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Hello Andrew,

I'm a furry as well, and not irked by the comment you made. Just wanted to point out another series responsible for furrys.
Sonic the Hedgehog.


Ah, Princess Sally. How many teens were horribly twisted drawing nipples on your stupid naked chipmunk body?

Hey Andrew,

Concerning catgirls,
Don't forget Xiao from "Dark Cloud,"
A sexy feline.


Catgirls like springtime
Any man should say otherwise
He is celibate

yea errrrrrrrm hi Andrew.
the big question on every RPG gamers mind is 'when is FFX-2 coming out. now i respect that you cant give an exact date but what are your thoughts.
thanking you in advance,

Gary Smith (UK)

This question isnít on anyoneís mind, and seeing as youíre in the UK, you wonít be getting the game till NEXT spring. Gah, really. Go play games that are out now, and stop being a Final Fantasy ass kisser.

The meaning of life
I found in a garage box
Then I had ice cream

Yah, ice cream! :-)


Haiku this isnítNature it does not mentionSad in your nerdom.

omg, Google's a girl?? seriously??
Quote: "Google till she makes it back" "back on her slimy feet"

so is she a she? or is that b/c of the alleged sex change operation? i NEED TO KNOW!!!

-the insane christina

ps. congrats on Zelda ;-) wo0t!

Listen, Google doesnít conform to your silly little gender rules! He is who she is! Why should she have be anyone but himself?! Youíre only seeing what you want to see, and what you see is Google as a chick when heís a actually a slime!

Hey there Andrew Duff
My letter is a haiku
ain't that friggin' cool?


P.S. I'd like to see someone write an intellegible rpg-related question in that format.

To think, this Haiku?
True winter tears cry for you
Above letter is

I wrote a Haiku
But is not very good
*big grin*

-- Calydor.

Oh ho ho ho! Calydor, you are the KING of wit!

The Final Grumble:

Final Grumble-Zeldaís fun, thought Iíve just reached the Forbidden Fortress. Whew, writing haikuís for answers really takes it out of a guy. I hope you all enjoyed Thorís column on Tuesday. Howís that for an April Foolís joke? Claim Thorís coming, and then have him actually do the column. Iím a genius I tells ya!

Andrew "Celda? Dorks." Duff

Wow. Do all pirates keep training areas on their ships?

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