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Do videos count?

I'd send them, but they're roughly 19 MB over the maximum size of attachments. Not like you're missingmuch, I guess.


Well depends what the video is of, but yeah, if you can find a place to host it, or can catch me on IRC long enough to send it, sounds like it might be a good way to score yourself some swag.

The Final Grumble:

Wonderful. I was wondering what was up with the lack of letters, and it turns out RPGamer blew up sometime while I was in mid-flight. Luckily this means I canít be blamed for it, and even luckier for you, it means Iím extending entry to the E3 Swag Contest until this Fridayís column. Iíve got my fingers crossed for more art, and hopefully, some truly creative entries. Good luck folks!

Andrew "Red-Eyed" Duff

Why is everything funny when you don't sleep for 26 hours?

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