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Booga Booga!My aren't we angsty and so edgy.
Seriously, I'm sure your mother loved you.
No really.

Hey everyone! Itís Booga Booga, the typing ape, and heís sent me a letter! Lets all wave to Booga and toss him a banana!

Hey there, just writting to see if your "stab, stabity, stab" line is a reference to Agent X or not, its a brilliant comic. Also, have you played Vanguard Bandits? Its a great, albeit short, game that I feel really got over looked.

Havenít heard of Agent X, havenít played Vanguard Bandits, and the title of yesterdayís column was expressing my anger at how many stupid letters I received. Urge to put down, rising!

Is it just me or are the headlines in .hack rather propagandish. I mean I'm not buying a wonderswan, okay? get over it Bandai

Other than that let me say I am so far very disappointed with the complete lack of males masquerading as females online in .hack. It makes the game very unrealistic.


1. But...a Wonderswan will make you happy! So happy! Love meeeeeeeeeee!

2. I suppose youíd be the cross-dressing expert in MMORPGs, eh, Shanoyu? Or maybe you were taken in by one too many love ladies with surprises under their dresses?

The Final Grumble:

Next week topic, letís all pick an RPG cliche and run with it!

1. The hero MUST wield a sword, preferably a magical one.

Forget what you know about all the years of training and hard work it takes to use a sword properly, all you really need to do is find one! Then even guys who wear green dresses and night caps can fight like a battle harden veteran in seconds! Forget your spears, axes, and lances, a real hero fights with a sword; no matter how much of a clutz he is. And the best part about a hero finding his sword, be it in an anvil, a mystical forest, or even sticking out of a still-warm corpse, is that thereís a good chance itís magical! So their blade always stays sharp, causes evil creatures to flee when itís near, and bestows amazing powers to whoever picks it up!

Andrew "Drasaris Strife" Duff

...whatís this? I...feel a slight headache coming on! Damn you Otherkin! *sob*

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