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It's ok. I sure think Nina's a hottie. At least in Breath of Fire 3... sure hoping you weren't talking about Dragon Quarter you sicko <_<

Well, I think the comment was pretty obvious, seeing as said blonde Nina, not a stick-thin Nina who looks 5 and has unattractive puke-green hair.

Someone already made Dynasty Warriors Someone already made Dynasty Warriors four *expletive not included* times! Oh, and I hate you for that Kuja link. But, I hate myself even more for clicking on it. So, relatively speaking, I don't hate you at all. -Mike "Rahlious" White

A fierce battle rages in my soul whether or not I should reveal to you that the Kuja cos-player was a female, and not a very girly man.

Most people excuse themselves to a more private location to pet their Crono-pixels...

Really? Most of the obsessed fan-girls I know couldnít pick a television if their life depended on it.

About FF7, is Red XIII more like a dog, or more cat-like? Because he howls and more like a dog or wolf, but sort of carries himself like a cat, it's all very confusing.

Considering that he has tattoos and feathers in his hair/mane, Red 13 is most like my hairy uncle Cletus, only Red 13 is on all fours and can speak intelligible English.

Bloodcat missed some of the better naughty things in the game. Like becoming a porn star. Or convincing the daughter or son (if you're male) to do some strange innuendos.

Bloodcat didnít miss those, he just wasnít sexy enough to become a porn star. Oh, he couldía proved them wrong, if only he was given the chance!

Speaking of dirty magazines in games, Tales of Phantasia had one too...plus one of your characters got to use it as a spell book. The cover had some obviously porn star girl on it in a bikini...talk about disapointment..er..I mean...


You could have at least mentioned what spells it could perform...

The Final Grumble:

Iíve literally still got a columnís worth of letters left over, so if you werenít printed this weekend, expect to see your letter next weekend. Now, if youíll excuse me, Easter dinnerís lobster is calling me...

Andrew "Allerific!" Duff

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