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Regarding the Mac user who asked if "RPG 2003" was available for Mac OS X, I assume he means RPG Maker 2003, there isn't, but there are a alternatives that are available for the Mac, including one that is about the same quality called Coldstone. It's even covered on this site (Barely).

-The Nameless Translation Dude

Ah, but Coldstone requires time, effort and ability, while RPG Maker 2003 requires drag and drop!

Hey Andrew,

Why don't we use the Bear traps on the Flamers that are too self Rightous to take a joke at there little sub-cultures and steriotype most other people

just a thought

Hey, thatís a pretty good ide- *SNAP*

Ha ha. Very fun, you guys. Now, excuse me while I get myself a bandage.

I just wanted to say that I am insulted by Blazinges letter yesterday that said that all gamers are nerdy, smelly, overweight losers with no lives! I happen to be in the "stick-thin" sub-culture of the gaming culture and don't like it when people automatically think I'm overweight cause I'm a gamer! So nah nah nah!

Jamie "poking fun at those with no sense of humor for 22 years and counting" Harper >8^()

Aw, but 2 out of 3 ainít bad! ...wait...yes it is, thatís only 66%!

I think you should add porn to your Q&A columns...call it the T&A section. The internet simply does not contain enough porn...don't you agree?


Well, my boss wasnít keen about the idea, but Google is showing some interest...mwhahahaha!

Here's a rant by Ray Bradbury that I thought fit in well regarding the whole Furry fury:



Very cool. I couldnít agree more, and hey, if some furries donít like me, well, theyíre free to stop reading. Heck, that applies to everyone who doesnít like the way I do Q&A. This ainít exactly mandatory reading folks! ^_^

The Final Grumble:

Guess whose birthday is tomorrow? Yep, Googleís! And guess what? He decided to rather hang out with his friends and family then answer questions from you lot, so it looks like youíll be having an extended weekend with me! Yay!

Andrew "One...More...TIME" Duff


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