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Here is my entry. Hope this isn't too late. And I apologise in advance for the way it gets noticeably worse with each panel-- I started really late and by the end was just pressing to at least get it done on time, no matter what the quality was.

Well, hope you enjoy.


...is that, uh, shit in my mouth? 0_o

Sorry this is aimed at Google and that you probably got 50 of the same thing but Trigun is called Trigun because Vash has three guns. This being his six shooter, the hidden arm gun and the angel cannon.

Iíve been informed that shortly after sending this quickie, you had the dork beat out of you by several large male Sailor Moon cosplayers. Iím sorry.

I'm a long time reader, but I have never written in before...and all I'd like to say is that the guy cosplaying as Squall and Neo freaked the hell out of me. Never post links that lead to creepy looking guys again please. You'll be doing everyone a huge favour.


Itís my way of blinding the too curious as per my duty in the matrix. Now if youíll excuse me, I have to go stop some guys wearing sun glasses from making more bad Tao references.

Okay, this thing had to be butchered to fit on a website, so it's horribly short and horribly confusing.

If you can't tell, it's a Punching Puppet Ghaleon beating the tar out of my cat (who is a girl-cat).And..uh...yeah. Enjoy, maybe.

Oh, and if the link doesn't work, you may kill me.


Amazing. If I had known that this contest was going to end with people beating up cats, I would have...well, Iím not sure, since thatís a pretty amusing video.

Greetings (Hyatt sings) Shadrack (Dies)I have to ask since people were sending in photos in, did you have some females resort to to sex appeal in their pictures for you? I am also curious if Paws is guest hosting again soon?

Imperial Mog

My dear Mog, sex appeal was blatantly used against me by both sexes, but as youíll see from the winners, a few readers realized my love of the incredibly cute and unique over big breasts and a bleach blond hair. Oh, and of crazy guys in box robot costumes. As for Paws, Iím sure youíll see her around whenever Google or myself needs a day, or a week off. She certainly loves Q&A though!


Here's another entry for the "art" category:

The letter that finally sends Andrew over the edge.

Speaking of sbemail references, did you catch this one in the last episode to Buffy? It's a great setup: the characters appear to be plotting an attack against actual demons, but then you realize it's just an RPG. Funny stuff.

--Luke --

Oh man, thatíd be awesome if I grew purple hot-pants everytime I got angry.

Sorry Luke, I generally avoid soap-operas, and even though Iím going to get a ton of flak for this, Buffy is a soap-opera for men. And goth chicks. Same with Smallville, X-Files, and just about any other show that runs for an hour. Well, Smallville and X-Files is more for dorky girls then goth ones.

hello : )

this is the first time I've wrote anything cause ..well..I dont know : P

and since I dont want to send a picture (nope I'm not fat and I dont have acne, I just dont want a bunch of people I dont know looking at me) I decided to draw something for you :D after seeing that um..."intresting" picture of a cat girl sent in the other day, I decided to draw one myself... hope you like!

The Queen of Dorks


The catgirl is just the right amount of cat and girl, my avatar is so cute that he looks like he needs his own plushie, and the horrible way Iím being manipulated for swag puts you in first place. Congrats, Queen of Dorks!

- Zidane, FFIX -

- Moogle Girl, various FF -

- rench Maid Ryoko, Tenchi Muyo -

- uu, Clover -


Dia comes in second place, with her amazing bunch of cosplay pictures, and especially her costume of Suu, from Clover. Great job, Dia!

A pleasant surprise!

Laura Wilson

Ms. Wilson takes 3rd place with her picture that proves that not all my stalkers are from the CIA. Very cute, Laura! I canít wait to see more of your work!

I look so good!

Cybernetic Empire

What? Four winners?! Well, when you look as good as the Cybernetic Empire, things tend to turn out sooooooooo good!

The Final Grumble:

Whew! And itís over! I hope you guys had as much fun with the contest as I did! For the rest of the weekend, letís go back to talking about ordinary things, like why all the upcoming games for this summer look like crap.

Tomorrowís column will be on the late side, since Iím volunteering to help out some kids in need all day Saturday, and Iíd like to encourage everyone reading to volunteer. Itís an adventure and a feel good way to waste your day all in one.

...oh yeah, one more thing. I got accepted into the Study Abroad program to attend Kansai Gaidai university in Osaka, Japan this fall. Can I get BOOYAH?

Andrew "Pointy!" Duff

What? Since when did volunteering become uncool?

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