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Andrew - March '31- 12:00 Central Standard Time

Hey folks, itís Andrew. Uh...I donít know how to say this, but Google took off last Friday with plans to finally get that sex change operation to stop all the guessing about his gender. Apparently the doctors hit a snag on how to actually tell if a slime is a male or female, and Google is impatiently stuck at ye ole clinic for another day or so. Now, Iíd love to handle the weekday column normally, but come on. Iíve got a life to live! Through Wind Waker! Ahahaha!

Anyway, I dug around, looking for a guest host to fill in for Google till she makes it back, and guess who appeared? Thor Antrim!

Thatís right, the famed long-haired bad-ass of Q&A past has agreed to come again and host until Google is back on her slimy feet.

Now, itís been awhile for Thor, so go easy. Spending the last few years traveling around the country and fighting off alien potatoes has made him a little jumpier then your average Q&A hosts, and he has assured me heís up to the job. By now, Iím sure youíre all DYING to send him letters, so be sure to fill his mail box to the brim!

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Ooo, I'm giddy like a young cat girl! Maybe I'll send Thor a letter too...

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