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Zack Lewis & Paul Koehler - July 22nd, '03 - 11:30pm Pacific Daylight Time

Forgive the shameless plug for Pirates of the Carribean, as I had a chance to see the movie tonight. What a class performance from Johnny Depp, as he saved an otherwise mediocre movie. Anyways, this is Paul "Amish" Koehler, formerly Points of View maintainer and now the official PR man for RPGamer. Since my official duties with the site include being nice to various companies so we can increase our coverage, I promise you there will be no curmudgeon responses to tonight's letters. At least not that bad :D. Also along is Zack "ASV" Lewis, the current Points of View maintainer and probably the first reader and/or staffer that will hit 50 reviews. What wisdom can we impart on everyone tonight?

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Wisdom from Captain Jack Sparrow
"You look familiar, have I threatened you before?"

If all else fails, go retro.

Well now, I have lately been replaying FFVII and I remembered why I played that game for ten hours nonstop once... The story is great, the graphics (for their time) were great, and uhm... What more do you need? Oh, besides gameplay... Which was great also.

So! Which relatively old RPG is your favorite? I'd have to say it was FFVII or the original Nintendo Dragon Warrior. I love them both so much! Isn't it so convenient when I do the html code myself? I'd give myself a hug, but I don't think it's really that hard, and I'm not that vain.


ASV: Favorite relatively old RPG, huh? Well, odds are that you'll hear this answer a lot from the RPGamer staff, so brace yourself for the inevitable of Final Fantasy VI. I'd go into why but it would turn into rather a lengthy mess.

Amish: While Final Fantasy VI is obviously on that list, I have a soft spot for Final Fantasy Legend III. I never really owned a true console until two years ago, but my brother and I owned a GameBoy, and our favorite RPG for many years was Final Fantasy Legend III (otherwise known as the third title of the Saga series). Until Pokemon came along, it was one of the best RPGs for the system hands down. It tided us over while we saw masterpieces like Chrono Trigger and the like in the possession of others…

Speculation Abound

hey, my name's li, and i have a couple questions about kingdom hearts 2. do you know when it's coming out? who's the main character? is riku in it? is kairi dead? [sorry, i do NOT like her AT ALL] anywho, it's all right if you don't know the answers, i was just curious, since i saw the "special secret" at the end of the game. weee! i beat it this morning! [random] thanks for your time,


ASV: Well, considering that Kingdom Hearts 2 hasn't even been officially announced as being developed it's tough to estimate a release date. Riku is undoubtedly in it, as Kairi will be, so you'll have to live with her again, sorry.

Amish: Same as what Zack said above. Kingdom Hearts turned out to be a pretty decent success for Squareso…I mean, Square Enix, so it would be pretty unwise for them not to continue the series from a business standpoint. As to what details are in the series, your guess is as good as mine. Actually, it's better than mine, since I only played the demo at E3 2002.

Raven's Inquiry

Review crew,

Since it is you guys who are hosting Q&A today, I feel somewhat compelled to send in a letter.

First, it probably goes without saying, but Xenosaga 2's subtitle translates into "Beyond Good and Evil," not whatever Trak's German buddy was thinking. Personally, I really hope they will keep using Nietzsche’s books as subtitles because - besides Nietzsche kicking ass in general - that means we will eventually see subtitles like "The Birth of Tragedy," "The Twilight of the Idols," and "The Antichrist."

That aside, what games are you fellows looking forward to in the coming months? I have my eye on Star Ocean 3, but I cannot help but grow suspicious of it with the main character being named "Fate Linegod." Also, between Gladius, Disgaea, and FFT Advance, it would appear that I might actually get to enjoy some tactical RPG action... right in time for college. I'm just glad they aren't being released all in the same month.

Oh, and good job with PoV.

Red Raven

ASV: Disgaea got my only 'must have PS2 RPG' pin at E3, so I'm keeping an eye on it. And I have to go with Duffy about Etna being a hot little succubi. FFTA is on practically everyone's watch list, so I won't say much there. Sudeki and Fable are both kinda cool looking, and might have finally convinced me to give Microsoft some cash. Other than that, not much is looking super glorious to me.

Amish: Simon, good to hear from you as always! Nietzsche is one of the more interesting faces in philosophy, and it's fortunate that people have been discussing him more in recent years. A lot of the taboo surrounding him is due to his sister Elisabeth, who twisted some of his philosophies to be used by the Nazis. The reality is that he probably wouldn't have stood for their principles in the slightest. Yay for History class.

Thanks to the salesmanship of Zack and everyone else in this year's E3 contingent, I am looking forward to Disgaea as well. Speaking as an ardent Tri-Ace fanboy, Star Ocean 3 plays wonderfully. It's a pity that localization is far behind schedule (not to mention the ongoing hissy fits between Square Enix and Sony regarding various bugs in the Japanese release). FFTA will be fun to witness. I'm also looking forward to the last two titles of the .hack series, though my enthusiasm for the series is starting to wane. Hopefully Outbreak will be an improvement, but I'm starting to have doubts.

Other than that, things are pretty dry.

Game Multitasking and Rowan Atkinson

I'm from Arkansas. Let Robust Stu keep the Clintons. We don't want them. Bad enough his upcoming Presidential Library's top floor is lopsided. You can tell from the I-30 bridge.

Anyway, I guess I should come up with a real question. Ever have too many games going on at once, and not have the time to finish them? I've currently started new games in FF7, Seiken Densetsu 3, Deus Ex, Freelancer (fun!), and on top of that, paying for an online MUD. I work from 3-11 p.m almost every day. Giving myself 8-9 hours of sleep and my family will drag me out of the house on my day off.... Bah!
I miss college. One more month to go! Go Arkansas State!


