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Oh my god! Are you really a woman?

Oh my God! Are you really an idiot?

Have you EVER seen a game remade as extensively as this whole Sword of Mana thing???That's insane.....looking at the picture comparing them, I can't help but be awestruck. That game is going in my GBA the SECOND it comes out.

The remake plays very nice too, even if the male hero is a flamboyant crossdresser.

Okay, I know that there is no job where you write the script for a video game. But someone has to do it, so who does it? The producer(s)?


Well you have to remember, story isnít the first thing thatís done in most professional games, first they decide age demographic and what type of game it will be. Thatís why most RPGs have such bizarre plots. Thereís a team that does it, but itís almost always a throw on to the gameís main play design.

You mean Cecil isnít pronounced ĎC-sillí?

Itís pronounced ďCess-SillĒ. Yeah, I know. Lame.

Hope you had fun at E3, you lucky bastard you. Would you trade a piece of E3 swag for a video game? Random point of interest: The Final Fantasy Tactics Advance screenshots page is fftass.html; heh heh, ass...

Thatís actually not a bad idea. Not a video game trade of course, but hmm...tomorrow readers, write in contest ideas for the column so I can get rid of some of my awesome swag. Iíll probably put up a shirt, a poster, and some neat little piece of swagage.

The Final Grumble:

Itís good to be back to a relatively normal schedule, but damn, what a bunch of awful letters today. Come on people, I know you can do better.

Andrew "Vacationing" Duff

Maybe I should hold an E3 Swag Contest...

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