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There was also a dirty magazine in FFIV, though it got removed from the game for the US release of FFII. Also, in Secret of Mana, one of the monsters that looks like a book occasionally turns to a page that could easily be interpreted as a dirty magazine.


My readers fixations with porn in RPGs is annoying.

Greetings (Rabbits sing) SHAD-RACK
Now if everyone needs a fangirl, where are my fangirls? Now if all of the cliche's in games and such did apply, how would you use that to your advantage? What would be odd is if you could do that whole nude transformation thing since that would be odd, though it likely would occur to people who should NOT do such a thing.

Imperial Mog

If RPG cliches applied, I would be in my personal airship right now, murdering monsters for money with a team of super-cute girls.

To the not-quite-easter bunny:

One quick fact: The reason Luigi is so damn attractive is that he's tall, famous, Italian, and has a brother. That's my theory. No, I'm not gay.

One quick question: Are you related to the Cadbury bunny? And if you were, would you ever admit it? Creme eggs rule my life in April.


"Biting the heads off chocolate bunnies since 1983"

The Cadbury is my worthless half-sister. Now, let us speak no more of her and her fiendish eggs.

I found a lost wallet in my store yesterday. Wether or not it's that one guys wallet from friday's collum is beyond me but we will be mailing it to it's owner now because of that letter.

Was it stuffed with money? Cause if it was, it could, uh, be my wallet! Yeah!

The Final Grumble:

Oh man, those first screen shots of the new Castlevania. I mean, damn. Devil May Cry 3, anyone? If you’ll excuse me everyone, I need to go curl into the fetal position and cry.

Andrew "sob" Duff

No fruit basket for THEM.

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