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I got one of those harvest moon cows. It was given to me for free when I reserved Harvest Moon for ps2 a few years ago. :>


Yes, but...um...this cow...he’s...uh..a...a...MAGIC cow. Yep. -_-;;

you didn't post my *wonderful* comic! I'm now scarred for life.I'm sending it again neway (for my 4th time, thnx to the great comp). sadly, since you never got it, it is to late for swag. -tears- I NEEDED THAT SWAG!


Well, I still posted your letter! Besides, if your entry had won, Strong Bad would kick me in my crazygonuts for swag.


Alright, is it just me, or does anyone else feel like a bigger looser for having a crush on Dia, the cosplay girl?

-ben the loser

Well, at least you’re fixated on someone with class and style, instead of a pop-star or Yuna.

Wait, same thing. Damn.

Is there a version of RPG 2003 for Macintosh OSX systems????

The horrible irony is that this letter supports everything I’ve been told about Mac users from my stupid, “Windows is teh shizznit” friends.

It still amazes me how many people think the title of Zelda is "Wind Walker" instead of "Wind Waker" (NO "L")!!!

You even get hundreds of results in google with Wind Walker, including websites selling the game!


Could just be their spellcheckers. I know mine tries to alter “waker” to “walker” and “teh”to “the” all by itself. Damn you WordPerfect! I spit on thee!


I feel that since I have won a prize in your swag contest that you yourself deserve something in return. So here is a work of art for your (and possibly Q & A’s readers') viewing pleasure. :}


Cybernetic Empire

See folks? You give a little, you get a little. Granted in this case, I gave valuable swag and got back a video of a man...dancing with a bottle of liquor...

Damn it, my Kindergarten teacher was right. Being nice IS for losers. *sob*


That is really cool. Grats on the Abroad program whatever it may be. I'm trying to go up to Japan this year, and I'm looking forward to it. Good luck on that.


Thanks Cyvader, and thanks to everyone else who sent me letters with encouragement and directions to the nearest hentai store. My readers are so sweet! ^_^

I would to know if you could sell me the video game Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete and how much would it be? Also, I would like to know were could be sold near the state of Tennessee,that's if you cant sell it to me.

Sure, I’ll sell you Lunar:SSSC, with its original box intact and all the goodies! It’ll just cost you 1500 dollars and a cat-girl.

Hey Andrew,

Just wondering what's up? You never miss Q&A, and now you missed two in a row. Just wondering if everything's ok.



The short answer is that most of my friend’s got back from college last weekend. The long answer involves a phony kidnaping, police pursuit, and an evil gnome named Turnip. I was I was kidding.

As I recall, Working Designs was supposed to make some big announcement we weren't supposed to be happy with after they announced they wouldn't be at E3. I assume it has something to do with Growlanser, but Vic said he'd announce it before E3. Did I miss it or something?


Well, other then being at the back of the line when names were handed out, nothing springs to mind. I can only guess that Working Designs decided it wasn’t worth their time to attend E3 this year, thus forcing me to do Q&A for another year so I can see them. Damn you, Ireland! I’ll get you yet!

The Final Grumble:

Hey readers, this weekend sports a rather odd question, but I hope you’re up for the task of answering it. RPGamer’s Q&A has long since moved past the days of helping its readers through dungeons and has evolved into a kind of enjoyable rant area that deals with RPGs. What I’d like to know is, what could be done to make Q&A even better? I mean, I can keep handing out topics to you guys till doomsday, but it strikes me that there’s a lot of untapped potential in RPGamer’s Q&A. For me, I could see a weekly comic strip, plenty of cosplay pictures, and maybe even tutorials on how to create your own RPGs. What I’m asking you, my dear readers, is what new features you’d like to see, and how you see them being implemented.

Oh, and no comments like, “I wish the weekend Q&A guy could be nicer, hur hur hur” thankyouverymuch.

Andrew "Fuzzy Bunny" Duff

Maybe a flash cartoon? Yeah, maybe not.

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