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I thought of a brilliant game idea that's so ingenously difficult that it could never possiblely get published and then I realized it was just like Beyond the Beyond and I held my head down in shame and cried. Like so:



And thus, the 10th level of hell was created, especially for Rudy.

Btw I don't ever actually read any of the letters in your section. I normally just read the intro and the ending where you say random stuff that makes less sense than the letters and I send you mail. Another thing, when you say "Straw hat wonder" are you refering to the oh so Great One Piece Pirate King?

~rudyxx again....third time today. =)

Actually, I was referring to my sexy self, in my sexy straw hat. Rar?

I just got FFX2 today and it's battle system is pretty fun...in a chrono trigger kinda way...it is very fast paced....maybe there is hope... <_< or maybe not...long live gba!


Thanks for the heads up, but Iím going to buy it regardless. Long live the job system!

The Final Grumble:

Yep folks, itís finally time. Next weekend, on Sunday night, Iíll be leaving along with a bunch of the RPGamer staff to E3. So send in your letters about what games youíre looking forward to, who you want me to get a picture with, and who I should punch in the gut. And hey, if youíre going, give me a ring, and maybe we can see each other and Iíll sign your forehead or something.

Andrew "Bloody Nose" Duff

Last time I'm ever sneezing.

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