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Andrew - March '30- 12:00 Central Standard Time

Amazingly, furries with torches and pitchforks were no where to be seen today, which is a bit of a relief. After all, a guy needs to use his weekend to relax and smolder his rage that he won’t have Zelda until Monday afternoon.

...I wonder if REALLY hairy people are considered furries...

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ArfenHouse the Movie!
What's Andrew playing this week?
ArfenHouse 3

Stop agreeing with me, it burns.

Hmm, I'll need to create a better compression system in order to send you my cat girls. How about the one from Escaflowne? She's pretty small and annoying.

I just played Shadow Hearts a little bit and it's freakin' awesome! Why hasn't anybody else even heard of it? It's got good atmosphere, great music, interesting characters, and it's actually got some difficulty to it! It's just perfect! (Well, except for the graphics, which aren't bad, but...)

Tales of Destiny actually did let you have multiplayers. You had to equip the 'Channeling' accesory. Probably is nice to do it with that game because frankly, the AI sucks as I recall. Almost makes me wish I had friends...

FFU is truly aweful. No plot. Stupid characters. Bad CG. Repetitive. You've heard it all before. I didn't even find Kaze particularly cool. Wouldn't it be cruelly ironic if they actually did a good job with the dubbing when it comes out here and it ended up being the quality of Cowboy Bebop's dub or better? I can't believe I actually own the old FF OVA on tape. It's almost as bad as FFU!

If it makes you happy, you'll have beaten the latest Zelda game years before I will even have touched it; I don't have a GameCube! :P

P.S.I have some super anti-tildes that you can give to furries. They'll react with their tildes and blow 'em sky high! <~><~><~><~><~><~><~>


2. Shadow Hearts, eh? The cover turned me off. I mean, a guy holding a passed out woman in his arms? I didn’t want an RPG version of “The Bodyguard”.

3. Rar! 4 paly3r AC-TION!

4. Hey now, the series isn’t complete crap. It just doesn’t have a whole lot of sensible effort put into it. If Square would realize that fans want animes and movies based on the Final Fantasy series, instead of just stealing the name, they’d stop suffering such huge losses.

Whoa, you kidding? That’d be just what I need. Bloody animal fur raining down on me is exactly what those horrible activists have been waiting for to get me fired.

Damn you Zelda fanboys! One of these days, you’ll pay! You’ll all pay! Ahahahaha!

Heh. If it makes you feel better, I went to Blockbuster to rent a movie, totally forgetting when Zelda was gonna come out, since I figured I wouldn't be one of the first couple hundred (million?) people to get it. But, on a lark, I walked through the video game section, and what did I see? Not one, not two, or even three, but all four copies of Zelda sitting on their shelf. So I rented it. Played it until I got to the point where sailing across the ocean drove me nuts, put it down, and it'll probably be a while before I play it again. I kinda draw the line where in order to get from one place to another, I push a button, turn my guy so he's facing the right way, put my controller down, spend 15 minutes eating lunch, come back and still have to wait a few minutes for my character to get to where he's going. :-) Just thought I'd share.

Oh, and sorry, no HTML formatting from me. I guess I'm kinda anal like that, too.

If you replace “feels better” with “annoyed”, then your letter would be perfect. Though it is nice to know you’ve got the exact opposite of my luck, which means I just have to find you, crack your neck open, and drain your spinal fluids. THEN I TO SHALL HAVE RANDOMLY GOOD FORTUNE.

Mini-review of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!

Hey Andrew,

I've played an import of FFTA, and I think it's as good as the first. The first thing I noticed was that the music seemed as good as the original, and that's very important to me. The quality of the music really helps retain the FFT atmosphere. Also, the graphics are generally just as good. Another really cool thing is that the story seems non-linear, IE I was able to go up to an information desk and get a job, which was to kill the monsters of wherever and retrieve the something. It had kind of a Arc the Lad feel.

There's also some Legend of Mana in there too, because using some of the items lets you add spots to your map, at locations of your choice.The "general" system is very cool. The aformentioned fetch-quest job's battle took place in a grassy field, where the police busted my moogle for using fire spells.

