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   Damn you Spring Break!   

Andrew - March '9- 12:00 Central Standard Time

Couldnít figure out why my letter flow had dropped off, and then it hit me. All of my readers are off on sunny beaches, enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage, or at home, working at minimum wage jobs. So in return, Iíve got three letters and a quickie.

...I hate you spring break.

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Why do all the good things in life come in fours, except women?

First! Sickening scene! Zidane and Vivi sharing a communal urination in FFIX. I'm sorry, you can gripe about "RPG's have no toilets!" all you want, but there's a -reason-. It's so we don't have to worry about... those things. Gads. I'm very scarred. (Take whatever spelling you wish. They'll end up in the same place.)

... Wait. What the hell's the Nerdboy doing, defending FFX? Well, I happen to think that the "pathetic love scene", as an unnamed stranger pointed out, was very tastefully done. Why does the Nerd say this? Because, if you haven't realized, they didn't -touch- Suteki Da Ne. They left the song in Japanese! I don't know about you, but when I'm playing a game that was conceived in Japan, I want to hear the thing in Japanese. This goes to the point where I stopped listening to the game and merely read the subtitles, as is my nature. (Remember: A strong diet of fansubs will take you far!)

Third! Defense of SO2! Yeah, the voices were crap. It looked like an SNES RPG, what with all the sprites and all.

Ignore those for a second. Not only do you have a fantastic RPG with a detailed battle system, interesting characters ('Cept for Bowman, as he is an ambulatory mound of sewage), a brilliant skill system, the feature of being able to pickpocket every NPC in the game (and get some seriously spiffy goods from 'em), a 13-story bonus dungeon with no save points, a raised level cap (I'm not sure if it's 250 or 255, probably the former), a man with two dragons protruding from his back (dragons!), and about a thousand items you can make from just household ingredients, but... well, that's about it.

Fourth! Validate this rant as a question!

Why aren't we seeing anything about a new Shining game for a next-gen console? Sure, we've seen a recent entry to the series on the GBA ("we", in this case, meaning "Lucky Japanese gamers, of which Nerdboy Himself is most certainly not among"), but what's stopping a new, presumably 3D, presumably FMV-laden edition being released on the PS2 or 'Cube? Shining Force, the original, was the first RPG I really had a chance to get into, and has been dear to my heart ever since. More specifically, who at Sega to I have to mail a Primanti Bros. Cheesesteak to in order to expedite such a game? (Screw Philadelphia. You want a good cheesesteak, you should look in Pittsburgh.)

--Nerdboy Himself: Banishing sleep, one cool, crisp, sweet can of Dr. Pepper at a time.

2. ...your reason for enjoying the ďpathetic love sceneĒ is similar to why porno movies have sound tracks.

3. I love Star Ocean 2 because it let me do so much with my characters. Take a game like Xenosaga. You keep finding/getting/earning stuff for battles, but less then half of the game is focused on fighting, so whatís the point? In SO2, you could raise skills that let you do fun things outside of battle, which I loved. Not to mention the interesting side-quests in every town.

4. Iíd kill to see another Shining Force game. I own the first two, and I enjoyed both of them. As for the one for Saturn, I never picked it up, because A. I didnít own a Saturn and B. It was the first game in a 3-part series that Sega announced would never be sent out of Japan. The bastards.

Praise for caesa...dragons!


Nobody seemed to comment about how good a guest-host Rayme was. He did a fairly good job. Anyway, I recently bought Breath of Fire 5, and, I must say, that game RULES! First off, the graphics are pretty nice. The cartoony look works well. Also, the music is good. The battle system is perty nice, and I found myself saying, "That was sooo cool!" extremely frequently during battles.

I also found myself rationing items to characters. (I.E., "Ok, Nina is weak, so I will need about 2 of these healing items for her...) Besides that, though, the game really isn't too hard so far. I mean, yeah, it isn't easy, and I'm not too far into it yet, but all you really need to do is have a strategy. I find the best strategy is to power up a few rounds while running away, come up and do a few 30-AP attacks, go back, etc. And, for Nina, I spend rounds filling up a single area with about three circular attacks while she runs away, have Ryu wait until the enemy comes, then *Kick* and there goes one enemy.

I strongly suggest this game. If you don't have the money now, wait a bit and then buy it. What I am thinking is, since this game doesn't rely solely on graphics, it will be held above other Visual-Based games in the future.

"Eat that, duke! Muahaha! Wait- my D-Counter! D'oh!"

Well, Iím glad you like the game, because from what Iíve read/heard/seen the game is around 10 to 20 hours long, and most of the gameplay revolves around you replaying it, which doesnít exactly sound like the beeís knees to me.

Quick solution to a fanatical craze.

To the dude who wasn't sure why his Zelda 64 disc wans't in yet: EB (and other places, I guess) had an option where you could save about five dollars on shipping and just get both discs together when you ordered online. So when your Wind Walker comes in, I bet your bonus disc coems in too.

-Bean -- Visit it! Now! Now! Now now now now now!

"We should all be proud to be bass players." -- Matt Freeman

Sounds like a good deal, Bean.

Hey readers! For a good laugh, head over to Ebay and see how much people are buying the Zelda bonus disc for! 30 bucks! Haha, you rascally scam artists you!


"Why do I carry the levels and items I got in the simulation out? 0_o"




I should have bought Metroid Prime.

And I should start skipping over the dialogue cutscenes!

The Final Grumble:

I should make the most of this lull in letters...

Next weekís topic-
Whatís your best(worst) story of woe youíve had with an RPG? Instead of throwing a bunch of lame examples, Iíll tell mine.

Way back in the day, I was playing Robotrek, but got horribly, horribly ill with the flu, and ended up staying in bed for a few days. I couldnít take it anymore, and snuck downstairs to play some more, but within 10 minutes, I could barely see the blurred screen, I was shaking all over, and I was soaked in a cold sweat. But I refused to give up! Finally, after another 10 minutes, I found a save point, saved, and stumbled away, back to bed. It was the stupidest thing Iíve ever done, and nowadays, I never leave my bed when I get that ill.

...instead, I move the tv to my room so I donít have to get out of bed.

So sendíem in, and donít forget all those great ďI went to rent the game, and checked 15 locations, but they were all out, so I stole it from my best friendĒ stories.

Andrew "Mr. Driller!" Duff

Haha! Shion, you so silly! Why you not tell others about your horrible visions?!

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