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>since I have the hugest crush on Rydia

Amen! When ever someone stupid Imp in FFIV would hit Rydia, I'd get pissed, generally casting the strongest summon I had next round, if I didn't nuke their ass. ^_^

Better yet, get the Imp summon for her! Now who’s the bitch, bitch?!

You've forgotten the link to GAME HERE. It sounds so damn cool that I have to try it! Give me the link to GAME HERE! I MUST HAVE IT!

-Mike Lemmer

First you must prove yourself by going through the ice caves and returning with the seagull of embarrassment. Only then shall you get your reward!

My response to Bart's letter:

Not technically an airship, but Balamb Garden.

"Dude, I've got the muchies!"
"No prob, man, we'll just fly our college/army base into town"


Or if the power cuts out, ONTO town.

BWAHAHAHAHA you are now cursed to post all letters i send you on your Q & A. and the Best airship is the Ragnarok. And you are right Dice hurt like a female dog.
Letters with no flow are the best.


Ahahahaha you are now cursed to not get any of your letters posted that you send me for Q & A. And you are right this letter hurt like a female dog.
Quickies with no point are best.

RPG Cliché, eh?

Screw decent security systems, all you need to protect your precious dungeon is one simple thing: block puzzles! Forget just locking the doors or anything, all you need is some loosley connected blocks that if arranged in the correct pattern will unlock the door. We can allways hope they just get frustrated and leave.

Don’t forget the ever popular barging into of a stranger’s house and robbing them blind, then politely talking to them afterward. Damn you NPCs! Show some backbone and stand up those thieving “heroes”!

The Final Grumble:

The day after I made the offer for the Otherkin to strike me down, I noticed a strange, 4000 readership jump. It only lasted a day, and now I’m considering what other groups I could offend into reading the column. Hmm!

Andrew "Puppy Kicker" Duff

Uh oh. Smells like bacon again. Why do fat girls wear clingy outfits?! -_-;;

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