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Dont you hate it when someone writes something that doesnt have to do with an RPG?

Ironically, I hate it when people write in letters that are TOO specific about RPGs. Listen carefully, readers! I will not tell you how to solve the puzzle in the final dungeon! Ever! Weíve got an RPGuides section here exactly for you overly lazy people who donít want to take the time to figure it out for yourselves. So, on that note...

What does the level and feel mean for the pokeblocks? Do u want a feel of 25 or 18? Which is better? I know you want a high level but I'm not really sure about the feel thing......do u know anything about this?


Personally, Iíd rather feel up an 18 year old over a 25 year old, and skin is VERY important. You donít want to end up with someone who sags in all the wrong places when they hit 30, right?

Got any idea on how the magic system actually works? All I know is I can cast cure twice before I need to use the inn.

Traditionally, youíll need to start worshiping a deity of some sort, preferably an evil one, until they bestow you powers to fight their enemies. Then itís just a matter of gain levels and performing quests, and then youíll be well on your way to casting cure THREE times before going to the inn!

Just discovered this, and it's fun! Brings back memories of 3rd grade and playing a game like this on the Apple IIe.


If life gives you lemons--oh, you know the rest.

Card Captor Ribby

I was a strict Oregon Trails man myself back in grade school, but yeah, Lemonade does have a certain bad graphicís charm. What?! I need ice cubes to sell lemonade! Back in my day, we drank it warm! Damn kids today and their ideas of ďcostumer serviceĒ!

It's mini-poll time. A question for you and tommorow's letter writers to answer (in addition to any questions they send). What is your favorite game airship of all time, and why?


Cidís airship from Final Fantasy 4, because it was made specifically to spite the king, had a propulsion system that should have driven it straight into the ground, and, for all intents and purposes, could fly way past the speed of sound, turning all the noise of the world below into a pleasant sounding background music. Hooray!

The Final Grumble:

Bah. I left Zelda at home till Easter, and if you want to know why, feel free to keep quiet. Anyone got a link to a free game Iíll enjoy immensely?

Andrew "Typical Jerk" Duff

Hey, does anyone ever wish the internet didn't exist so they'd have more time for video games? Yeah, freakish, I know.

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