? Probably.

-- Calydor.

Nah, perfectly normal for a guy with a nickname like “Calydor”.

The Final Grumble:

It was great fun doing an extra long weekend, and look at all that happened! Trouble again with furries, a new comic, and even better a column cosplayer! Who would have guessed? Well, until next weekend, folks...

Andrew "What? Don't you like Barret?" Duff

Well yeah, neither do I. But Mr. T is hella cool!

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