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Andrew - March '21- 12:00 Central Standard Time

A few weeks ago, I sent Strong Bad an email about what kind of game he would make. Iím not sure if this is the answer, but Iím too addicted to care. I smooshed you, peasanty!

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Mr. T pities the fool who thinks heís a washed up actor!

Hey Andrew,

Fondest Q&A Memory you say? Well, there are a good number of them, but the one that sticks out in my mind the most is from when Brad Lohr was running this gig. Someone sent in a great picture of a Mr. T action figure, surrounded by fruit, and the quote "Mr. T sez: "I pity da fool who ain't gettin' enough vitamin c!"

I have a link to that day, but, unfortunately, that picture has been lost for a while now. Heh, that page looks so old now, doesn't it?

- DynaBladeX

Poor Mr. T.

Everything Iíve ever seen with him in it depicts him as a sad, slightly confused macho man with a polar opposite flamboyance. Was there ever a time when he wasnít the butt of All Your Base spoofs, pandering calling plans and making guest appearances to late night tv shows? Was there ever a time when he was well liked for a reason other then his sheer bizarreness?

But hey, donít get me wrong. I love Mr. T.

Girls donít get angry. They get even. With a chainsaw.

I think it's so hilarious how upset people (specifically, every male I know) gets so upset when something doesn't go their way in a video game. They yell, they curse, they throw the's just hilarious! I'm not even going to go into the kind of language they go into when they hear you laughing, however.

On the contrary, I'm not saying that as an active gamer, I don't ever get upset. I will admit to almost kicking my tv, breaking the cd, slamming my controller into various surfaces all because of a game. (Specifically, I had gone out almost the entire secret dungeon in Star Ocean w/o saving when I was paralyzed by the stupid blob monsters becuz, oddly enough, I hadn't killed them quick enough....this also happened in the last dungeon with Indelico.) Then of course there was the time I couldn't figure out one of the most annoying puzzles in Legaia 2 and my boyfriend had to look up codes since our comp was occupied. Two days later, I accidently saved over my slot on the memory card with that game.....Then I was upset....since then, I have not played that game again.

In any case, I suppose there is no point to this, other than me talking about how oddly funny it is to watch people get upset over video games. I've gathered from past letters you are one of those people so I will leave off my coments here.

"No, it's different getting upset with Dynasty Warriors 3 because Dynasty Warriors 3 is my life."

-A recent quote from my boyfriend after I got on his case for getting mad after losing on Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers.

-True Illusion

Eh, not playing through Legaia 2 isnít exactly what Iíd call a tragedy...

RPGamers are a LITTLE calmer then most. Iíve heard my neighbors go nuts when they lose in Madden games or accidently suicide in Time Splitters 2. Then again, RPGamers are also the only people on earth who would go on for HOURS about why General Leo should have lived. You fweakin monkeys, heís dead! Deal! *sob*

Yes, even women are now entitled to embarrassing online nicknames!

Hey! I know that this topic was over with but I was busy with Xenosaga! Please let me e-mail you my Rpg "woe"! When I was but a young lady, I was realy into playing Mario party 1 with my cousin Joe and and my brother in law Tony. Joe and I got real far in Mario party 1. I can't remember what it was that we were doing. It had to do with beating all the mini games. We got soooo far and my fingers were hurting from the button pounding. at about 9 we called it a day and Joe went home. I went to school the next day. When I got home it was all erased! my neice had come over and overwrote it! OK now that was bad right? Wrong. What happend next was theworst part. I hid the game from her before I went to school the next day. I got home. and I ..............forgot where I hid it! Hows that for stupid! I found it 3 months later. I hid it in my shoe rack bag thingy. Surely no one can beat me in stupidity. I dare you to try.

-The Lizard

Beat you in stupidity? Hmm...

I guess youíre right. You win the stupidity award, Lizard! Hooray!

Lost Kingdomís retarded uncle.

I have been reading letters here for a while now and have never seen a game called Arcana mentioned. I don't think it's even on your list of games. This game was on the SNES and was quite good to my recollection. I bring this up because you mentioned something about first person RPG,s.

Yes it was a first person dungeon crawler, but it had some interesting elements (pun intended) lots of weapons and spells, even though the spells really all looked the same. I can't really remember the story, well it was pretty much save the land from the bad guy sorcerer and such. The main character was a "Card Master", who summoned beasts and magic from his sacred deck. The game came out around 92`. Another plus was the music.

Anyway just curious as to why no one every remembers this game.

People remember it, but from what I saw it looked like an uninspired dungeon crawl with a lousy battle system. Not to mention that it didnít exactly see a wide release, and at a time where 50 bucks was a fortune for me, I can see how most people passed it by.

Cruelty through helpfulness.

Im currently playing Legaia 2, it has so many side quests and things to do. Some people don't like the battle system but I do. Anyways since I cant play it because of my "situation", im writing into you guys.

Heres my problem, my PS2 messed up somehow and it reads "Disc Read Error" on every game I put in. And since I just bought Xenosaga and Legaia 2 I know its not from the lens being dirty (i also clean it with a disc lens cleaner). So I phone the guys at Playstation and they tell me they don't know exactly what is wrong but I should ship it to Ontario to get it repaired. I need to pay for S&H and 5 bucks will cover any repairs even if it exceeds it $5. One problem i am going to have to wait a month or a bit more to get it back.

