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Your title for yesterday, was that a dig at my snoring?

Ed "Foxworth" Walker


Did you see the lady outside the convention center and under the bridge trying to sell mango's and bootleg movies? She chased me and my friends down the street for not buying her various fruits. =(


Yeah, and I had to open fire on her. She responded by trying to marry off her 3rd eldest daughter to me, who followed me home. Frankly, I don’t know what to do with her. She keeps stealing shinies, and doesn’t speak any English. *sigh*

About your comments on FFX-2 being a fanservice-based sign of the Apocalypse; I just came back from a convention where I saw at least 50 women dressed like the "hot pants" version of Yuna. Only problem was none of them had the body for it. Forgive any spelling errors, my mom typed this for me as I am now blind.

- Esquire J

If it makes you feel better Esquire, at least you didn’t go blind from looking at this.

I'd suggest giving away a piece of swag for the least idiotic letter of the day, but there would most likely be an incredible lack of eligible entries.


You just want the swag for yourself!

Do you know if a Japanese mem card will work in an American Playstation, with a Japanese game saved on it? I need to know--I go home Monday after next!

Card Captor Ribby

I see no reason why they would. Readers?

I am one of those people who would love to see a Final Fantasy VI sequel. Do you think there is a chance in hell of this happening? If so, do you think it would go the route of *shudder* FF X-2?



The real question is what it would be about, since the ending of FFVI wrapped things up pretty nicely, so I’ll say a snowball’s chance in hell.

The Final Grumble:

Here’s how the swag contest will work.

Three prizes, which will be awarded to the best entries. These prizes include a cool shirt, a crummy shirt, and an prize that could be best described as bizarre.

To the enter the contest simply send a picture of yourself showing off your pride to be reading the column, which, in other words, means video game or anime cosplay, hurting someone stupid, or drawing something related to the column somewhere on you. Like, a rabbit, “Stupid people suck” or my personal choice, Google as the sexy slime she is. The more creative the better, and if that means dressing up your pet rabbit and taking a picture with it, so be it. See? Not to hard! Winners will be announced next Sunday, so get on it people!

Andrew "?" Duff

Google eats kittens like popcorn shrimp!

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