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I think that if there were a FF6 - 2, that it'd actually be a prequel instead, covering the War of theMagi, and humanity's terrible mistake.


What a great idea! And at the end of game, everyone dies!

I'm failing to see what's wrong with Wakka in a speedo.


If I make a crack at you, Iíll lose my valuable lesbian reader base, so bah!

Hi Andrew,

I like free swag, so I decided to send this in.

You sir, get an F+, for effort.

I dont think you even have swag......

Yeah, you're probably right.

It's not exactly Wakka in a speedo, but it's close enough : )
Youasked for it

Alright, if that didnít please my female readers, the image of me stabbing my Final Fantasy 10 jewel case will.

Hey Andrew,I just want to say I started reading your Q&A column a while ago, and you have not ceased to amaze me of how funny you can be. Keep it up man, you crack me up.

The "Sleeping Awake" Captain

-attached are three entries-

1 - Closeup of me cosplaying as squall
2 - Zoomed out view of me cosplaying as squall
3 - me cosplaying as Neo from the matrix

...uh, well...glad Iím appealing to the ďcompletely inappropriate cos-playersĒ demographic. Seriously dude, you look nothing like any of these people.

I'm not gonna actually send you a picture of myself because Tadrith thinks I'm hot and I'm not giving him another picture of myself to stare at for hours on end.


You know Tad does have a mighty fine bachelor pad, complete with pool, 61' inch television, and one hell of an iguana. You could do worse, Rudy.


I downloaded RPG Maker 2003 and have designed a map and battles and all that, but how do you make a starting point, there is no icon or anything to click on to, to make a starting and finishing point.

Please reply I'd like to play my game that I created.

Brendan Coleiro - greymon6000@hotmail.com

So basically, you want me to help you with your stolen RPG Maker so you can play your painfully bad Dragon Ball Z fan game and brag to your friends about your l33t skillz? You do realize itís jerks like you that stop RPG Maker 2003 from ever being released in North America, thus screwing me and most RPGamers everywhere over? Or all these questions too deep for your stupid little mind which canít figure out something as simple as laying down the starting point?



Itís important to maintain good relationships with all niches of my reader base.

OMG UR s0 RGHT!!!!!111 TEH $L1M3$!!!!11

I'm a casual reader, so I have no clue what the contest was...give me some details and I'll enter the contest you cancelled!


Scroll down, my idiot friend! Scroll down!

Just in case you wanted some backround info... What the rabbit (it looks like one... right?) is saying alludes to "Dante's Inferno". It's a really good book... and I guess it seemed fitting for some of the people who write to you. Anyways, hope you like it. Keep up the good work!

-Michael (Entry)

Well, Iím liking the entry, but youíre also implying that RPGamer Q&A is a sort of private hell for bad animals. Which Iím liking too, but now PETA is going to try to kidnap me again and ship me off to some forest. Thanks a lot Michael, now Iíve got to go buy some more bear traps for the front lawn.

Here's mine, hope it's good enough!

LEONheart Kennedy

Nonsense. If Google and I ever met, Iíd have unloaded a clip into his cyborg cos-playing shell far before that blob could ever get his plasma revolver anywhere near my cute and fuzzy head.

So since you asked so nicely, I do do anime cosplay ...

Alis from PS1 and Rinoa from FF8 :)



Iíd once again make a remark about people cos-playing as characters they look nothing like, but Iím frankly in awe that youíve cos-played as Alis. Drat you Kathryn, Iíll be back, and next time, Iíll be a hundred times more of a bastard!

Patience Bunny Man,

Good things come to those who wait, blah, blah, blah.:)

I didn't really understand what you meant by swag, but I decided to show you one of the things us furry artists are good for.;) Here's your very own catgirl, to do with as you wish.:) Maybe you could update your logo?

Have fun, and don't drool too much.;)

- Karistra Silverwood

Míam, while I appreciate the thought and obvious care that went into your picture, letís face it. That pretty catgirl would crush me. And then sheíd eat my bones. ^_^;;

Best Entries So Far!

I would've entered sooner, but my internet connection was cut off due toremodeling, and I didn't know about the contest. Boo hoo!

You even have a cat girl.


Laura Wilson

Iíd like to take this moment to not only compliment Laura on how well she captured my unique brand of insanity and to draw a catgirl that my rabbit ears curl, but to also thank her for sending her unique and funny work all throughout my columnís life. Thanks Laura, without your great art, this column simply wouldnít be the same!

I look so good!

Cybernetic Empire

Yes you do, CE. Yes you do.

You know why this entry is brilliant, besides managing to make me break out laughing every time I see it? Because not only does it make serious nods to some really great online humor sites, but it also must have required more then one person to get that guy into a box and take the picture, which suggests that my contest caused these two guys to waste their whole Friday entering this contest. Hahahahaha!

The Final Grumble:

Amazing. The entries just came pouring in. So what have I learned from this? That my readers love it when I go crazygonuts. What should my readers who still havenít entered, or want to enter again have learned?

1. I have an unhealthy fascination with catgirls. This can be used to your advantage in the contest.

2. Making a complete inbreed of yourself is a really good way to get yourself some free swag.

Hope you enjoyed reading todayís column as much I honestly enjoyed writing it. Iím really looking forward to seeing all the entries for tomorrow! Thanks guys, you really made my day!

Andrew "Happy, for once!" Duff

That is, as long as I don't get any more speedo pictures of guys. >_<

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