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Andrew - March '23- 12:00 Central Standard Time

Yeah yeah, and now the other half of my letter writers are off on spring break, too lazy to get out of bed, let alone write me a letter. Such is the life of the Weekend Q&A guy.

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Highly speculative questions deserve poorly thought out answers.


I've got a few questions concerning recent releases and upcoming titles....

1.) Is RPGamer in the process of putting up a staff review for Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter? It seems to have gotten relatively high reviews from other sites compared to the last two BoF's, so I was wondering what the stance was on it here.

You'll be getting a BoF review soon, as a matter of fact...

omfg, this is an awesome game
we're into double overtime

2.) On, they have release dates under, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, FFX2 and FF11 (11/3/03), as well as Unlimited Saga (07/15/03), and Star Ocean: Till The End of Time (9/9/03). The date for Unlimited Saga is probably close since RPGamer says summer 2003, but I just can't imagine Square releasing 3 FF bombshells on one day. If they do, more power to them I suppose. Can you confirm/deny any of these release dates, or assure me that they're just guesstimations and nobody truly knows?

Well, I don't work, or know, anyone at Ebgames, but I'd say that an upright company, theyíd quote the dates to the best of their ability. Besides, the games you're talking about are around half a year away. Relax man, go play some games that are out now.

3.) Do you have any idea of the likelihood that we'll see FFT Advance over here before 2004?

3. According to my magic 8, "Reply hazy, not that it really matters."

4.) Has anyone on the staff or that you know played the import of FFX2? I am curious if the job changes will affect the character costumes outside of battle. I doubt it, but I would just prefer not to have to see Rikku in that outfit through the whole game. Oh well.

You know, in Final Fantasy 4 and 6, female characters basically wore a one piece bathing suit. If youíre disgusted by Squareís exploitation of the female body, feel free to sign that petition Lulu has been passing around.

5.) Do you know a website where I could import European releases? I know plenty for Japanese releases, but not European.

5. What, am I suppose to go looking for you? Get out there and find a site yourself. Besides, what RPGs could Europe possibly get that would be worth importing? 0_o

And now for a few opinion Q's:

1.) Do you think FF Origins will be worth the purchase? I'm hoping they totally updated the scripts, bland storytellling ruins games for me.

Itís the same game with updated graphics and music, a bunch of slight alterations, and some secrets thrown in. If you were looking for an 8-bit theater style turn-about, youíre looking in the wrong place. Besides, when Square decided to not put these games on the GBA, they also decided to shot every fan in the foot.

2.) Considering how horrid people seem to think Lufia: the Legend Returns was, how do you think Lufia: The Ruins of Lore will turn out? Lufia II-2? (Not that Atlus would sink to Square's level of title-numbering....)

After the debacle of a great series, Iím waiting until the reviews come out before deciding on this one. Honestly, the Lufia series was known for puzzles. Whose bright idea was it to put randomly generated dungeons to kill off the diehards?

3.) Have you played any of the Shining games? Based on your experience, do you think Shining Soul would be worth the money/effort/time to import?

The only shining games Iíve ever played are Shining Force, and no, I donít think any game is worth importing over, since I canít read Japanese, and I disagree strongly about hemorrhaging money for something the importer stepped on.

Well that's all off the top of my head........... g'bye now.

Derek Thompson

Oh wait.

P.S. I have to ask. Are you related to Hilary Duff?

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. (Colossians 3:12-14)

Thanks for all the questions Derek, and as for me and Hilary, as a matter of fact, yes. Sheís my third cousin, once removed, twice embarrassed, and pretends not to recognize me in public. Ah, family. I tells ya.

Deep in the Amazon, where the memory cards go...

A tale of woe, since woe is me:

Ok. I'm goint to a friend's house yesterday after school. So I grab Dark Cloud 2, and stick the GTA:VC disc in with it, and the memory card, of course.

At lunch, another friend of mine takes a look at it, and gives it back to me, so I put it away, and go to my English class. Everything is all good and fine at the moment.

Then I get to my friend's house after a long bus ride, and we get to his room. I open up the game's case and hand him the GTA:VC disc. Then he asks for my memory card. And, alas, it is not there!

So now I sit here, without my memory card for the whole weekend. And I'm just hoping that my friend accidentally took it out at lunch and pocketed it or something like that.

If not, I just lost all of everything I have done gaming-wise on my PS2 and PSX for the past, let's see... 5 years!!! Figuring I just transferred everything to my PS2 card.

- Sin

See? Youíd think Satan worshiping parents would be a little more sensible naming their kids. Now poor Sin is going to spend the rest of his life being picked on and suffering random acts of Godís wrath. Something tells me that the memory card isnít the most horrible luck youíve had, Sin.

Why do I keep getting letters on a game series I hate?


To the guy who wrote in a letter about Legaia 2- it is a PS2 game. So that is not the answer. And, Andrew, from responses I have heard, you hated Legend of Legaia and, for that reason, refuse to buy Legaia 2.

Well, I decided to replay Legend of Legaia. It was my first RPG, and I thought it might be nice to play it again without saying, "Looky! Looky! He has Hit Points! That's Neat!" Ohhh, goodness. I see why you don't like it. It was fun for me, and I still enjoy it, but I see the major flaws and cliches (darnit! I can't do the e-dash thangy) that the game had.

Let me tell you- Legaia 2 is a VAST improvement. It does have one or two 0_0 moments (Bubba is in love with the BEAR!?) but I really enjoyed it. The battle system is no longer about choosing 'spirit' for seven rounds before you could attack. In fact, weaker attacks BUILD your AP bar. And what is REALLY 'nifty' is this- if you are bored with the main game, then you can see nigh infinite scenes! Just go to a town when you aren't on a quest and talk to your team-members, and you may get an entirely new character-development scene. There must be a thousand of them!

The music is great, nice graphics- this one is a keeper. I strongly suggest at least renting this one.


Look, if I wanted to see optional character development in town, Iíd play Star Ocean 2. If I wanted an overly complex battle system Iíd play a fighting game, and if I want to play a good game, Iíd pick something else. There are a half dozen great new RPGs out right now, and all of them are above Legaia 2 on my list.


Ask and ye shall receive.

Strange you should mention Mario Paint. All of my Mario Paint animations had Godzilla eating people and then crapping their bones out. What do you make of that?

-Mike Lemmer

Wow. So Kirby really did uses his inhaling powers for evil. Iíd hate to die by being swallowed and absorbed by a foot tall wad of gum.

Hmm. If I didnít know better, Iíd say your Mario Paint use says that youíre a big fan of giant monster scat porn. *run*

What a horrible conundrum. My little brother won't let me play his PS2 because I have pink eye, and he's insane about germs. I've attempted to squirt pus on him already, but to no avail. What's a guy to do?

Start coughing all over the PS2, and if that fails, steal the power cord.

How can anyone take a look at Gamespy's coverage todayand not fume?

They put "Zone of the Enders II" in the top spot, while relegating "Zelda: The Wind Waker" to one of the 3 secondary spots! How can any sane game reviewer DO THAT? I bet I know who paid them advertising revenue...

-Mike Lemmer

Calm down, tiger. You do realize youíre upset over the placement of Zelda, right? You do realize that makes you a complete fanboy, correct?

The Final Grumble:

With any luck, Iíll have my copy of Zelda by next weekendís column, so Iíll be able to field some questions about it. Have a good week, everyone.

Andrew "Celda? Dorks." Duff

For Google, send him letters asking what his most annoying letter was!

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