From the limited time I spent with FFTA, I went from not "excited at all" to "shaking with joy."


Hmm! It does sound like fun. Well, hopefully that’ll encourage readers to put their uneasyness aside and pick up the game. I just hope the translation doesn’t have a lot in common with the original FFT’s.

Disco Stu, likes beefy wrestlers!

Hey Andrew, just thought I'd fill everybody in on a bit of info regarding Greco, the masked wrestler from Chrono Cross. His name comes from a style of legitimate wrestling called Greco-Roman, an international style where holds are only allowed to be applied to and using the upper body. You are not allowed to apply holds on or by using your legs, in contrast to freestyle, the other major international style, both of which are represented in the Olympics. Obviously Greco doesn't just use Greco-Roman moves, instead opting for more of the catch-as-catch-can style used in pro wrestling, thereby making his name kind of silly.

Robust Stu

That’s...really odd. Am I the only person who has noticed that most Wrestling games are more then a little RPGish? Awful translations, unbelievable fight scenes, and even a form of experience! If someone ever did a wrestling game with anime style graphics, I doubt anyone would know what to do with it.

And one more furry letter for the road.

Duff-Man, how's it goin'?

I felt i had to comment on this little "furry" controversy you seem to have stirred up.

To quote that one wacky, bald comedian with glasses,

"Nerds hate it when you get their obsession wrong."

Now I have nothing against so-called "nerds", as some could say I myself possess some nerdish tendencies, but it's true that some these "frothing furries" as you most eloquently put it (said without sarcasm) are ready to rip out your bunny rabbit throat simply because you spoke your opinion (or linked to some site) about people who think they are talking animals. Personally, I don't get it. It's one thing to be a fan of Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny and call yourself a fan of "furries" (as the web site that yrrab436 linked to defines it) but it's a totally other thing to consider yourself some kind of "animorphized" human. Your sig-pic is a rabbit, but you don't consider yourself as a human possessing the attributes of a pilot bunny. I think that these so called "furries" need to take their rabies shots, step out of their "manimal" fantasy world once in a while, and learn to take a joke. I mean as you stated, you have nothing against "furries" (and neither do I, it's just not my thing.) ........And that's the end of that chapter.....!!!!

Well, now for a question, from what you've seen, what do you think of the X-men Legends RPG? It's looking to be pretty cool.

P.S. In response to the Curbside Prophet's letter, and your answer to it, Tales of Destiny II allows up to 4 people (w/ a multitap) to participate in the battles.

That's All Folks!!! :P

J Squared

I just find it amusing that these people took a blurb and turned it into to this huge insult on my part. Now, if I had gone and done a full out rant of them, then I could understand, but for some reason, furries tend to be easier to offend them most sub-cultures. Like here, check this out. HEY EVERYONE, WEB COMICS ARE FOR SUCKERS WHO ARE TOO UNTALENTED TO GET REAL JOBS!

Now watch. I won’t get one piece of hate mail from the artists of web comics.

...though I’ll probably get a few hundred pictures of me in compromising situations with cat-girls.



Am I just stupid, or is there no day or night in the new Pokemon?


There's no noticeable change from night and day. Whether this has any effect on the pokemon is not clear to me.

So there you have it Ben! For once in your life, you’re not stupid! *huggggg*


To what extent is Thundercats responsible for furries?

That is all.

Well, Thunder Cats is pretty up there, but I mostly blame Rescue Rangers. Of course, nowadays, it’s that damn Nintendo’s pokemon that spurs on the recruits.

The Final Grumble:

Well, if I don’t have Zelda by my next column, expect for me too have chewed off all my nails in anticipation. For next week, how about everyone send me letters in haiku form? Yeah, that’ll work...

Cherry petals fall
Quietly into the lake
I swear, the post sucks.

Andrew "I'm not really a rabbit!" Duff

For tomorrow, how about we all send letters to Google asking if he's considered a furry or a slimey!

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