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Andrew - March '8- 12:00 Central Standard Time

Strange. With all these new RPGs out, all I get are strangely worried letters about when a free game from 1998 is going to be available. Iím not sure whether to be depressed or happy that I can give snazzy answers to basically the same question.

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Nuke the NPCs!

Hello Andrew.

First, I have no embarrassing moment in any RPG I have ever played...with the exception of the guild missions in Arc the Lad 3 where Alec had to help out Annette, especially the one where Alec was chasing Annette's cat. That watch, in my opinion.

Second, I have decided to reserve the Wind Waker game to get those two bonus discs. They are definitely collectable, so I should try to focus on getting them ASAP. After that, I'm going to get the first dot hack game since it was released first in the set I want to buy. Any input on this?

Third, on my RPG story, you will not play an NPC who bitterly dies; instead, you will play the role of a lead singer of a popular rock band who is secretly a guardian of an elemental power. Any characteristics you want me to add to him, or do you want to call my story crap now and get the ridicule over with?

Finally, at the beginning of Linkin Park's new music video "Somewhere I Belong," three Gundam figures are shown...or at least I think they're Gundam figures. Anyway, what do you think about this?

Until next time,
Huge Dreamer

BTW, sorry about asking your opinion on the Iraq issue. That was a misjudgment on my part and I am sorry about it. I hope you forgive me with a string of jokes with me as the butt of them...

2. Collectable? Uh, how, exactly? I mean, itís a cool bonus, but Iím in serious doubt that youíll be seeing the GameCube version of Zelda 64 on Ebay for any sort of good money. Ever.

3. Sounds great. If can work that into a cohesive plot, Iíll be very impressed. How far along is the game right now? And if you tell me youíre still working on the story, expect a brick to the face.

4. ...that you like Gundam, and so does Linkin Park?


Why is everyone bashing Star Ocean II? The only thing that really brought the game down was the graphics, and you get used to them pretty quick. I haven't played a game with a better battle system. And, I really hope they don't take out all the skills in Star Ocean 3.

I mean, come on, has no one seen that pathetic love scene in Final Fantasy X, or much worse, played even two minutes of Grandia Xtreme. Grandia Xtreme was pretty pathetic as far as voice acting goes, truly embarrasing, especially having partially marketed based on the cast.

And, Lunar really wasn't that bad, seeing as it was targeted towards kids.

Weíre ďbashingĒ Star Ocean 2, because while it had a fantastic battle system, items, skills, and map design, it also had basically crap everything else. And as for youíre disapproval of the nice, crisp 2d, well, I guess youíre just insane.

Bad voice acting, and poor translations, will continue to plague video games until the developers who bring over the games realize that RPGs focus on story, and gamers really hate it when the stories are mangled by bad acting. Write into your favorite game developer and demand that they stop slacking off!

If Lunar was aimed towards kids, then those bromides most have caused some uncomfortable questions for parents. ďMommy, whyís Nash nekkid?Ē

Best bonus ever, and also the crummiest way of distribution ever.

Then am I to understand that the Zelda Bonus Disc is already out? I'm confused... the GameStop website says I can't get it until Zelda comes out. WAAAAHHH! I WANT IT NOW! Sorry, but I reserved Zelda last march and I DON'T want to wait another day.

So if everyone's so excited about this helicopter game, obviously no one has seen Icy Tower... Here's the site, and may you all become as addicted as I.

Woo! WOOOO! woo! Woododooodoodoo! yeah.

Well, Iím holding my copy of the Zelda bonus disc right now, so I suggest you get on over to your local game store and pick it up, before they all run out. Sucker.

Eh, Icy Tower is okay, but Fly the Copter requites lightning quick reflexes, and the high art of never blinking. Can you survive?!

Import stores- God sent for fan boys, or their eternal curse?


I have a bit of a problem. As you might have known, the new Zelda offering for the Gamecube is about to be released over here in the UK, which is nice. My brother, who pretty much likes to play any games I touch, thought it would be a nice idea to pre-order it.

Well, it went chaotic after that. Apparently, he decided to pop into an import store, and saw this magnificent thing known as the 'bonus disc.' He bought it.

Now, nothing wrong with that, until you understand the fact that a) The bonus disc is being released alongside Wind Waker anyway and b) that damn bonus disc he just bought cost him £40, which is the same price as the pre-ordering price.

Damn annoying I'd say, but only increased when he found out that you couldn't return games in that import store.

In my situation, what would you do? I've certainly had a few ideas swirling around..


Well first off, I would have never gotten into a situation as absurd as this, but I suggest trying to pawn the game off onto a slow thinking enemy of yours, or possibly using the rip-off cd story to make a point about the import store robbing honest, stupid people off. Then, victory shall be MI...YOURS! AHAHAHAHAHA!


I heard that square was gonna make over the final fantasies 7,8,and 9 for PS2. I really wish that they would. my favorite final fantasy is 8. I can't wait for X-2 to come out. I think they would make a lot of money if they did this so why haven't they. I heard it could be that they were trying to lower the amount of fantasies hitting the market at once. They could stop making the series further or get others to work on the remakes.

You heard wrong, bucko. That little stupid marketing ploy was cut from Squareís itinerary almost half a year ago. They havenít remade the games because the only person who buy it is you, a guy who hasnít heard about proper sentence structure, doesnít keep up with the news, and makes up rumors to help further his sick dream of seeing FF8 with slightly better graphics. In short, the Final Fantasy series isnít the only one around, go play some games by other developers and see everything youíve been missing, fan-boy.

Heard Episode VI will go gold in 2012 and players will again encounter bugs in their PS9 fiber optic crystals. That is if we all survive the fallout. Take care, yo!

-Justin, keeper of the minty mags

Iíve got to get me some minty mags so I can travel into the future and warn everyone about the Episode VI before it burns everyoneís eyes out!

The Final Grumble:

Iím still adjusting to the huge cut-scenes of Xenosaga, but itís safe to say I donít completely hate the game. Yet.

Aside from the gameís zeal for explaining the story to me instead of showing it to me, the plot actually seems pretty interesting. Anyway, Iíve just exited the simulation, so, uh...woot.

Andrew "...simulation?!" Duff

Why do I carry the levels and items I got in the simulation out? 0_o

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