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is there a soundtrack for the WInd Waker? and if so, do you know any websites i can buy it from? thanks.

Typing “Wind Waker music CD” into Google would be a much better way of not invoking my wrath.

Oh my god that game you are playing this week I used to play back when I had windows 95! Thanks for reminding me of such joyous memories from years ago!


You’re welcome. Now, return my generosity by sending in a letter based on the downfall of great battle systems, as seen in Secret of Mana, Live a Live, and Chrono Trigger!

Those dissing FFR can suck it. And then they can go play "Soul Shift" in FFR which was written by.....ME!


Gee. Remind me to give you a call the next time I need a musician for one of my RPG projects. Do you have a website with more of your music on it?

The Final Grumble:

That was easy. If you guys want a letter column tomorrow, then send in letters about your brilliant game idea that would never get published because it’s improbably impossible.

Andrew "Straw hat wonder" Duff

Mmm. Pasty tan.

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