P.S.: Don't go see Johnny English. Yes, it's that bad. How in the HELL could Bean ever dream of landing Natalie Imbrugia (sp)? That launches it into the 'bad fantasy-comedy' genre.

ASV: Too many games going at once? I'm the acknowledged grand master of that phenomena. Generally speaking I tend to finish them, though, even if it takes me a unGodsly long time to do so, e.g. Magic Knight Rayearth. Oh well. I guess I shouldn't have trouble finding a game to play. Although that might be partially due to my collection, too.

Amish: A wise friend once mentioned that there are enough RPG titles for both consoles and the PC/Mac systems that someone could literally spend a lifetime playing them. A pity that things like socialization, rent, job, school, exercise, etc. get in the way. Well, some of those aforementioned things are worth it. I'll probably never run out of games that I'd like to play but have yet to touch. My multitasking skills are nowhere near that of Zack, but I do try to complete the games that I own at the very least. However, the first and foremost on my list are the games that are done for index reviews, which are the most visible on the site.

Comprehensive to the say the least.

Well, so it's another group of Q&A people. I kinda like it this way, when everyday is someone different, and then when you run outta people, you start the loop over. This is the way it should be, give everyone their chance, don't let Duffy and this Google guy hog it all.

Moving on. Dungeon Siege is still cool, but so is Dungeon Siege II. Dungeon Siege II is rumoured to be coming out mid 2004, though the trailer just says 2004. Nonetheless, I'm waiting as patiently as possible, though I've been warned not to hold my breath. Good advice now that I think about it. Moving on. Family Guy season 1 and 2 is now on DVD. Woohoo, lets all party. Moving on. Knights of the Old Republic. That game looks good. I'm dieing for that to come on Computer. I don't know about you guys, but I don't have an Xbox, and I doubt I ever will. Knights of the Old Republic is like the only RPG game they have. What do you guys think, anyone out there foolish enough to get the Xbox?

Super Mario Advanced 4 is coming up, that'll be pretty cool, but probably everyone here is more looking forward to Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. I can't wait to play in that cool looking snowball fight, much fun!!! Also, I heard they released a Wingcommander game on the GBA, but I've been unable to find it :(


The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

ASV: You're not the only person who has mentioned that they like this guest hosting stint and the adoration of our readers isn't something we take lightly, so if we decide to change the Q&A setup at some point in the future, don't be terribly shocked. Dungeon Siege does indeed rock. It's extraordinarily tedious in places, though...

I'm sorry to say that I know virtually nothing of Family Guy, or TV shows in general nowadays. About the only two things I was with any regularity are reruns of Star Trek: TNG and new episodes of Enterprise (which I've found surprisingly good, personally). As for the Xbox, see my above statements.

FFTA was easily one of the coolest titles at E3, so keep it in mind to buy the blasted thing so that we'll get another sequel in another five bloody years. As for Mario Advance 4, I can still hear the earsplittly roar of approval from the audience at Nintendo's press conference. I might even go so far as to say the announcement of a new SMB3 eclipsed Shiggy's appearance.

Amish: (letter snipped for length) All I have to say here is that Dungeon Siege was an alright game, except for the fact that some of the dungeons were rather tedious. I think I had about 80 save files before beating the thing.

Yet another use for the Japanese language.

Okay, here's the scoop: I am a semi-fanatic Suikoden fan, and have been so ever since my brother dug an old copy of the original Suikoden game out of the "used games" bin at our local video rental place.

I also know that there are two related games, Suikogaiden and Suikogaiden 2, that were released only in Japan, yet share the same world, characters, etc as the Suikodens. What I want to know is: Is there ANYWHERE, ANYWHERE where I can find a copy of these games in English? You're talking to a desperate girl, guys. Help her out.

ASV: Anywhere? Yes... There might be 'somewhere', but if I say anything involving the word 'emulation' I stand to be taken out behind the proverbial RPGamer barn and flogged with the staff cactus...

Amish: I appreciate the plea, but any advice as far as emu copies go would place me right next to Zack, while we both get flogged by the staff cactus. Perhaps there are some fan translations of the script floating around on the 'net, if you're willing to play the actual import titles. Good luck...


Howdy, Review Gurus. I'm afraid I only have one question for you - I'm looking to get into MMORPGs, but can't decide on one to start with. All the reviews I've looked at have been either full of vitriol against or full of praise for online games in general. So do either of you have a recommendation?

-Cactuar Joe

ASV: I heartily suggest you wait until Guild Wars makes its debut so you can sample MMORPGs without the risk of losing your money.

Hello Amish and ASV,

I just got back to America after being in Taiwan for a really long time. Hungry for some modern gaming action and looking for a way to beat jet lag, I opened my closet to reveal my hyper-advanced NES and Super Nintendo systems. Whats a poor bushiban teacher to do? Get a life?

Ke Da-Wei
The evil Taiwanese Bushiban Teacher

Amish: Visit the used game stores like there's no tomorrow.

ASV: Heck no! The SNES is all you need man. Just go dig up copies of Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 6, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, and Chrono Trigger. Or, conversely, pick up a PSOne for $50 and a few of the greatest hits titles. They're practically throwing them away nowadays.

Cut and paste are your friends:

Note to self: Get more than 6 hours of sleep before a 2.5 hour class that meets four days a week. Anyways, thanks to all for visiting, and make sure to send some queries to our News Head and Second-In-Command, Andrew "Castomel" Long. Oyasuminasai!

Zack "First to Platinum" Lewis

Paul "Impressed with Depp" Koehler

 Enough. Time for a midnight snack!

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