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Andrew - March '22- 5:00 Central Standard Time

If you cared about my personal life, youíd ask in a letter. So on to what drives you to show up here!

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I hope my generation isnít remembered for ďAll your baseĒ. How will I explain it to my kids?

Hello again, you waskawy wabbit!

MegaHAL!! Oh, I'm so glad he wasn't picked as the permanent weekend host! It's funny once in a while, but after some time, hearing my favorite games being described as vital organs gets boring.

You want a link!? All right, then. This is the link to the very first letter I sent to RPGamer...

The topic was "weird moments in video games," so I picked Chrono Cross. Apparently, I had completely forgotten that Thousand Arms existed.

Oh, and while I'm linking, that "rocks fall everyone dies" quote from last week was from

The link:

Don't piss off a female DM


"Someone set us up the bomb!"
Ah, nostalgia!

Ehehe. Itís nice to know Iíve attracted a few more constant letter senders, though I find it slightly scary that ďAll your baseĒ is already considered nostalgia. Where has all the time gone?!

Heroic engineering stories!

Just 'cuz someone's tale of woe about their dirty lens or whatever, reminds me of a friend of mine and the joys of going to a predominately engineer school (the anti-joy being the 10:1 male:female ratio). So, this engineer friend of mine burns out his power source on his PS2. Being newly married, he decides it just wouldn't be prudent to buy a whole new PS2. But, he DOES have this old ATX power source just laying around. So, he goes and grabs a big old rheostat and turns the outputon the ATX power source way down, and totally dismantles his PS2, hooking the ATX up to his PS2. Then, he slowly turns the rheostat up until he gets the right power level. Currently, he has a working PS2, in about 5 pieces, literally draped on the top of his TV. His wife loves him.

Thatís really cool. Sounds like I gots to be making me some engineering majors for friends! Weíve got a guy on campus who took apart his stereo and attached to his bike, with wires sticking out everywhere and his speakers hanging onto the handlebars for dear life. Iím sometimes tempted to ask how many times he shocked himself setting it all up, but he seems to spend a lot of his time tuning his baby and cursing already, and I donít want to bring up painful memories.

I dream of death volvos.

Arcana is a mediocre dungeon crawl whose only stand-out feature is the extensive use of cards forgraphics. (Besides, if you wanted cards, Lost Kingdoms does it better.) However, it is notable for one other thing. It was made by HAL Laboratories, creator of Kirby and the too-damn-addictive Smash Bros. series.

As proof, watch the intro when you begin a new game. You can see Kirby among the invading horde of monsters. (What else did he do before he became a hero?)

As minor sidenote, Square also made Rad Racer II back in the days of the NES.

Recently, I have gotten the urge to play a Car Wars strategy/RPG game. The last one I remember playing was called "Autoduel!", an old Apple II game that I always got whooped on.

Do you know of any games that can satisfy my urge to roam the lonely highways of a post-apocalyptic world, looting every abandoned gas station and military base I come across? To barrel across the sand dunes in a combat-ready SUV as my posse fires automatic weapons from the back seat?

Oh, and UFOs. I want to shoot down UFOs with Rocket Launchers from the shotgun seat.

-Mike Lemmer

1. If you can secure a screenshot of said Kirby the monster invader, Iíd love to post it here. Warriors made of gum, away!

2. Well, other then my stand ready response to make one yourself, Car Battler Joe did just come out, and the reviews for it so far werenít terrible.And speaking of UFOs, I found my copy of Mario Paint awhile back, and found that most of my animations were spaceships setting fire to things. When searching for a possible reason why, I realized that Iím most likely a repressed pyromaniac. Go figure.

Wadda ya mean it was all a dream?!

Um...hello, Andrew!About half a year ago, I stopped writing to this website due to my aol address being wiped out by credit card woes. I still read the Q and A all the time, and I wanted to make a comeback, I am!

