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Hey, in your column on Sunday, you forgot to put an apostrophe in ‘Lets’. You know, it’s the one where you complained about the guy who was picky about read/red. Some people are so picky. :-D

Well, I’m glad someone caught that. Deary me, wouldn’t want those little apostrophes wandering off on their own, getting in funny places in the sentences and stuck up odd orifices when you’re not looking!

Like with Phantasy Star Online, can you as well play Final Fantasy XI Offline and do a one person mission?


hey, i gotta question, i used my friends gameshark on my ff7 and now it says that my file is ruines, i already know how to fix it, but u have to keep using the gameshark, is there anyway to fix it or get into my file without useing the gameshark?


Simple really. Put your PlayStation on its side, clean it carefully with a damp cloth, let dry, and then take a screw driver and remove the lid. It should work fine then.

The Final Grumble:

Alright, Friday is the highly rumored about swag day. Time to do some serious walking, with plenty of bags for all the cool gear I’ll hopefully get. So far the winner for coolest piece of swag is Nintendo’s highly prized Wario shirt which proudly proclaims, “I’ve got more swag then you” on it. Ah Wario, you fat sack of greasy Italian man love. You had me at “Ahahahaha!”

Andrew "Tired But Happy" Duff

16 player online fighting games? Damn you Korea! For the threat of nuclear war and now this?! *sob*

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