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Hey Andrew,

Today (April 18th) is my 24th birthday! Can you post this so I feel special?

Robust Stu

I shouldn’t, since you didn’t invite me to your damn party. But hey, that’s okay! I’m not...bitter...


I was just wondering why sega is bringing PSO to all the next gen systems exept ps2. Is there a reason for this?


"Hier kommt die Sonne"

Yeah, because Sega hate you, Sonne. Thanks a lot, now none of us Playstation 2 owners can enjoy Phantasy Star Online!

I'd save the world for Gaignun (from Xenosaga!). He's the greatest RPG guy ever. He's got everything. He's handsome, mysterious and really cool! He's just so great! I'd do anything for him!

And that friends, was the last time anyone heard from little Susie again.

If I had to save the world for one RPG character, it would be for Bikke the Pirate from the first Final Fantasy. After all, I felt so bad for rocking his world, knocking off his pirates with 2:1 odds, andgetting his ship (his livelihood), that one has to pity the poor guy. He deserves a world free of Lich et. al. Oh, and his name contains two "k's" in a row. Can't beat that.

Mr. Craktroop

Actually, the Final Fantasy fan game I linked to a while back went further into Bikke’s past, but I have to say, 8-bit Theater is where I get my Final Fantasy back story, especially after yesterday’s comic. Drizz’l? Oh Mr. Clevinger, you’ve done it again!

...too bad only 4 people got that joke...

Whenever I played the game (one of thousands of times) it always came down to, “*chuckle* aw man, Lucca just took 5000 damage from that thing, that’s awesome… jebus, Magus got hit pretty bad there, oh well… HOLY SHIT DID YOU JUST TOUCH MY CRONO?!!? *casts luminaire* *casts dark matter* you’re gonna die now sucka! *pets Crono-pixels* don’t worry Crono… he’ll never touch you again….”


Wow. Somehow I don’t want to know what you did to your television when Crono blew himself up.

The Final Grumble:

Surprised how few girls wrote in to talk about their main imaginary squeeze. And I can’t believed no one mentioned Nina! I mean, come on guys! Short blond hair, wings, and a leotard! How can any of you resist?!

Andrew "Good bad, I'm the guy with the rake" Duff

Easter break = Chocolate bunnies. Mmmm, crunchy on the inside!

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