Choice # 2! I can go to this store (which was highly recommended) that I heard from one of my computer junky friends and he might be able to fix it and if I want he'll install the chip that lets you play the burned CD of games (not that I care for it but whatever).

Final Choice, I can say screw it, drain all my money by buying a new one and sending the other to Playstation then when it comes back sell it (with a new 90 day warranty on it), one advantage to this would be I wouldn't have to wait for it and since no good X-box games that I know of are out yet (unless you know of some *hint hint*) I wouldn't have to fill the 3 to 12 hours that I spend on games per day.

So what Im looking for from you is reliability/pros+cons/your opinion on these decisions. Thanks for your time. I come to you because...well... your RPGamer staff... you know your stuff. Also any readers I appreciate your help if you can provide it. So thanks again.

PS. Don't suggest DOA Beach volleyball it blows real bad. Except for visuals! I give it a full 10 on that!


0_o;; Send it in to get fixed, and just wait! If you canít go a month without your precious system then...well...I hate to imagine what you look like. Really, go read some books, take up jogging, or hell, go play some free RPGs.

Really, take a stand. Use your month away from your Playstation 2 as a time to learn new skills, meet new people, or catch up on your homework! Otherwise youíll end up like Google!

Well, I mean...he CLAIMS that slimes are simply the next step in evolution...but well...nobody really believes her...

Wouldnít want to meet this reader. XENOSAGA SPOILER, if youíre a story whore!

Dear Andrew,

I'm a little behind on the Tales of Woe, since everyone else sent their story in a week or so ago. My story starts with a very recent game, Xenosaga. I was at a part, just before playing as Ziggy, where I had no Ether items, no healing items, nothing. All of the soldiers in the area use poison on my and I died very fast. trying very ahrd to survive battles, I kept dying over and over and over and over by the same stupid poison attack. But eventualy, I made it through, got MOMO..and so on and so on. I was already burnt out from trying to survive to that point, and I was running back to save my game and, oh! Look whos there! An almighty powerful boss is in my way. I almost survive just barely throug about 20 minutes of fighting (I was udnerleveled but I had a lot of healing items by then) and of course I died. I tried crushing my controller to no avail. I was so irritated that it wouldn't crush, that I put one of the Joystick things in my mouth and ripped it out.

I felt bad about this, so I tried forcing it back into the hole, and while I was doing that, I somehow split it open and now none of the buttons worked. Then my step brother comes in and starts complaining to me about how much of an idiot I am for breaking the controller (he's right) so I throw it at him. Then he gets mad and...

oh my's so terrible. I'm still in denial that it actualy happened. You see, out of anger, he popped open the PS2, picked up the game and tossed it against a wall, breaking in two. I almost lost my mind. After that he said he was sorry and he didn't think it would ahve done that, and then I tried to strangle him, but eventually I got exhausted...and stopped fighting and went into my room and sat on my bed for about 3 hours in complete shock. Not just because the game was broken, but because I was in such a depressing mood.

Okay I'm finished, I wouldn't say that one was really 'funny.' Maybe if I added or exagerated how insane I went, it would have been more thrilling.


Same thing happened to me with Ziggy, but after getting my ass handed to me the first time, I want back and mass leveled gained, just so I could whomp the fire wielding dweeb into a bloody pulp.

That story of you and your brother wrecking like, $90+ of video game equipment is hilarious. Get a rein on that temper, man! Next time youíre really angry, do me a favor. Do push-ups. As many you can, until you canít lift yourself up. Not only will you get a great work out, you wonít act like an idiot and destroy all your gaming gear.


Hey Andrew,

The one Q&A that was most memorable to me, would have to be this one:
Why? cause it was quite possibly the worse Q&A ever...who let that guy on staff?? Honestly now??


MegaHAL sez:

G'day mate, it is indeed a great pleasure it is a mixture of chalk and clay used for filtering urine from the initials of other words.

No, he becomes a guy.

To be more precise 7 is an integer. :-p


I would have gone back and finished Final Fantasy IV, but after graduation its been "work" this "I'm pregnant" that, i just don't have the time. and as far as my minions go, their to stoned to even notice i have turned around let alone know that their still in my "forbidding castle"

once again,
Lord Necron

Youíre pregnant!? CONGRATS NECRON! =D

Ií happy for you! *sniff*

is from xenosaga

And yet, itís a filthy lie. What guy has a giant robot on his mind right now? *wink wink*

Hey Andrew,

Due to insane graduation requirements, I have two huge projects on my hand. If anyone knows any good resources for information on the Japanese culture and Japanese white-collar workers (salarymen), please contact me. Any help would be appreciated. My e-mail is


P.S. Please pardon my AOL.

You heard him troops! Move out and help a fellow Reader!

...and hey, donít worry about the AOL. It happens to the best of us.

Besides...I bet I can burn it right off.

The Final Grumble:

Neat. Looks like Google has taken my idea for having topics. Hey guys, all previous topics Iíve ever had are always fair game to send in stuff about, and I really do want to hear your opinions, even if itís months after the topic was first posted.

Andrew "Adding Machine" Duff

Why yes, I did make it to level 14 before getting caught and sworded by stupid knights. CAN YOU BEAT TROGDOR?!

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