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Man, after seeing that picture of rikku you posted, I am blinder than that guy who wrote in. You are creating a new horde of young blind men, and the reason is not by looking at hentai pics of rikku and such but actually of the pictures of a granny wearing rikku cosplay. YUCK!

Thatís why I posted it. Only fools would dare click on a link that I provided! Now, check out www.GoogletehB@be.com for some rocking dirty girly pictures!

"Shion Uzuki will be retained as the main character of the next installment"
god damnit.

Richard Reeves

Cry me a river, dork boy.

Everyone in the RPGamer IRC channel thinks I'm annoying and stupid. Is there anything I can do to change their opinion of me?


If it makes you feel better, I think everyone in the RPGamer IRC channel is stupid and annoying, hence, why Iím never in there.

The Final Grumble:

Alright, so unless my inbox isnít packed to the brim with entries tonight for the Swag Contest, consider it not only canceled, but also consider me even more annoyed then usual. Hooray for threats!

Andrew "Deep in the Matrix" Duff

So if I'm in the matrix, and the real world is another matrix, then when I eat solent green, what the hell am I actually eating?!

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