Beyond that, my RPG woe was with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. When I first got it, I played it every chance I get. However, somewhere along the way, I switched cartridges and lost the Zelda cartridge. I looked all around my room, but I couldn't find it.So, I decided to buy another Zelda cartridge through working around the house doing chores for my parents. Eventually, I was able to buy a new game with the monety I got from working; however, guess what I found in my parent's kitchen after wards? MY ORIGINAL ZELDA CARTRIDGE BEHIND THE CABINET! So, In the end, I got two Zelda cartridges for the original gameboy which I still have today.

BTW, the woe part of that story was that I could have bought a new video game with the money I raised to buy the second Zelda cartridge but I was too late and too dense to notice it!

That's it! Later!

KaPowie K1

Good story, but it was even worse for me. I beat Linkís Awakening in 3 days, and when I tried to return the $40 game, Funcoland would only take it for $5 bucks. The game had been out for less then a week, and they tried to rip a poor kid like me off. Needless to say I held onto it and used the stupid start + select trick to jump maps and ended up abusing the game to pieces.

The mighty J has some mighty questions! OH yeah!

Hey Andrew!!!

Whats up man? First of all this is of course about Xenosaga (like most letters for you guys usally are, well this and .hack), but i just finished the game tonight at 3am (sadly i have no job now, being a union electrician does have its ups and downs i guess) and well to me it just seems like the ending just comes outta nowhere and punches me in the face, i mean come on they didnt even tell you any of the good stuff, kinda dissappointing if i say. I guess for a question id have to ask......... do you think its wise to pay over $200 for one big story in a game (referring to .hack)? I mean i know xenosaga is supposed to be like 6 episodes or so, but that doesnt come out 3 months after the previous one. I dunno, maybe its just me but i kinda see it as a waste of money, even if it is a good game.

Also, do you remeber Crystalis? It was for nintendo. I remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day when me and my older brother played it (back when it was pretty new) and for some reason it either freaked us out or was too tough but we decided to wrap it up in a camo bandana and hide it in our closet. Well 2 or so years later we found it and ended up playing it again and beat it. It was some weird stuff but its one of the oddest memories i have about RPGs.

Also a man's dream is not a giant robot. It's a giant Chu-chu!!! Its just so big and furry and =/ well anyway see ya!

- The all mighty J

1. If you feel that picking the rest of the .hack series is a waste of money, then donít. Iím sure fans of the series are thrilled to be getting one game after the other so quickly. Besides, if youíre a gamer, then defining ďwaste of moneyĒ is a pretty hypocritical.

2. Of course I remember Crystalis. It was what Zelda 2 was SUPPOSE to be, and you could change into a woman. My only gripe was the level cap, and that the hero was, for all intents and purposes, gender less. At least with Link you knew he was a prostitute, what with the dress and meeting old men in caves and having them give you rupees for poorly worded favors. ďDODONG HATES SMOKE.Ē

3. A manís nightmare is Chu-Chu, a manís dream is KOS-MOS. Mmm, twin-barreled chain guns...


Why, it's MINE of course!

*beats self with a large trout*


Everyone wants to guest host, but after a few months, it starts losing its charm when random crazies send you letters about how much you suck and that there favorite RPG is Yu-Gi-Oh. Damn you, Konami! I loveded you!

Hey Andrew,
Here's one subject you didn't want to hear about again, but my 6726 is begging for attention.

"A games not beat til the score's untouchable."
- Me."6726 is prety damn untouchable"
- Me again.


Uh...erm...congrats? Your skills, and lightning quick reflexes are an example to

This is in response to the person having trouble with Legaia 2, is this a psx game, cause psx games use a different lasar (seriously) and mine was doing that and i blew some compressed air on it and it started working, and yes, my ps2 games were working and my psx games were not.

Very good response, Mr. didnít-leave-his-name. Hooray! I love playing with compressed air!

The Final Grumble:

Itís amazing how hard it is to focus when Captain Planet is playing in the background. Curse you planeteers! You and youíre stupid monkey!

Andrew "I summon the power of spite!" Duff

Come on, the power of heart? What stoner thought that one up?

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