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If you die, I get first dibs on your liver.

Youíd be amazed at how often I get this letter.

I live in Tennessee and there's 2 copies of LunarSSSC at the store I work at....so umm tell that guy that.


After reading this letter several dozen times I have come to the conclusion that it is in code, and deciphered reads, ďPARTY AT GOOGLEíS HOUSE TONIGHT! BE THERE OR BE A RECTANGULAR BUILDING OBJECT!Ē Hooray, time to steal me a law ornament!

Hey Andrew, just curious, Yoko Kanno is one of my more favorite anime music composers, especially since she done Inner Universe for the Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Remix. I know that she did some video game music for a few games, got any sources that says which ones they are?


Resident embittered genius Lord Brian has this to say-

yoko kanno did surprisingly few game osts, and none of the games were all that bigwell, relatively
stuff like nobunaga's ambition and uncharted waters
maybe a romance of the 3 kingdoms game
if you want specifics, you can always go to www.google.com and actually look it up

You rock. I love the way you shoot down angry furries. Good work.

As for a suggestion for the letters column, you should have a section dedicated to pimping my music at http://www.mp3.com/supergreenx.

How's that game of yours comin along? :wink:


Very pimped, SGX. As always, your new mixes are great. Iím actually listening to all your songs again as I write up the column. Check SGX out, readers!

As for the game, donít worry, I havenít forgotten. Iíll contact you as soon as I feel youíll have enough to work with. Thanks for being so patient!

Not all Tennesseans are like that Lunar-wanting dude who couldn't put together a coherent sentence. Just thought I'd defend my state.

By the way, I may have missed this in one of your columns, but what school are you going to in Japan? My friend and I are planning on going to some place named Yamuza near Tokyo. Yay for hot Japanese girls.


Iíll be heading for Japan this fall, and continuing my college learning at Kansai Gaidai University, in Osaka. And yes, yay for hot girls everywhere.

hi i was wandering if u could try an answer this question, do u know if suikoden 3 is coming out in the UK?

Never, you barely literate bastard! Hahahahahaha!

In an effort to show off my cow I thought I'd also show off my stuffed and non-stuffed kirby's at the same time. So for everyone's enjoyment click here for kirby cow goodnessand stare at my free stuff that I had to go to little to no trouble to get and then go outside and jump in front of cars for the rest of your life. =P


Oooh! And look at all your Japanese games! Jeez, youíre more qualified to run this column then I am!

The Final Grumble:

Wow. I ask, and I certainly received. Now that Q&A has a comic artist and a resident cosplayer, what else could I possibly need? Well, Iím not sure, but I bet you readers can come up with a metric ton of good ideas!

Andrew "Cute as a button!" Duff

Horrible as a college student.

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