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Quina/Brahne yuri? That's nothing...I prefer Quina/Kuja yaoi. ^_^

Not really. But it's a funny thought.


Words cannot express how badly I want to hurt/hug you.

On your comments about Metroid Prime and the upcoming Castlevania game: I might be missing something, but if a game is good/great, then what's the problem? If it's enjoyable to play, isn't that good enough?

*cough* Iím sorry, are you saying you werenít cheesed when Nintendo replaced the fire flower, racoon, frog, and Hammer Bros. suit with...the metal and invisible caps? Cause I was HELLA PISSED.

SH-Silver's quote -

As "thousands" will tell you, it's Homer to Bart in one of the Simpsons episode (how precise). now get a load of this:


Put your computers to work for science, you sexy, sexy nerdz you !


Ironically, you were the only one who answered the Quote thing, but thatís a really cool link. Thanks Dan!

is there any possible way to save your game in kingdom hearts after you beat it?

Yes. First, send me 20 dollars, and then put your foot through your Playstation 2.

The Final Grumble:

Iím cutting the topic out for next week, since itís my finalís week, and Iíll need to be studying instead of coming up with tangible reasons why my readerís still havenít commented on the bio some horrible person here at RPGamer put up when I refused to do one myself. So expect the column next week to be random, wacky, and rant filled. And I hope your letters are the same!

Andrew "Studying" Duff

Er, I mean, "Playing Zelda". Whatever.

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